‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution’ The Year 2027: Social & Hacking Video

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Deus Ex Human Revolution Behind 2027 Social and Hacking

Deus Ex games have always been about choice of approach and Deus Ex: Human Revolution is going to be no exception. While being a commando and charging in with guns and explosives is one way, and taking a much more sneaky approach is another, the Deus Ex games have also involved being able to talk your way in or interacting with technology to bypass areas.

The latest behind the scenes video talks more about this option.

Recently, L.A. Noire introduced the ability to further the gameplay by talking to NPC’s and Deus Ex: Human Revolution will also be taking a similar approach. Being able to interact with NPC’s – either persuading them to help you or by performing side quests for them, enables another option for protagonist Adam Jensen to reach the conclusion of his mission. Just in case the personal approach doesn’t work out so well, Human Revolution also allows players to hack terminals to aid Jensen in his missions.

The kind of choice available to the player in Deus Ex: Human Revolution is, so far, praise-worthy. Being able to genuinely approach situations in the way you have decided to level-up Adam Jensen is a great feature that doesn’t handicap players – who might not choose to be a more combat or stealth-oriented player. Being social and hacking might even compliment players who choose to be a bit more aggressive or sneaky in dealing with the situations presented.

Take a look at the video below and see how Jensen can take the less violent and more interactive approach to the game.

There is an inherent enjoyment in bypassing or completing situations that won’t require a completely hands-on approach. As a D&D player, I can definitely attest to that. This latest video does show the kind of work Eidos Montreal is putting-in to ensure players of Human Revolution are allowed freedom of choice.

The hacking aspect of the game also gets more of an explanation – regarding how it works and the kinds of rewards that can be collected. It could be that hacking might be a skill that will be outright required, given the nature of how important information is in the game. Whether or not that is true, though, remains to be seen in the final product.

Combat and stealth are still an option in the trailer – depicting the many approaches to any given situation, which is perfectly acceptable to gamers who are accustomed to playing games with that approach. However, given the conspiracy throughout the game and the underlying impact of human augmentation, maybe being more subtle will be more rewarding.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution releases August 23, 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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  • Tman

    Thanks for the awesome article I can’t till august 23

  • Nick

    It seems like it’s definitely going to be one of those games that when played over again, reliving the same story, by making different choices in how you approach the game you get a different experience each time. It seems like they took the best ideas from such previous games as the combat tactics from Metal Gear Solid, Bioshock’s ideology with human augmentation for a much easier everyday life, and the social approach of Heavy Rain. Damn I can’t wait.

  • Rick

    Pretty much played through the game with all the media they have dumped on us. Never have witnessed so many articles videos etc. bout an upcoming game. Kinda worries me.Is there anything left worth buying the game for.

    • jwalka

      they haven’t revealed alot of the story, and that’s all that really matters, everything else shown has either been done so to prep people (read newcomers/noobs) to the world/mechanics and to promote the game itself. as long as they keep a lid of the narrative, its all good.

  • Tman

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    • jwalka

      haven’t heard of that game 😀

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