Disney Plans to Use Marvel and Star Wars Characters in ‘Infinity’

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Disney Infinity Will Include Star Wars and Marvel

In a move that most probably saw coming from miles away, Disney says they are certainly looking forward to including characters from Star Wars and Marvel in their forthcoming game, Infinity. They don’t have anything to announce just yet, but they want to make sure gamers are well aware the potential is there.

Disney Infinity, for those that might not know, can easily be explained as Skylanders with Disney characters. Gamers buy a copy of the game, an RFID portal, and a character starter kit and they’re off and running.

The character standing on the portal influences what character is seen on screen, and what game worlds are accessible. Some of the characters that Disney has announced thus far include The Incredibles, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Cars.

Those are but the tip of the iceberg for Infinity, though, as Disney Interactive has already teased. Essentially, any property owned by Disney was seemingly up for grabs, meaning Star Wars and Marvel as well.

Disney Interactive’s Bill Roper further explained the hope of pulling from Disney’s vast library of properties to Games Industry:

“I think the beauty of something like Infinity is that it’s a platform that we’re building. So we don’t try to be coy about it – we’ve done a lot of work about identifying the properties that we felt would really make the platform sing at launch, but I never discount any possibilities with the vast array of characters and worlds that we can tap into across the company.”

However, since the game was likely in development before Disney acquired the Star Wars IP from LucasFilm — maybe even before Disney roped in Marvel as well — they didn’t lead off with those properties. Still, we have to assume they are well aware the dump trucks worth of money gamers would be willing to send Disney’s way if they put a few Marvel or Star Wars characters into Infinity.

As Roper explains, the folks at Disney Interactive thought the same thing fans did when Disney acquired LucasFilm:

“That was definitely exciting when that [news of the acquisition] came down from within the company. We love the potential for Infinity – we always joke, well, ‘the possibilities are infinite’.”

Based on Roper’s quote it sounds like Disney Interactive is considering expansion packs themed around those specific properties, or perhaps they are saving those characters for the final push. Maybe they want to set up the basic concept of Infinity, which is actually quite different from Skylanders with its ‘Toy Box’ mode, before coming fast and furious with the character reveals.

So yes, Star Wars and Marvel are headed to Infinity. Maybe not this particular incarnation of Infinity, but definitely sometime down the line.

Does it seem like a no-brainer that Infinity would include Star Wars and Marvel characters? Should Disney Interactive include the characters into the main line game or create specific spin-offs?

Disney Infinity releases August 18, 2013 for the Wii, Xbox 360, Ps3, 3DS, Wii U, and PC.


Source: Games Industry


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  1. hahahaha, they would be stupid not to XD

  2. Skylanders were the first truly unique idea I have seen in gaming in a LONG time. They negate platform and boil the experience down to its’ most fun elements.

    Disney Infinity, while a clear rip, will do well, the characters will sell it. Now you say we can add Star Wars characters? In a word: domination. I predict Disney Infinity will outsell Skylanders in a few short years.

    Nintendo’s, as I have said before, if too little too late. We’ll see I suppose but Pokemon toys would be ok against Skylanders (if they weren’t so entrenched) but put em up against Luke, Han, Chewie, Mickey, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Woody & Buzz? LOL

  3. Wii U edition will not need the “Portal” thing. The Game Pad has the NFC reader built in…

    • Wii U edition only works on one machine – these work on any machine. ANY.

      Skylanders and their half a Billion sold would like a word with you on how well that works.

  4. Then when they expand to Infinity Giants they can add Galactus. lol

  5. That would be really awesome to see some star wars characters in infinity since they just bought the series, and as a teaser for the new movies they should put in one of the characters from the yuuzhan vong i’m thinking Nom Anor cause he’ll be in ep7 no doubt and it would a great teaser! Or maybe anakin solo, or heck all three of the solo children Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin it’d be really cool!!

  6. I know that they do not own any of the Kingdom hearts characters, would be cool to see a “super rare” figure based on sora…or when or if the next kingdom hearts comes out we will be able to play with iron man and Han?

    Probably not but reading this reminded me of the KH games for some reason.

    • exactly what I was thinking tie in star wars and marvel with kingdom hearts needs to happen now

    • Disney owns all of the original charecters from kingdom hearts so it could happen.

  7. I’m waiting for some characters from the classic 2-D movies I’ve seen as a kid. Characters from movies like Peter Pan, Lion King, Robin Hood. When are they going to show up?

  8. My kids, 5 and 3, had their choice of Skylanders Swap Force or Disney Infinity…they chose Skylanders. Why? I’m assuming because it’s “new” to them. They’ve seen all the Disney Character before so…why wouldn’t they want a “Bouncy Snake?”.

  9. Why stop at Star Wars? Add Indiana Jones in there too! Think about it Disney. We’ll be waiting.

  10. Disney is ruining Marvel and Star Wars. They need to sell their rights to someone else.

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