DICE Talks ‘Battlefield: Bad Company 3,’ Wii U, and ‘Mirror’s Edge 2′

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DICE Talks Battlefield Bad Company 3 and More

DICE has been a busy company, but now Battlefield 3 has been released, marking the return of the original series. During the six year wait between Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 3, DICE released an off-shoot series, Battlefield: Bad Company, which was a well-received attempt by the company to create a single player oriented game.

In a recent interview with DICE’s Patrick Liu, a new Bad Company game — among many other things — was discussed. Rest assured, fans of “B” Company, 222nd Army will see the rag tag group of soldiers return to action one day.

As noted in our Battlefield 3 console review, the game’s multiplayer offering is very strong. The Battlefield 3 campaign, on the other hand, is a little lacking. It is fair to say that BF3‘s campaign was DICE’s first attempt at creating a much more serious and reality-grounded story. However, the carefree and ridiculous nature of the Bad Company games was definitely a strong suit. Liu confirmed that the franchise hasn’t been “killed” and that the studio is partial to the characters (who isn’t?). Unfortunately, there are currently no plans for creating a third Bad Company game, and the entirety of DICE is focused on supporting Battlefield 3. For example, working on the server problems that have been affecting users on day one. Liu says this about the future of Bad Company:

“We’ve done a lot of things in the Bad Company series, learning how to make a single-player campaign. But this time the tone and the atmosphere is different, in terms of what kind of characters you’re playing, how the storyline plays out. It’s a lot more authentic and physical experience, while the Bad Company experience was more humour-istic and light-hearted.”

One of the strongest aspects of Bad Company was indeed the characters who were at the heart of the story. It was a new take on the war story and one that worked very well. It would be a shame if DICE didn’t at least make one more game using Frostbite 2. Also, seeing as the second game ended with a bit of a cliffhanger, a resolution to the series is still required. Given that the campaign in Battlefield 3 is a little flat, maybe a return to Bad Company will do DICE some good.

Another topic of discussed was whether DICE would be coming up with games for the Wii U. The short answer is no. The company has gotten its hands on a dev kit and has been tinkering with it, but Liu confirmed that DICE is not currently working on a game for the upcoming console. Sorry, Wii U fans, looks like you won’t be getting a Battlefield 3 port any time soon. However, Liu also commented on the company wanting to make a game that will utilize the Wii U’s new touch screen controller, and how it would be a waste to create a game that wouldn’t utilize it.

There are still some plans on the horizon for DICE, but what are they specifically? We won’t know for a little while yet.

“We have a number of projects going on and we were experimenting to see what we could come up with but that’s all… we’ll see what happens.”

Finally, Liu discussed the matter of a second Mirror’s Edge game, which he feels gamers are ready for. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be announced formally. Given Liu’s response on the matter, Mirror’s Edge 2 — if  it is being worked on — is not out of the pre-production yet, and may not even have made it that far. Perhaps something could be talked about during E3 2012?

Battlefield 3 is out now for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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  • ATG

    BF on PSVita. That is all.

  • Adkon

    I’m definitly up for more Bad Company shananigans, and I have Faith that Mirror’s Edge 2 will be phanominal…especially with HD 3D

    • Yahya

      you know WiiU support 3D and is native 1080P HD right?

      • ATG

        That’s still not enough incentive for me to buy one. Next gen is right around the corner, I’ll wait.

  • iDancethroughshadoWs

    yes must have haggard.

  • BattlefieldisAwesome

    I can’t wait to see Battlefield Bad Company 3 on the wii U!

  • 6ships

    I was hoping battlefield 3 would be more like bbc1 & 2 I was wrong I could really care less about single player mode, all I wanted was the ability to knife someone without it taking forever and ever and also would have loved to have the option to change controlls to the battlefield bad company settings in the tanks, also when you zoom in on something you have to hit the button again to zoom back out freaking retarded!!! Now I guess I’ll have to wait for bbc3 if it’s ever going to come out which I dont believe it ever will now, awww this sucks burro, anyone want to buy like new battlefield 3 only played for 1 hour. Very disappointed

    • Ryan

      BF 3 was a Sequel to BF 2 not BC2 also you do realize you can change the zoom controls right? Not on the tanks but oh well if thats really a problem for you then wow.Let me guess youd rather have something like call of duty right?

  • michael

    was just trying to get onto BF3 for xbox and can’t, will not let me, whats the problem. Same thing as the beta game just will not let me into multi player. i am thinking of getting my money back, not happy was looking forward to playing the multi play but just get single

    • ATG

      Bf3 players on 360 couldn’t play online launch day, could have something to do with that. Or maybe you were wrongfully banned? Idk buddy, that sucks.

  • JACK

    I never played the beta for BF3 because of it’s reception. If I might ask what was so bad about it?

    • ATG

      Typical glitches for an incomplete game. Depends whether or not you play on console or pc. You should’ve played it man, it was free.

      • JACK

        It’ll be interesting to see if they do Battlefield 4.

  • Ren

    Winner: DarkSouls

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