E3 2011: ‘DmC Devil May Cry’ Trailer

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Devil May Cry E3 2011 Trailer

A brand new trailer for the re-imagining of DmC Devil May Cry debuted at E3 2011 and depicts some actual gameplay footage. Fans of the series have been disappointed about the new look for series hero, Dante, but perhaps the gameplay might put some fears to rest.

DmC Devil May Cry‘s redesign has been discussed and justified at length by publisher Capcom and developer Ninja Theory. Original series director, Hideki Kamiya, has also talked about his disapproval regarding the character changes. Aside from the first trailer shown, little has been on display for the new title.

Luckily, E3 has allowed Capcom to debut a fresh trailer for the new DMC game, showcasing more of the gameplay to be expected. Perhaps this will be enough to put fan fears to rest.


Seems like Dante is up against some sort of demonic authoritarian enemy, which seems fitting enough for the character. The enemy design doesn’t seem evocative of prior DMC games, but the series is getting a reboot, so that just might be the only explanation needed.

Stylish combat in the air and on the ground doesn’t look like it’s changed much. Dante will still have access to a sword and dual-wielded pistols, and from the video, an ax, too. A new mechanic is introduced that resolves the issue of Dante’s lacking white hair. Dante can now enter some kind of rage mode where his hair turns white and he probably deals more damage and has increased speed. Perhaps him overusing this ability results in his hair becoming permanently white?

The combat still looks like Devil May Cry: fast, pretty, and borderline ridiculous. Should the controls remain the same, DMC fans will have no problems jumping back into the game.

Unfortunately, the trailer does seem a little boring. Aside from the transformation mechanic, nothing really did seem to stand out. Could this reboot be entire unnecessary? Is it time for Dante to finally retire?

DmC Devil May Cry has no official release date yet, but will be coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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  • rasendori

    I can’t wait for this game to fail in sales.

  • Nick

    “Dante can now enter some kind of rage mode where his hair turns white and he probably deals more damage and has increased speed.”

    It’s not “rage mode” it’s Devil Trigger. It’s always been Devil Trigger, lol. Being the so called “Origin Story” I guess he wouldn’t look very devilish at this time in his life?

    But whatever. I won’t be playing the game in protest against Capcom. I with rasendori above. The redundant title of this game also gives me a headache when I see it.

  • moony_aragorn

    This disappoints me so much. I’m such a big fan of the series and yet, this. I hate to see Devil May Cry fail in sales, but I guess this one definitely will.

    • Nichtus

      There’s a lot of fans of the series as it stands, and they all seem disappointed with the direction it’s going in here.

      Personally, as a guy that tried to like the first couple games but didn’t, this seems like it might be a move in the right direction. And I’m sure there are others that feel the same- people that wanted to like the originals, but just couldn’t.

  • Nichtus

    I’ve never cared for this series, but perhaps I should give it another look. This looks sleek, stylish, and fun.
    Let’s just hope it really IS fun, though…

  • Blood_Rayne

    not cool. that is totally not fricken DANTE! The man i play as and actually think is hot is not that dumbass looking jerk that i see. I won’t be playing this game and i happen to own the first 3. This is pathetic u shouldn’t change what works just fine if anything make the actual dante younger but keep the rougish good looks. cause this is ridiculous.

    • Nichtus

      You enjoyed the first three games.
      I disliked the first 2 and never played the third.
      This game stands to bring in those like me that are willing to try something a bit different, even if it’s the same in name.

  • Blood_Rayne

    geez this is sad. unless there are changes b4 it is released and or if i c ridiculously great ratings i ain’t playin the game. God my friends are going to be so dissapointed when i tell them about this.

  • ios

    This guys just looks so stupid.
    Is this a Emo or what…?

    Then the outfit with this cap…think linke a junkie !
    I don’t know what Capcom is thinking…don’t call it Devil May Cry..and I am fine with !

    Call it Devil May Cry…and I am Alienated !

    Guess they think..the name will draw the crowd to buy it.
    Guess again !

  • korgon117

    I just can’t get excited to play as that thing. It’s amazing how everyone thinks the reason we DMC fans don’t like it is not just the hair. This is not the case. I am skeptical because 1. It’s done by Ninja Theory 2. This game just doesn’t look like it will make a lick of sense. and 3. The entire character of Dante is all wrong! I mean don’t get me wrong, he looks like an idiot in this game, but the Dante I know is far more cooler and just overall more enjoyable to play as. Nero would be ten times better than this thing. Bring back the real Dante.

  • trey

    every body needs to stop crying this is an orgin story this dante looks tight hes a teen beginng to come to grips with his fathers abilities this is dante now get over it hes gonna grow right back into the dante we all love just chill.

  • SephMacLeod

    I’m sorry my good fellow but wasnt Ninja Theory the one that made that HORRID Other M Metroid wanna be game? and they’re letting them handle ANOTHER CLASSIC? my God ..REALLY?