‘DmC: Devil May Cry’ Trailer Shows Dante’s Devil Trigger

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They say the only constant is change, but when it comes to major video game franchises, that’s not always the case. But when the first details on DmC: Devil May Cry arose, with a newly-redesigned protagonist Dante, the most die-hard fans weren’t so accepting. But as the hype grows with the release date approaching, maybe fans don’t have so much to worry about.

The newest cinematic trailer for DmC continues the trend of the world being torn apart, with only Dante (still clinging to his ’emo’ style) standing to fight. Besides showing off plenty of action, the trailer also highlights the fact that the classic white hair and red coat won’t be going anywhere just yet.

The developers at Ninja Theory aren’t getting distracted from their main goal of creating a game worthy of the Devil May Cry name. Since, as they’ve emphasized before, looks aren’t everything. The gameplay itself is what matters in a series with as devoted a following as Dante has enjoyed, and from what we’ve seen of that, all signs point to a worthwhile experience.

That doesn’t mean that there won’t be one heck of a story to go along with Dante’s new haircut. Finding himself in Limbo City – a town that turns into a hellish realm of demons in a blink – Dante is going to be dispatching plenty of ghouls and monsters. As the trailer shows, players will have more than a few options in how to do it.

DmC Devil May Cry Trailer Devil Trigger

Chains, blades, revolvers, and gravity-defying acrobatics are all in store, but it’s the moment that Dante unleashes the effects of his Devil Trigger that will earn the most points among fans. The veins and glowing red eyes are all well and good, but the typical demonic appearance brought about by the change is now replaced with classic white hair and blood-red overcoat. It’s not quite the Dante we all remember, but it’s closer than the new appearance.

It’s fitting that Dante’s shift back to his former appearance coincides with a devastating wave that launches enemies hopelessly into the air, becoming little more than fodder for Dante to do what he does best. And in that regard, DmC: Devil May Cry looks to keep the tradition alive.

Of course, nothing but the game’s full release will put concerns or skepticism to rest. All things considered, it’s still one of our most anticipated games of 2013. Sure, we may prefer a permanent Devil Trigger now that we’ve seen it in a cinematic action scene, but we’ll work with what we’ve got.

That’s just our take; what about yours? Have you warmed to emo Dante, or will no amount of advertising change your mind?

DmC: Devil May Cry releases January 15, 2013 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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  • jwalka

    people crying about his new look are bloody sad. the game is a step up from previous dmc games in every way possible yet you p***ies cry about his hair colour and his more human looks… i honestly cant figure out the logic behind such hysterical reactions.

    • Guyver

      Thats not why the majority of the fanbase is angry or skeptical about this game. Spend 5 minutes looking up why they are not so accepting of this reboot and you will soon realise that their reasons are valid.
      It started out as his looks because thats what was revealed to us first. Every piece of info since they has received backlash from a huge amount of people ranging from the gameplay to story and even the developers attitude. They are not all blind haters and have very understandable reasons for not buying into a reboot of a franchise they have helped support for over 10 Years.

      • jwalka

        the combat is literally the same if not more fluent than previous DMC games. the characters look more human and dante still has his c***y attitude, it’s just been a little toned down.

        fans are just little b**ches crying b/c someone else is making the games and they’re scared of change (in this case good change).

        • The mighty avenger

          Have you played previous games buddy?

  • Gooch

    If there is one thing Ninja Theory can do it’s build a hack n’ slash. I think it looks friggin great

  • Valithin

    Really the gamepaly is pretty good, not amazing but its ok. But thats the only thing its got going. The story seems like its gonna suck, the dialogue in the game, at least the demo, was to say the least horrible. And it seems like they just tried way to hard to make the new dante seem cooler and all they really did was make him seem like some stupid punk.

    • Emissary of Death

      Every Devil May Cry game has bad dialogue it was made too be cheesy. When has Devil May Cry been considered story driven never. It was all about style and being a badass hence why Dante looks like a anime character. If you don’t watch anime a lot characters the Japanese make have always used duel wielding pistols or magnums. This game resembles the previous Devil May Crys either way.

  • Dante

    There’s more hype for South Park – The Stick of Truth than there is for this reboot/prequel whatever.

    I was going to give this a chance then I played the demo.

    Those saying the gameplay is just like DMC of the past are just wrong. This game doesn’t play that well honestly. I won’t spend $60 on it that is for sure – if I want Hack & Slash done right I’ll wait for Metal Gear Rising.

    Oh and new Dante/Alex Mercer clone/Keanu Reeves lookalike is not a great character design at all.

    • Emissary of Death

      You must play really bad for you to say it doesn’t play like the originals it actually does. The demo actually let’s you play on a harder difficulty. It plays exactly the same but better. If you play the game on normal of course you wouldn’t see a difference. Its more smooth when it comes to weapon switching. Plus Metal Gear Rising has a long way too go I am looking forward to that game but they need at least one more year to polish it, you can see the issues it has in that game. You should give a better reason to say something about the game then what you mention. Plus DMC is a alternate universe. He has nothing resembling Alex mercers clone. Please comment back with something makes sense.

      • Dante

        Really it plays just like originals? We must’ve played different demos. You think MGR needs more polish and this is great?

        You think this is an “alternate universe”?

        I can see how you’re easily confused as the developers themselves can’t even decide what this is – “It’s a reboot in an alt universe – crap gamers don’t like that – it’s a prequel, crap they don’t like that either, oh, so it’s both.”

        If you’re going to reboot something go for it, if you’re going to prequel do that – what Ninja Theory has done here is show they have ZERO creative integrity, poor character design skills, laughable dialogue writing skills… oh and their Capcom leash is showing.

  • Emissary of Death

    The game has a make or break moment when the time comes we will see what this game has in store for us. I believe its a really great game and actually sticks to the story and makes more sense. If your a true Devil May Cry fan you would know that the old DMC games make no freaking sense at all they don’t even continue off each other they actually contradict each other. Don’t forget they thrown Nero into the game with no back story. They thrown Dante in hell without giving us sequel to DMC2. Its like you guys never played the game actually payed any attention to the game. The story was bad. This game needed a reboot. The game play is actually better then the original if you go on youtube and actually watch good people play the demo you will notice the 60 fps happening in beautiful motion. I am actually looking forward for it. Plus you get to see why Vergil despises his own brother. You guys have bad reasons why you hate the game. I also read the books and watched the anime they are good but make the story worse since they don’t make sense once you put them in logical order. Just like resident evil doesn’t make sense. Its the same concept. Why do you think Capcom is considered crapcom. Nina Theory is doing them a favor for them and for us. So take this reboot as an appreciation. Gamers tell me what you think do you agree or disagree and explain why. Have a wonderful day.

    • Valithin

      Yes the gameplay is good, but the rest just seems kinda… Dull. The story and the way it was delivered was kinda boring. Not to mention the dialogue again. And the other dmc’s contradict themselves? Nero Didnt have much of a known backstory, he was born with his arm the way it was, he doesnt know why. and technically dmc 2 was the 4th dmc. Doesnt mean that they couldnt make a new sequel the conflicted with the others on the timeline.

  • WELP

    Shouldn’t he have a Nephilim Trigger? or at least an Angel Triger along with his DT?

  • Jak Frost

    I understand why every one is mad But im still going to play this one

  • Alex english

    The only thing that is a problem with this game is there is no lock on option. Past DMC games had lock on, now you don’t have the fluid gameplay of going in for style combos. Also the style meter is now based on how strong your attacks are instead of multiple combos.

  • Emissary of Death

    f this wasn’t a DMC game everybody would be raving about it and saying how sick it looks, but because it’s called DMC people feel the need to talk crap about it and make up crap about the devs. So childish…

  • Ryan

    So how…is this dante more “emo” than the old dante as you state in this article?
    white coloured long metro sexual hair? long to the feet red trench coat with gothic buckles and straps?

    this dante looks nothing like an emo…wtf.