‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution’ Video Shows Different Gameplay Approaches

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Deus Ex Human Revolution Freedom of Choice Trailer

Freedom of choice is very important. Whether it be regarding cybernetic augmentation or if you want onions on your hamburger, having a choice matters.

In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, freedom of choice comes in the form of how you approach the gameplay. The latest trailer illustrates this point – and tells the player there is no wrong way to tackle the game, showing the three different approaches gamers can take to enter a building: Aggressive, Stealth, or Adaptive.

The Deus Ex series has always allowed the player to make his or her own problem-solving decisions. Smart players didn’t need to feel like they were forced into situations where they had to become proficient shooters – because there was always an alternate solution that didn’t require gun fire. In fact, the series challenged gamers to see if they could beat the game without firing a bullet – which was possible. It felt very “real” considering brute force wasn’t the only option available.

A video detailing alternate choice approaches was released earlier; however, this new clip is fast paced and showcases the “adaptive approach” – which could be my new favorite when the game comes out. Judging by how good the footage and gameplay looks, the delay to August seems well worth the wait. Keep an eye out for some new arm/sword killing maneuvers as well as new weapons in the video below:

Human Revolution is a prequel to Deus Ex – focusing on the controversy of human cybernetic augmentation. An underlying motif centers around how much protagonist, Adam Jensen, chooses to further augment himself. Humanity in the Deus Ex future seems like it will be losing its importance – only to be replaced with cybernetic superiority.

Will you choose to forgo your humanity to become a better cyborg?

Deus Ex: Human Revolution releases August 23, 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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  • jwalka

    i hope its not as stream lines as it appears – you chose at the beginning of a mission how you want to approach it. also i hope it doesn’t have to much emphasis on choosing a method, so that players can chose to: barge through the front door, then hack turret, then sneak their way to the boss/end of the mission.

    the heavy emphasis on choosing a specific method of approach is what’s ruining crysis 2 for me, you can’t geta mission done through multiple methods, if you want to use stealth you have to strictly use stealth otherwise you die.

  • http://3d-flash-games.com Vega

    Im also curious if they can implement the “feeling” of Deus Ex – still got my doubts, but well we will see.
    Atleast it cant get worse then DeuxEx2 ^^