‘Diablo 3′ Video Shows Off 50 Minutes of Gameplay

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Diablo 3 Gameplay Video Fifty Minutes

While every fan of classic dungeon-crawlers and RPGs is awaiting a bit more information on an official release date for Diablo 3, Blizzard is remaining quiet. But in the absence of a light at the end of the development tunnel, there is still joy to be found. Even if you know exactly what to expect from the game, we can now show you almost an hour’s worth of the Diablo 3 Beta gameplay.

Whether you were old enough to spend hours and hours scouring the dungeons of Diablo 2, or only know of the series through hushed whispers that claim it represents a lost age of RPG excellence, Diablo 3 is worth watching. While the development team may not have strayed too far from the existing formula for the third installment, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

We’re firm believers in the ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ mentality where basic mechanics are concerned, and this new gameplay video of Diablo 3 is proof that Blizzard agrees. The previously released Beta footage once again showed that the studio that brought us World of Warcraft has found their own style, and look to make the most of it.

But screenshots and menus are nothing compared to real footage, so feast your eyes on fifty minutes of Diablo 3 gameplay, following the magical death-dealing of the wizard class:

To understand the joy and addictive nature of an RPG one needs to play it, but watching Beta footage will be the next best thing for most. The video gives a good idea of the art style, quest delivery, and spectacular narration, but there are still lingering questions. Hopefully the next few weeks will give a closer look at the looting and crafting in action, and if we’re lucky, an official 2012 launch date.

What do you think of the Diablo 3 gameplay? Are you glad to see a game that will be instantly familiar to old fans, or were you hoping the years of development would result in a brand new direction?

Diablo 3 is currently expected to have a 2012 release for the PC and Mac.

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  • Sinex1983

    I don’t know if the guy playing the Sorcerer is just dopey or if he wasn’t allowed to show off his other active skills as per the beta’s EULA, but he is making it harder on himself by not using them. o.^

    Also: did everyone else notice the quest called “Legacy of Cain”? Looks like someone at Blizzard decided to pay homage to Kain and Raziel. 😉

  • Sinex1983

    Derp. Probably should’ve watched the whole video before commenting on the active skills! I guess *I* was just being dopey then. 😉

  • blitzkaiser

    nice footage albeit short on showing the other skills and about the Legacy Of Cain it could be referring to Kain or could be referring to “Cain and Abel” ^^

  • Stark Industries

    Yeah, I ‘long-anticipated’ playing D3 too….

    I was on D1…

    I was on D2…

    Now I have to be on-line to play D3!?!?! WTF? I don’t want to have to be wasting my bandwidth just to play as a standalone!

    Where’s the Hack for this! Please! Anybody! Write a Hack that will make the game think it’s connected to their Servers. I don’t want to ‘buy’ things I need, I want to find them through playovers again and again. What’s the point of finding treasure, when you can just go and by it?

    Help! What do you guys think? ~ Stark

  • Sinex1983

    I still don’t understand the reticence of the community’s most vocal members to embrace the in-game auction house — real-money or otherwise. People have been buying items in D2 for ten freaking years, guys. The only difference is that now your credit card information will be held by an actual company with dedicated security in place instead of being held by some Chinese guy who craps in a bucket next to his computer.

    However…I still hate PayPal because of their steadfast refusal to not adhere to a code of conduct largely based around behaving like mafia thugs. Just visit the following link. >.<


  • Sinex1983

    I’m not really grasping the community’s reticence over embracing the idea of an in-game auction house, whether it be real money or fake money. People have been buying and selling D2 items for ten freaking years — the difference now is that your money will be held and monitored by an actual company that has security measures in place, as opposed to giving your money to some Chinese guy who craps in a bucket next to his computer — which was built with cobbled together pieces harvested from discarded N-gages and Commodore 64’s.

    Granted, PayPal is still evil…just less so.