‘Dishonored’ Co-Creator Considering Sequel; What Could Gamers Expect?

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Dishonored Study of Stealth Trailer

With Dishonored releasing to mostly favorable critical and gamer praise it stands to reason that developer Arkane Studios is already mulling over the idea of a sequel. While Dishonored‘s story — which follows Corvo Attano’s quest for revenge — is of a singular nature, it is presumed that there are more stories to tell in the world of Dunwall.

These days if a new IP hasn’t been planned as a franchise, very few publishers will even express interest in the concept. However, the pedigree of Dishonored‘s Co-Creators Harvey Smith (Deus Ex) and Raphael Colantonio (BioShock 2) certainly helped convince publisher Bethesda that this was a worthwhile property.

As far as sequel talk is concerned Smith tells Kotaku that he does have a few ideas for a sequel, but is equally interested in seeing the “vault door” closed on this world.

“Part of me would love to see future games leverage this world, and part of me would love it if the vault door was just closed and that’s it. This is your one view into the Empire of the Isles and into the city of Dunwall.”

If sales numbers are indicative of critical response (oftentimes they are not) then Smith and Colantonio might be further convinced that revisiting the world of Dishonored is worth it. But the question remains how to believably pull such a feat off? In order to address how a Dishonored sequel might work, a few elements from the first game need to be spoiled, so turn back now if you’ve yet to finish Arkane‘s fantastic game.

Dishonored World

In Dishonored, players experience a story that has a pretty definite beginning, middle, and end. Corvo is accused of murdering the Empress, he goes on a quest for revenge, is double-crossed several times, and finally succeeds in placing the Empress’ daughter on the throne. Or at least that’s what happens in the game’s “good” ending.

However, another important story beat in that ending is the death of Corvo. By the time the credits role, and we see that the Empress’ daughter has placed Corvo’s grave in a place of high significance, it becomes pretty clear that Dishonored was intended as a one-off.

Moreover, the game’s town of Dunwall is rid of its vile rat plague, and has entered a new age of prosperity thanks to the player’s efforts. Believably introducing conflict might be pretty difficult given the finality of said ending.

There are a few plot threads that are left unresolved in Dishonored, though, mainly those involving the game’s mysterious ‘Outsider.’ In the game, The Outsider provides Corvo with his supernatural abilities and appears in various places to add a little mystery to the overall proceedings. Unfortunately, his portion of the story doesn’t come to a meaningful end, and is actually one intriguing element that Arkane didn’t provide definite closure on. Whether that was by design or an oversight is unclear, but I was definitely left curious about The Outsider long after finishing the game.

Dishonored - The Outsider

With that being said, it stands to reason that a Dishonored 2 could explore the story of The Outsider in a pre-Corvo Dunwall. In one of the Tales of Dunwall videos — released to provide back-story on the game’s world — it is explained that The Outsider appears to those in need, and bequeaths them with these supernatural powers so that they can achieve a specific goal. Could we see The Outsider appear to someone else, provide them with powers, and experience their story?

It seems possible, but at the same time Arkane would have to find a way to keep gameplay dynamic. Dishonored does an exceptional job of mixing up systems and gameplay experiences in such a way that it feels fresh from beginning to end, but having to return to square one could prove difficult. Giving the player more assassination targets, and some side-story elements, sounds more like DLC than a fully-fledged sequel.

While it’s still too early for talk of Dishonored 2 to begin it’s interesting to consider where the story could go. Harvey Smith clearly has some ideas, and might be interested in spearheading a sequel. But keeping things fresh will be of the utmost importance.

What do you think of a Dishonored 2? Where would you like to see the story go?

Dishonored is available now for the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.

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  • Derpson the III

    Or, Dishonored 2 could not be in Dunwall. There are other cities and whole other isles that could share a similar or completely different problem from the rat plague.

    • Anthony

      I considered the idea of not setting it in Dunwall but given all the assets Arkane put together it seems like a waste to have them start completely from scratch. Plus, I would like to hear more about Dunwall, it’s such a rich setting.

      • SDLJF

        Technically, sequels usually “start from scratch.” Of course they don’t usually remake the entire gameplay experience, however, most games that are new to a certain franchise have at least something new to add to the series, and quite often have a different setting. They don’t necessarily start “completely from scratch” either, as they have made plenty of lore of all the different isles, and Dunwall will likely also have many mentions as well.

    • smoky bacon

      why not make it based on daud when he was finding the outsiders shrines and on his past and maybe lead into what happens after dishonoured (if you let him live )but yes i want a sequel i think they worked too much on the world and city of dunwall wiht all the books notes side storys and background to kill it off with just one game even if it was a prequel id be happy

  • dishonoredisgood

    I just finished dishonored, and i could see them making dishonored 2 because of the ending. You could be working for emily as a bodyguard/assasin and help her out in her reign.or you could go to another city and get rid of plague problems. i hope they make dishonored 2 next year.

    • Shalkowski

      Lol yeah good luck with that.

  • ATG

    Gonna have to rent this.

  • Shalkowski

    I hope its still in Dunwall and Emily is still involved since she is so young. A longer, deeper campaign is what I mainly want though.

  • dethfuse

    Absolutely love this game. I bought it on ps3 and have loved every minute of it. It has very satisfying stealth and lots of different abilities to allow you to play the way you want. (I kill everything) It reminds me a lot of Bioshock for the style and Metro for the way the game is played. The best part is they have trophies(or achievements) for really hard feats such as beat the entire game with out alerting anyone and without killing anyone besides targets. Only glitch I have found on the ps3 is a small graphic glitch for the teleport ability where the cursor doesn’t animate properly but its not a big deal since it works normally regardless. I give this game a 10 out of 10. Only thing I’d love to have would be co-op.

    • Shalkowski

      Completely agree. Its nice to have a refreshing challenge to the game not simply because you are playing on hard.

  • Chris

    I’ve just finished the game and I just absolutely LOVED IT. The ending to Corvo was perfect and sadly seems to be the END of that character. If there was going to be another dishonored, I think it would either have to be Corvo or a character that I would like more than Corvo (That would be pretty fucking hard). I loved how the game worked and everything, I believe there is nothing to be changed in it I just want a story to progress on. But it’s hard to think right now because i’m still in love with the first one, it’s hard for me to see how another could steal my heart like the first one did. And like what defuse said, a CO-OP would be AWESOME. Two ninjas going all ninja in a very challenging area to remain undetected? My goodness would that be awesome. And character wise? Corvo and someone else? Maybe EMILY? Na but I like corvo way too much for him to be just, finished. I only experienced one adventure of Corvo, I’d like to experience more please!

  • steamcamel

    I only wish they’ll hire actors next time to do the voicework in stead of the flat, soulless voices we got from the big celebrities.

    It was my only gripe with an otherwise marvellous game.

  • Jak Frost

    I know what they could expect nothing because its going to be a new kind of cool

  • randomness

    I just finished this game, loved it, but felt unfulfilled. I would love another one, but not a Dishonored 2 (it wouldn’t be the same without Corvo and his story ended well). Instead, I really want the place, setting, culture, history and so on to be the same (maybe even have Emily be the Empress during the second game, just no/little interaction with her) and have the next game concentrate on the Outsider.

    I have sooo many unanswered questions about him, and he is such a huge part of the culture of the game that I feel a good portion of the game should concern him and his gifts instead of the brief overview we get in Dishonored.

    Overall, loved the game, want more especially about the Outsider, but without Corvo and limited, if any, Emily. Personal preferences.

    • ren

      I’m tired of Corvo’s story and Dunwall. Even the DLCs (I actually enjoyed playing as Daud way more than I did as Corvo) but even they had something to do with precious Emily being saved. How about another story in another setting? Let’s explore the Isles, the enormous continent of Pandyssia. The world in Dishonored has potential and it would be such a waste to stick to one place. Also we can have a new protagonist who is more vocal, like Daud was in the DLCs.

  • Anonymous

    One of the books (hidden around Hound pits) speaks of the Far Continent Pandyssia, a place of unbelievable creatures, with gigantic deserts, huge forests and incredible stuff. They HAVE to make dishonored 2 in that place, maybe Emily would sent us there to explore, and some jealous explorer would acuse us of stealing all the riches, or something, just to have the title making sense, and we would have to fight all around Pandyssia to take care of our deeds. I would REALY love something like that, find the book and you’ll know why Pandyssia is essencial to it. Maybe we would even find ruins of an ancient civilization and other clues that peaple in durnwall are descendent from these, and the outsider is one of these guys (hence his name), and he survived the catastrophe that killed them all and became what he is, somehow.

  • Jacktovia

    I have not played Dishonored but I am going to get it in the near future and it looks brilliant, if the game itself is good then they should create a Dishonored sequel to follow on the story.

  • http://www.captainzoo.com Jessica

    Would you accept guest posts on your blog. I have a couple pre-written articles by experienced native English speaking.


  • alex

    I think there should be another one this one really got my intrested in the city of dunwall and how it will turn out with its new ruler

  • http://totaljerkface.com Duck

    Follow different people throught history directly or indirectly affected by the outsider

  • Walter

    Do it.
    I did some reading and I don’t believe I came across how Daud was met by The Outsider. I read that only people in need are visited by The Outsider so I’d like this prequel or sequel to some how involve how he needed The Outsider but that’s all based on if it wasnt mentioned, regardless there’s still missing people who have the mark, there’s no way it could just be left how it is.

    Who is The Outsider? Why is he The Outsider? Too many questions.
    I read that Emily at some point speaks of this person who came to her in her dream.

    Co-op would be extremely interesting in a game like this, two people if not a group run a mission together. Now whether they would be graded individually or as a team is still in the air for me but one could call attention while the other sneaks around and goes for the target OR they both go goes ablazing or stealth.
    I wouldn’t say this game needs Co-op how other games needed it, the story itself is fantastic.

    This can be done in so many ways it’s hard to say which would be the better approach. What I do hope for is all of the one’s marked are intertwined together.

    Ps. Why did the one who only knows fear and loneliness have to die? I NEED INFORMATION

  • Ethan

    Dishonored is almost the best game I have ever played. It took me by surprise…total surprise. I have wanted a game like this for the xbox 360 for as long as I could remember. Many of you may think that it is repetitive or boring. To me the game will not be long enough. I just completed the Lady Boyle mission and I hope the game has several more hours left for me. I would love to play a second and even a third Dishonored. Stealth or straight up all out combat….with magic powers as well. Totally amazing. I hope that someday soon there will be another one made for the xbox 360. If you have not played this game I suggest you do so. I can not believe I did not get this when it first came out.

  • Alex Cooper

    I would love a dishonored 2. I believe most people who have played the game would. They could very well use Corvo again by the fact that they never show how he dies. With this, there could be much more to his adventure that we have yet to explore. The possibilities are endless.

  • Ava

    Completely disagree with you saying that having a sequel that follows the same objectives as the first makes it pointless and more like a DLC. 

    All of the Assassins creed games run off the same objectives ‘kill targets’ and ‘figure shit out’. What makes a game different is the environment and the characters you meet.

    For me I would love to see a dishonored 2 with a new character chosen by The Outsider, in a different country, with a fresh environment (I would prefer it to be much bigger and brighter), I would love to see even more game changing decisions for the player to make and more alternative endings, not just based on ‘chaos’.

    Would love to have a map to pull out and be able to set ‘way points’.

    Also would be cool to play a more vocal character (like Daud was in the DLC) and to have a wider range of dialogue and more interaction with other characters.

    One things for sure though, The Outsider must be in dishonored 2