Disney Already Planning ‘Star Wars’ Games With Electronic Arts

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Disney Already Planning Star Wars Games

It was only yesterday that Disney announced they had signed an exclusive licensing deal for the Star Was IP with Electronic Arts, but that isn’t stopping the publisher/developer from getting the ball rolling. As expected, Disney wants to leverage their recent acquisition of LucasFilm swiftly, and so they are already panning new titles with Electronic Arts.

While it’s unclear what games might be in development, it’s important to note that Disney still retains the rights to develop and publish social and mobile games using the Star Wars IP. In other words, while Visceral Games and DICE are plugging away at Star Wars titles for the core gamer, Disney can develop more family-friendly Star Wars fare.

Of course, that starts with Disney Infinity, which Disney CEO Bob Iger says the company believes in. Disney is betting big on Infinity — which combines a wide variety of Disney characters into a single experience — so much so that when they pushed the game to Q4 2013, they projected an operating loss for Q3.

What Disney has with Infinity could be something special, especially if Star Wars and Marvel can factor into the experience. There was some doubt about whether Infinity could use Star Wars after the EA deal, but apparently that was already discussed.

Since Infinity is a casual game experience, Disney can use the Star Wars IP without violating their deal with EA. Seems obvious, but you never can be sure when millions of dollars are involved.

So, while we may not see these Electronic Arts-published Star Wars games for quite some time, we know they are in development, and both Disney and EA are banking on them being successful. In other words, look for some of the classic Star Wars franchises and titles to see a resurgence. If Disney can jump start Episode 7, why can’t DICE resurrect Battlefront?

What would you like to see Disney and EA make priority number 1 as far as Star Wars games are concerned? Does Marvel or Star Wars take precedence for Disney Infinity?

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  • Ace

    Yea DICE on Battlefront seems like a perfect match

    If we can get another KOTOR from Bioware that’d be fantastic…but if they wanted to do another time period that’d be fine too

    Viceral I could see maybe picking up 1313 if they want…..seems like a decent fit.

    Maybe Victory Games doing a Star Wars version of Command & Conquer

  • Fox

    Just when I thought there was no hope for KoTOR 3. Disney, please make EA make this happen!

    • anon

      Bioware Edmonton is currently working on a new IP, and Bioware Montreal is working on Dragon Age 3 and the next Mass Effect. If Bioware does make another single player star wars game, I expect it to be down the road.

  • Shalkowski

    If Battlefront doesn’t happen, then this is a pointless.

  • dan

    KotOR 3!!!!!

  • David

    Battlefront 3 is probably the best bet for an EA Star Wars game, if you want to talk about it being successfull comercially, 1313 or even KotOR3 would still be a bit uncertain. While I have no doubt that the BioWare of 5 years ago could make a great KotOR game, i can’t say that anymore and keep a straight face. DA2, ME3 and Dead Space 3 all seemed to perform bellow the expectations of portions of their respective fan base, and that would not fill me with confidence going forward. Don’t get me wrong, Battlefront 3, KotOR 3 and 1313 could all be major successes for EA, but only if the developing studios don’t get into a pattern of changing the core of the respective franchises to try to meet the needs of another genera audience, there by diluting the end product. Trying to find a wider audience for some of these titles does not seem to be working for most of the surviving developers at the moment,I guess we can only wait and see though. Let’s just hope for the best, as I would like to see these franchise type games be successfull both for the fan’s and for EA.

  • http://freeonlinecheckers.net/checkers-strategy/ Ron@CheckersStrategy

    Yesss!!! make these games! I will never get sick of star wars games. My favorite console game of all-time was KOTOR on xbox.