DICE Producer Says ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ Development is ‘Scary’

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Star Wars Battlefront DICE

When Electronic Arts confirmed that DICE was, in fact, taking over the Star Wars: Battlefront franchise it seemed like a no-brainer. After EA acquired the rights to publish and develop all future Star Wars games, there were a lot of questions in the air, but gamers felt pretty confident that it was DICE who should pick up where Pandemic Studios left off. And strangely, prior to the EA/Disney deal, DICE felt exactly the same — believing they could develop both Battlefield and Battlefront at the same time.

Then came the blockbuster deal, in which Electronic Arts signed an exclusive partnership with Disney (the new owners of LucasArts) to develop all Star Wars games going forward. And wouldn’t you know it, EA put DICE in charge of Battlefront.

While DICE’s Executive Producer Patrick Bach acknowledges it’s “pretty cool” for a Star Wars game to be in development in Sweden, he admits the developer felt a little fear after being handed the project. After all, this is a franchise with a rabid fan base that has some pretty lofty expectations.

“We weren’t as cocky when we got the chance, because to take on something like this is scary, as you can imagine. You can only screw up, right?”

Star Wars Battlefront Trailer DICE

That doesn’t mean DICE will let that fear get to them, though; they have some big plans for Star Wars: Battlefront. Unfortunately, development is still in the early stages — the only thing we’ve seen from the game thus far is a logo and a very short teaser trailer — the game isn’t slated to hit until 2015, alongside J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode 7.

That doesn’t, however, mean that gamers can’t get excited that the developer of Battlefield, a franchise that practically inspired Battlefront, has now taken over. In fact, part of the reason DICE wanted to try their hand at Battlefront stems from the fact they believe the series copied some of their ideas.

“It’s quite interesting. For some strange reason — coincidence, I don’t know — we had a discussion at the office about what happened to Battlefront. You know, the old IP that someone else made that was a rip-off of Battlefield. Bastards! We should’ve made it. It was a competition of powers. We couldn’t do both at the same time.”

At the same time, DICE is still trying to figure out a direction for Battlefront — how best to innovate on what Pandemic created. Hopes are clearly high for both gamers and DICE, but it will be sometime before we see whether the developer can deliver.

Do you think that DICE will do the Battlefront franchise justice? How would you like to see them update the game for the next-gen?

Star Wars: Battlefront will release in 2015 on next-gen consoles and the PC.

Source: IGN

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  • Mark Hard

    and if they screw up they know us Star Wars fans would be coming at em with lightsabers and exploding Death Star balls of fire!

  • Shalkowski

    I think its a good thing that they are nervous. It will for them to get their ass in gear and to not be lazy. They need to get this done right.

  • Miffed Monkey1

    I’m really confident that DICE will do a good job. I honestly cannot wait to run through the trenches of Hoth in snowtrooper gear again, blasting away at Rebel soldiers while those giant freaking AT-ATs are stomping through the snow behind me.

    I don’t know what kind of gameplay they’ve got in store for us, but I’m excited for whatever it will be.

  • Alex

    I would like their to be space to planet gameplay, as well as attatchments to guns

  • GaymeR

    “how best to innovate on what Pandemic created.”

    do not fix what isnt broken. and leave in an option to switch the camera from FPS to TPS AND dont make it multiplayer only. for me that is really all i ask.

  • Vlashen

    I think DICE is totally the best to take on this project, since the two games have very much in common. What I hope they do NOT do is make it too much like Battlefield. I’m hoping to see a very noticeable difference in gameplay. What I would love to see is the space to planet battles that we heard that Battlefront 3 would have. That would be fantastic. Some slight armor customization would be interesting as well, but nothing too overboard.

  • coreyweb

    Dude…..I can’t imagine actually being able to “drive” and AT AT or AT ST. Vehicle combat will be nuts!

  • robbie

    If it turns out like bf4 promises to be but with lightsabers and blasters, i reckon it will be the best damn star wars themed game in history 😀 as long as they leave in the third person view because lets face it, star wars guns were never really pretty to look down the sights on. e-11 blasters for instance… looked like a lightsaber with a energy pack and scope strapped to them lol

  • Larry

    Can we please add a multiplayer mode like the older version. Please don’t limit it to strictly online multiplayer. PLEASE!!! I would even pay extra

  • Larry

    Can we please add a multiplayer mode like the older version. Please don’t limit it to strictly online multiplayer. PLEASE!!! I would even pay more.

  • James

    It needs to Be better but as good as battlefront 2 was. It was fun to purchase ships and troop class as you progress the game. It’s been so long since I played it on ps2 but I played nearly everyday even when new games came out I still went back to play bf2.
    The only extras I would like to see is to customize your troops look and icon symbols(clan). Have single and co-op story lines and game mode and not to forget multi player as well. But please do not make the campaign be part of the movie, make it a new experience of the star war Francis. I would like to play conquest again but bigger and better then bf2 I want to be able to have a true Battlefront experience. The conquest was the only thing that kept me playin, from space fight to ground assault was epic experience for me.