DICE Responds to ‘Battlefield 3′ Beta Complaints

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DICE Responds to Battlefield 3 Beta Complaints

While many gamers are already knee deep in the Battlefield 3 open beta and having a blast, there is a considerable amount that are none to pleased with the experience DICE has delivered. Some have even taken to the forums to voice their complaints; while others have turned to more devious venues in order to get the experience they were hoping for.

As it turns out, though, DICE has been listening and watching intently those Battlefield 3 players who have been voicing and acting out their displeasure and are ready to make their thoughts known.

First up is the news that Origin will possibly ban those accounts that alter the beta experience by creating their own servers. By creating their own servers players are able to circumvent the player cap on the Operation Metro multiplayer map and get up to 100 players gaming at the same time.

Origin is, after all, a requirement for Battlefield 3 PC players so being banned from the service would be a considerable hit to hopeful gamers. On top of that, since the service is also a digital distributor, these “hackers” also run the risk of losing all of their digital content (games, add-ons, etc…) that they paid honest money for.

Yes, there have been some serious complaints logged over on the Battlefield 3 forums (more on that in a bit) about what was promised and what was inevitably delivered, but tampering with a product that is provided free-of-charge and for your enjoyment never ends well.

Back on the forum complaint topic is the second piece of news, which saw one of DICE’s community managers responding to the tremendous amount of beta participants complaints. Connection and glitch issues aside, there has been a tremendous amount of backlash directed DICE’s way over the selection of Operation Metro as the beta map — a map that currently only supports up to 32 players, and, frankly, DICE’s Daniel Matros was sick of it.

He took to the beta forums to put many of the whiners in their place saying that the experience is a privilege not a right, and those who have complaints are merely “ungrateful people [who] don’t understand how much work [they] are putting on this game.”

It’s true that Battlefield 3’s beta is an opportunity for players to experience a hotly anticipated game early and, as such, should not be the source of complaining, but there’s also just cause for concern. Running the beta on consoles is not the smoothest of experiences (the first update has already been detailed) and one that, with the game only 20+ days out, has us a bit concerned.

Matros’ response is certainly justified, but it makes one wonder how much is frustration over the lackluster response to the beta, and how much is telling the “spoiled children” off.

With so much hullabaloo surrounding the Battlefield 3 beta, has your opinion/anticipation for the game changed at all? Do you think that EA should use Origin to ban beta hackers?

Battlefield 3 releases October 25, 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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  • Jordan

    Battlefield 3 is fun but it still needs more work. It glitches alot it seems like. My character sinks below the ground and i have to keep jumping to get out. I have also ran over a pile of junk in the subway and it slung me into the train and said it was suicide? The weapons are underpowered also, it shouldnt take 6 rounds at close range with a .45 to kill someone. Fun Beta, but unfinished game I think.

    • Brian

      Because it is unfinished -.-
      Its a BETA

  • g0rge

    cancelled my pre-order as a result of my alpha and beta experience to be honest. Recon 12x scope makes you feel like youre lobbing mortars and not bullets, perspectives feel jacked up real bad, scope flash on recon but not on other classes,…gun balance is screwe (holo scopes [red dot] can take down snipers before the sniper takes down the holo)…ran like crap on my i7 8gb ssd touting radeon 5890hd…even at medium settings with no aa…flight physics are garbage…no commander…it feels like cod with cars.

    • ATG

      Whaaaaat?!?!? Why does everyone say that? It feels nothing like COD.

    • MEDIC101

      Then you are a fool. You can’t honestly let a beta months old sway your decision! Have you even looked at the final game footage IGN released? The Operation: Firestorm and Grand Bazaar? Go watch them, I’m certain you will reconsider. You are thinking irrationally without just cause. The Sniper balancing and bullet drop issues are fixed, most if not all of the bugs are fixed so it plays smoothly, and no one is overpowered. Do not judge a book by its cover, read it first. So treat this no different. Don’t judge the game until you pick up the controller on the day of release and get a feel for the Meta build. Half of the morons that pull their pre-orders are not doing it for the right reasons. Don’t let an outdated beta build change your thinking. It just isn’t smart. It should only matter about 10%. Most game businesses release game footage right before the game releases so you can get first hand look at what your money is buying. To be honest, I still think it is worth it. Hell, if it cost $80+ I would still buy it. Do not make stupid decisions for stupid reasons. Watch those gameplay videos, I’m sure you will reconsider afterwards.

    • Ken J

      ?? How?? I have a Core i5 and a 4890 and mine ran at “Ultra” settings without a studder… You must have did something wrong with your PC, lol.

  • g0rge

    I’m speaking from pc perspective…so controller is moot :) regardless…its not battlefield…its cod with cars as theyre trying to steal cod players and not trying to make bf2 with prettier graphics…bf2 is why i played bfbc2…bf3 isn’t like either…just doesn’t have the feel so personally, not interested in spending the money or hardware for it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/aroreforlife Grady

      Again, have you seen the new gameplay footage? Several maps in the new multiplayer bring back the old roots of Battlefield. You are giving this game a bad review far too soon.