Diablo 3 Better With A Xbox 360 Controller?

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Diablo 3 Controls

We all know that the beta for Diablo III has started (look for our impressions early next week). There are videos of gameplay popping up all around the net showing off Blizzard’s new title, and it looks amazing. There’s one thing that Blizzard has always been good at, and that’s innovation within their games. They have never been satisfied with just pumping out the same game with a different numerical value at the end of its title. Every new release is adventurous and brave and the same goes for their latest installment of the Diablo series, Diablo 3.

While a PC game at heart, it’s been no secret that Blizzard has been eyeing consoles as a release platform for Diablo 3 and now they’re setting gamers up for that reality by preaching about how well it plays on an Xbox 360 controller.

Addressing this Diablo 3’s game director Jay Wilson said that they’ve tested the PC version with controllers and that it works very well.

“With some of our early experiments in putting a direct control scheme into the game via a 360-like analogue controller, I’ve been ‘Oh this feels even better, with direct control…'”.

He also noted that they don’t look at themselves as strictly “a PC developer – we see ourselves as a game developer.” Citing games like StartCraft, he explained that most of the games they make tend to just work better for the PC. He doesn’t feel that a game like StarCraft would work well with a console control scheme; but he does believe that you can make a successful RTS on the console. As for Diablo Could this be yet another unofficial way of telling us that Diablo is making its way to the console? Yes, it’s happening.

“One of the reasons why we’re exploring the idea of a console version of Diablo 3 because we feel that the controls and the style of the game lend itself to a console. I can pretty much guarantee that if we decide to do a console version that we will look to support a pad on the PC. But initially with release I don’t think we’ll be ready.”

So Diablo 3 works really well with an Xbox 360 controller and they could even be working on a console version – they’re at least entertaining the idea of one. Awesome!  That is great news for gamers all around, especially console gamers who don’t have the time or money to invest in gaming rigs; they could finally get a taste of the Blizzard excellence and kill some demons.

Let us know what you guys think about a console version of Diablo in the comments.

Diablo 3 is currently in beta with no official release date. Available for PC only.

Source: PC Gamer

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  • Jeff

    “Available for PC only.”
    Really? You go through all that trouble of writing the article and end it like that? I don’t know about you, but most people(Including Apple and Microsoft) don’t usually consider a Mac a PC, and Blizzard has made it quite clear that it will be released on both simultaneously. How can I take the rest of your article as trustworthy if the very last sentence is untrue?

    • Daniel

      .. You do realize what PC stands for, right? Last time I checked, Macs are still ‘personal computers.’ Unless they’ve evolved past the stage of being a computer, I, and very many other people, would still very much consider Apple’s line as personal computers.

      On topic, I’m not sure how I feel about this yet! Sure, it would be awesome to play Diablo 3 on my Xbox, but I don’t think it would feel as natural as it would with my keyboard and mouse. That being said, I don’t mind being put in my place if they decide to make a console port and make it amazing.

      • brandon

        PC’s are not console’s… Which is what this article was about, then at the end of this, it said, AVAILABLE FOR PC ONLY… Which is why he said that…

        Did I do a good enough job at explaining it? Makes sense? If not, tell, me, and ill type slower :)

        • Dan

          ACTUALLY he stated that his argument is the fact that a mac is not a PC, so instead of worrying about flaming someone and telling them to type slower, why dont you read slower?

  • ZenXRoli

    Are you kidding me? If they put out Diablo 3 for the xbox 360, I will never leave my room again. I am a die hard Diablo gamer ever since I got my hands on Diablo 1 when I was friggen 10. If they can set up a Xbox version of this game, I say “GO FOR IT!”

  • Alyssa

    I have been a Diablo fan since birth, seriously. I love the idea of Diablo as a console game, especially for Xbox 360! DO IT PLEASEEEEEEEE!

  • Zach

    I say YES because 1 Diablo 3 would totally not work on my old PC and as stated before it would feel more comfortable with a mouse and keyboard i still think it would be an excellent idea for it to be ported to consoles just like they did with Diablo 1.

  • ToolBoy2000

    I say yes also. Why not? Its not like its going to effect the PC Edition right? And i also played Diablo II on PC and loved it. I been waiting for a game like this and the only one close to this style of gameplay on the XBOX 360 was Sacred 2: Fallen Angel which was not a bad game but i was pissed that if you build a character and you don’t build him right after i had put in 80 hours of gameplay that there was no way to change it.

    It was keep it or start from scratch. Who has that kinda time? If they would of gave you the option to sacrifice player levels for skill points i would of been pleased to do that.

    Since my build was horrible and after all the time i had into it, i could not bare the idea of starting it over again and the part that makes me mad is it was a great game except for that small yet important detail.

    So i say bring Diablo III to consoles also. Why would anyone object to the idea of a console port unless it was just plain PC snobbery. I play a wide range of pc games,consoles and handhelds and i have found pleasure in all of them.

  • Askar1970

    I would love an Xbox 360 version. I always wanted Diablo II for Xbox but of course they never did it. I loved the first Diablo. I still consider it to be one of the top 10 games ever. I especially loved it on the Playstation. I had the PC version too, but it was very much cooler on the Playstation playing it on a 36″ TV instead of a little monitor. Now days it would be so awesome to play it on my HD 55″ TV instead of my 24″ computer monitor. Plus no hand cramps and awkward sitting trying to play with a mouse and keyboard. It would be a win in every respect.

  • pugz

    if nobody knows already they did have a diablo on a systen once, ps1 had a diablo 1 release, and n64 had a starcraft release….. they have both been done and proven to work……

  • staf sgt richie

    Have looked for days now on the web on how to work the x box 360 controler to choose the weapons an uniform of the player (barbarian)
    with all the stash ,inventory,an picked up equiptment how does the controler allow you to choose an use the various equiptment
    Really need help …playing level 15 with level 3 dress

    Some body forgor some thing….no mater where you look theres only
    no mater how acurate in asking the question on many web site they all start talking up the PC..downloaded game from X Box 360

  • staf sgt richie

    would like to see the functionality of the X Box360 controler as it relats to the changing the uniform an weapons of the Barbarian

    At level 15 with level uniform am weapons ??????how do you change them with the 360 controler ……..NOT THE PC

  • staf sgt richie

    Sorry forgot to tell you I’m at level 15 with level 3 uniform an weapons
    How do you change them with X Box 360 controler?

  • staf sgt richie

    Are you guys so stoned you can’t even read a presentation with out those stupid answers ….OK are you ready once more ….

  • staf sgt richie

    Are you guys so stoned you can’t read ….X Box made the game an for you PCers you can call up your player (barbarian) an change his dress with purchased or won protection equipment (you know click an drag )there is no such command on the 360 controler so this fubction can not be done there fore theres no changing of gear or weapons
    If you know how to do this let me know …..ever thing else with the controler works just great