‘DmC Devil May Cry’ Offers Classic Dante as Part of DLC Costume Pack

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Devil May Cry fans that have pined for the old school look of protagonist Dante since the unveiling of a much younger, punk rock-inspired iteration for DmC Devil May Cry have finally been presented with an answer. Just announced is a new DLC pack that features three costume packs for the game, including a Devil May Cry 3 era look for hero Dante.

While the vanilla version of the game does offer a white haired, red-jacketed version of Dante that is only while the character’s ‘Devil Trigger’ is active. At the time it appeared to be the best compromise developer Ninja Theory was willing to offer disgruntled fans, however this new DLC option delivers a classic Dante look throughout the entire single player campaign.

Unfortunately, as has been a common move for Capcom, it’s trapped behind a pay wall, in this case a $4.00 (320 Microsoft Points) DLC price tag. That means any fan who refused to play DmC because of Dante’s new look — and based on the comments in our review there are still a lot of them — have the option of paying a little extra to get the “experience” they wanted.

No doubt this announcement is unlikely to go over smoothly with Capcom fans that have been burned countless times by on-disc DLC and over-priced costume packs. Moreover the decision not to offer an alternate costume with the retail version of the game, suggests Capcom knew all along they would offer this DLC.

The pack includes two alternate looks for the revamped Dante as well — a Dark Dante and Neo Dante look — but we all know it’s the DMC 3 era Dante that will make this DLC pack worth picking up.

DmC Costume Pack - Classic Dante

Regardless of how gamers feel about such an option being available, the DLC pack is releases in just a few short days, on January 29th. It’d be interesting to see if DmC sales see a spike after then.

How do you feel about Capcom offering a DMC 3 era Dante costume as DLC? Would you be more apt to buy the game if you could play as that version of Dante?

DmC Devil May Cry is out now for the PS3, Xbox 360

Source: Capcom Unity

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  • http://gamerant.com/the-walking-dead-sales-season-two/ Blighter

    Why do I have to pay extra for him not to look like a retarded heroin addicted prick?

    • Cariannis

      its capcom I wouldn’t be surprised this was already on the disk.

      • Dante

        It actually is already on the disc…lol, seeing as how these “DLC” skins are all unlockable by beating the game, but hey – $4.00 to anyone not knowing…suckers.

        Capcom is the devil.

        • COREY_1993

          PLEASE TELL ME YOU ARE JUST JOKING… they’re not on the disk buddy.

          • Cariannis

            nerd rage or caps lock broken…I can’t decide.

          • Dante

            I’m not joking – beat Dante Must Die mode get this very same skin.

            At least that’s the word on the street – I don’t own it, though I may pick it up at $20.

          • COREY_1993

            Dante… play the game on all the main difficulties like i have and see, you dont get it. you only get 2 costumes plus an unlimited devil trigger unlock. stop spouting **** that you dont know is true and play it.

            no disk locked DLC here.

          • Dante

            How about you stop spouting **** at people – you rude little fanboy.

            I’m done speaking to you, I think 12 year olds should be monitored on the net.

          • COREY_1993

            im 20, i have played the game on DMD and i can tell 100% that all you get is a super dante unlock.

            you only get 2 in game costumes to unlock. thanks for making yourself look like an idiot.

    • COREY_1993

      his looks dont change neither do his personality… nice attempt at a dmc hate post though. 3/10 for that one

  • COREY_1993

    im actually not going to buy this… i actually like Dante in the game, his appearance fits really well i feel. The dante we have isnt the one from the first game trailer, they changed him up a bit and with the final product and after completing the game i am happy with him.

    besides, the costume you get at the end of the game satisfies me and im really happy with it. Sorry Capcom, i wont be buying but may reconsider later if the price is right but it wont be…

    also im really against skin dlc, its such a middle finger i feel. God of war for example REALLY p***** me off. In all the games there was unlockable skins yet in GoW 3 they made them dlc… i didnt buy them.

  • Napoleon27

    Now, if we could only get that skin for PlayStation All-Stars…

  • Jak Frost

    I like the way he looks in this one more because he’s kinda young and they try to make his look more realistic it wouldn’t make sense if he was in his (early) 20s and had long gray hair just play the game its fun

    • Fathomless

      Actually, if I might indulge in a bit of pedantry, it is entirely possible for a human being to go completely white before 20. It’s a genetic abnormality. So even ignoring the fact that Dante is not human and therefore doesn’t really follow those rules, it’s still possible in a vein of realism.

      People should get over the hair color thing though.

      • Jak Frost

        I think people should get over the way he looks in general because some people arnt playing the game for that reason and its stupid and immature

  • adraafdsf

    I like how everyone complained about Dante’s look prior to the game releasing, and then they add this as purchasable DLC. Lol.

  • http://gamerant.com Ray Mustang

    Isn’t this outfit already in the game? You just have to beat it on the hardest difficulty from what I’ve heard.

    • Dante

      That’s what I hear too…shady business Capcom.

      • COREY_1993

        why dont you go beat it on the hardest difficulty like i did… then see what you get. its not even a costume.

        stupid haters… pretending like they know what they are talking about.

        • Dante

          LOL you are hilarious COREY_1993…

          Think before you post ridiculous stuff like “I beat it on the hardest difficulty” lest you look like a 12 year old.

          Go take your rage, mash some buttons, and get a grip, I wasn’t even hating on the game.

  • Bobby

    LOL wow those other two look awful, or am I the only one that thinks that?

  • Doom

    This is just pathetic. They honestly think people will change their mind about the whole game just because there is a $4.00 worth skin to change Dante’s looks. Every part in this game has been fermented by unskilled fools to produce this foul garbage, now they wish to offer us an optional pretty bottle to fill it with this sewage, but they forgot that it will still stink once you open it.

    • Jak Frost

      just play the game its fun you can get the demo on psn or xbla for free

      • Dante

        Wonder how long till the whole game is free on my PS Plus? Hmmmm, you got me rethinking a purchase.

  • Jak Frost

    and the costumes aren’t that cool ether

  • michael

    they said the costume pack DLC will be available for the xbox 360 in the xbox live market place on the 29th, which is today, but i just turned the game on and checked the marketplace, and the costumes arent there yet…..any reason why? will they be available later on today?

  • thiefofhearts82

    Love the game.. love the classic costume.. got used to the new look as well pretty quickly, wasnt as difficult an adjustment as i initially thought…own all the DMC games including the HD collection update… all this arguing is kinda pointless.. Have some fun.. lighten up.. If you dont like it.. don’t buy it. Yes this game is somewhat of a departure but its quite fun in its own right.. No complaints here other than that a vast portion of my gaming library is Capcom and the dlc costs are irritating… what happened to good old accomplish this or that and receive this? or hidden items….. i dont mind DLC in some aspects but Capcom has become a whore in that regard.. other than that bitter pill to swallow im faithful…. looking forward to Vergil’s Downfall