‘Disney Infinity’ Confirms Marvel Expansion Announcement for April 30th

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Disney Infinity Marvel Expansion Announcement Teased

Shortly after Disney announced its landmark acquisitions of Marvel Comics and then LucasFilm, many figured it was only a matter of time before all of those various properties started bleeding together. Obviously, Marvel would still have its superhero films and there would still be Star Wars games — developed by Electronic Arts’ studios, no less — but the crossover potential was hard to overlook.

One surefire crossover that is slowly coalescing into something real is the one between Disney Infinity and Marvel. The company teased a crossover with a Captain America-themed trailer last week, and now it appears they are ready to say more on the matter.

According to Polygon, who received a super secret Captain America shield invitation, Disney’s video game branch has an event slated for April 30th that will give attendees a closer look at “the latest chapter of Disney Infinity.” Unfortunately, that’s all we know at this point.

While it seems all but a given that Disney is bound to come out and confirm that, yes, they are working on a Disney Infinity and Marvel crossover, it’s unclear in what form that crossover might appear. Will this be an add-on to the existing Disney Infinity game or will this be a completely new title?

When the idea of Star Wars and Marvel tie-ins was first broached with the Disney Infinity devs they seemed to suggest those crossovers might occur in a future title. Similarly, it might be a more financially viable strategy to release each tie-in as separate games — i.e. Disney Infinity: Marvel, Disney Infinity: Star Wars, etc.

That being said, the Captain America teaser trailer does use the sandbox mode and characters from the first Disney Infinity, which leads us to believe the expansion road is still in play. The game has already seen a few expansions since release — namely Toy Story, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Frozen — but only one actual new world disc. Hopefully, whatever this Marvel news is, it means more substantial content for the game. We’ll have to wait until the end of the month to find out.

What are your hopes for a Disney Infinity and Marvel crossover? Does this increase your interest in the Disney franchise?

Source: Polygon

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  • http://www.suicidalwombat.com Chris P

    Given the limited support this game is already suffering from, on top of not being able to hold a candle to Skylanders (IMHO), the worst thing they could do is to split Marvel and Star Wars off into their own games. I would seem like a big FU to the early adopters.

  • cidgrad

    As it stands right now, Disney Infinity is a lazy, ruthless cash grab. The game itself is half-assed and the figures are overpriced. The underlying assumption is that parents will indulge their kids who beg for it after they see the commercials on TV. Parents: buy your kids the Lego Marvel game instead. It’s cheaper than the Infinity starter pack, a lot more fun, and there are way more characters which don’t cost $15-$30 a pop to unlock.

  • Flanders

    I think the term “expansion” as used here is incorrect. Other than a couple of toy box items which were DLC, every new playset and figure that has come out since the game’s initial release was already encoded on the gamedisc.

    So, any future characters and playsets will almost necessarily be on a new game disc, atop the Infinity platform. And based on earlier statements by the company, all figures will be backwards and forwards compatible (in the Toy Box) for the foreseeable future.

  • SW_Dad

    I’m actually really excited to see the future of Disney Infinity. The Play Set adventures are all moderately limited in scope, but the Toy Box is freaking amazing, with LittleBigPlanet-level diversity. I’m blown away by the creations my kids come up with, and it definitely gives that feeling of digging into a literal toy box full of your favorite toys and playing with them together in ways the creators never expected. And I’m sorry, but Skylanders can’t compare to that versatility. It’s a great franchise, but their similarities start and end with importable figurines.

    Realize DI was a deliberately limited game, and even at that the responsiveness of the controls and variety of items to collect in game are incredible. This was Disney dipping their toe into a new market to see if it COULD be successful. Now that they’ve proven it, I suspect they’re going to devote a lot more resources to expanding the game or its sequel. Not since LBP have I been this excited about a family-friendly video game.

    • SW_Dad

      Also, regarding pricing, I’ve seen kids toys that cost a lot more that give you a lot less. A $13 DI figurine is a lot cheaper than, say, your average My Little Pony toy that gets played with for a week then forgotten. They also don’t end up all over the house because my kids would hate to lose them. Plus, they offer a great investment for my daughter’s allowance. She actually gets excited about doing chores so she can work her way toward a new character. And she’s hopping up and down excited at the possibility of Marvel or Star Wars characters.