‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution’ Story Trailer Talks Revenge

By | 5 years ago 

For those who’ve been keeping up with the news surrounding Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the game’s emphasis on different approaches to a given situation has been getting the lion’s share of the attention. The game’s story hasn’t been overlooked though, relying on the philosophical debate over modifying the human body as a source of major conflicts. The latest story trailer for the game is showing that Revolution‘s plot will also be centering around events in the life of protagonist Adam Jensen. And make no mistake: for Jensen, it’s personal.

Whenever a modern shooter boasts a gameplay mechanic as promising as Revolution‘s three-fold approach to combat, it’s easy to forget that a game’s story and direction is just as important as the weaponry and traversal elements.

There’s a good chance that many of you will still remember the stirring cinematic trailer for the game, focusing heavily on odd allegories and extremely stylized imagery. The majority of the game’s press since then has been centered on the shooting mechanics and performance specs, so if you’ve been hoping for a bit more information on Revolution‘s plot, then the latest story trailer should do the trick.

The star of Human Revolution is Adam Jensen after all, and his personal struggles with the consequences of biological augmentation. Jensen may be thrust into the events propelling the plot of Revolution, but he has his own reasons to get to the bottom of the business espionage surrounding Sarif Industries.

The latest story trailer gives a closer look at what’s driving Jensen to put his new arm-swords to work:


A seemingly-unstoppable protagonist bent on revenge isn’t exactly new to the shooter genre, but it’s not the personal tone of the story that stands out from this cinematic trailer. We’ve been told that Human Revolution will have a sizable campaign, clocking in at over 20 hours, and given the various places this trailer seems to take us it’s not hard to see how.

While the average viewer will likely have little idea exactly who the characters in the trailer are besides angry enemies, it’s clear that this is not a straightforward story. Sabotage, mechanized opponents, political intrigue – the game seems to have everything. These elements will be tricky to balance, so we’ll have to wait and see if the added depth results in a richer experience or a game sagging under its own weight.

One other thing that viewers will likely notice is the previously-mentioned glowing effects applied to points of interest. While some hardcore fans might scoff at the idea of hidden areas or accessible vents being marked as dumbing-down a game experience, the concept itself could work. But even this brief trailer shows some worrying uses of “the glow” jumping out from the background, and even revealing a secret room. Players will have the option of turning the feature off, but whether that makes the game much more difficult is still unclear.

What are your thoughts on the latest trailer? Does the story seem like the kind of narrative that will keep you entertained, or a little too heavy for a game already packed with features? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is schedule for a release on August 23 for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC and OnLive.