Eidos Montreal Hiring For ‘Deus Ex’ Sequel?

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Deus Ex Human Revolution Sequel Rumor

It may not be a shock to say that the current developers of the Deus Ex series have even more plans for the franchise after Deus Ex: Human Revolution was met with financial and critical success. By connecting the dots between some online recruiting and job postings by Eidos Montreal, it seems that several high-ranking positions are already looking to be filled for work on a possible Human Revolution sequel to begin immediately.

There’s more than justification for the newly-invigorated brand to receive another sequel, since the most recent RPG’s emphasis on player choice and replayability is what triple-A games need more of. But considering that DE:HR certainly had aspects that the developers admit could have been better, there is still plenty of room for improvement.

According to the LinkedIn profile of a tech recruiter, a major Canadian game developer (in Quebec, specifically) is looking to bolster several positions. The details don’t mention Eidos or Deus Ex by name, but the hints will certainly seem familiar for fans:

“The project is based upon an existing IP that is a well known and respected action/adventure title, with elements of choice and stealth within the gameplay. The future iterations of the franchise intend to really take advantage of the new platforms coming in the next two years to provide an experience with unparralled realism, depth and consequence for player action and choice.”

With player choice and multiple stealth and action approaches being the elements of Human Revolution that were most discussed leading up to the game’s release, this description could be for another installment. Adding further fuel to the speculation is that the specific jobs listed by the recruiter match those on Eidos’ own site.

It’s no secret that the developer is more than interested in continuing the series, so it may be better to assume that any sequel is still years away, with these being just the first steps towards beginning production. With another mystery IP in production at the same studio, it makes sense that they would need to do some hiring for the foreseeable future.

Do you think the world is ready for another game in the Deus Ex series? Any particular aspects of the gameplay (besides the boss battles) that you would like to see improved?

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Source: LinkedIn, Eidos Montreal (via IncGamers)

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  • jwalka

    as long as the game isn’t as linear as human revolution, the skills are way more balanced (so that all skills are equally as effective), decisions actually effect something rather then creating the illusion that they do, and the boss fights/combat is improved the game SHOULD be reasonably fun to play and rewarding for those of us that like to go on ‘what if’ playthroughs.

  • Lucas

    The new gameplay and graphics (except the Botox look, then) were very cool. I believe it will be the future of shooters. When I finished the game (yesterday) I was disappointed about the length of the game. Maybe it’s because you skipped ‘The Missing Link’ and went straight to the penultimate scene. The answers you are searching for as Jenson came quick. I was hoping when I (spoiler: found Dr. Reed and her team and stopped Darrow’s transmission) the game would go on. I was hoping we would go back to Sarif’s and from there the team could go back to work again, meaning the two floors who went off limits because of the fire incident, would come back in use. Deus Ex: HR would be no Deus Ex without Illuminati. But I didn’t have had the experience they took a huge role in the game. They were merely present as a slumbering shadow.
    While playing Deus Ex (1) however, I liked the way of going back to the unatco buildings because majestic 12 was underneath it. Deus Ex also took more time to play through … that’s how I remember it anyway. The game surprised me more than HR: Human Resources (I mean: Human Revolution) did. You get prisoned by Majestic 12 and you have no idea how you will escape and then Icarus, or was it Daedalus, shows up. I loved the way I was being led by an Artificial Intelligence that was trustworthy, it was thrilling.
    I have still two questions. I believe it was on purpose (?) but I already knew by the time Jenson went to the LIMB clinic for his augmentations and they said he didn’t need any drug for them, I knew Jenson was Patient X. HR gave the player bit per bit the answers he was searching for while Deus ex 1 kept you haunting with questions.
    And the last thing I want to mention is: Why did you make an ‘expansion’: The missing link? Why not just put it in the game? Without it, it’s just… ‘strange’. … You took away a large part excitement by doing so. You don’t go from E to Y, the alphabet would be useless if it did. That’s my opinion.

    • Kyle

      I knew before that because there’s an e-mail you can read in the back of the Detroit LIMB clinic, which I read the very first time I went there, that spells it out for you in black and white, including everything about Jensen’s parents that he still acts surprised by later on. I got the distinct impression that e-mail wasn’t supposed to be readable in that location so early…

  • Rio

    I image a sequel to HR would be another “deus ex prequel”…

    There’s a whole time gap between the end of HR and to when Paul Denton meets JC on Liberty Island at the start of the first Deus Ex. Paul talks about having completed a bunch of missions for unatco in addition to going to China.

    I image that, if another Deus Ex game is made, you’ll be playing as Paul Denton, or have something to do with that character at the very least. I imagine that the second game would end with the terrorist attack on the statue of liberty.

  • taz kavanagh

    Id actually like to see another game as Jensen he never really got closure on why his family died who was behind the experiments,plus id like to see how your choices at the end of H R would influence a new game your relationship with Sarif,and Megan based on what you did and surely the Illuminiti would want revenge on Adam

  • taz kavanagh

    Id actually like to see another game as Jensen he never really got closure on why his family died who was behind the experiments,plus id like to see how your choices at the end of H R would influence a new game your relationship with Sarif,and Megan based on what you did and surely the Illuminiti would want revenge on Adam

  • Danny

    As long as it doesn’t end like Mass Effect 3 I am happy.

  • lightdragon

    what i would like is returning to how the first deus ex played out where literally every object in the world was able to be interacted with in some way even if it was only using it as something to throw at a person none of the games have that appeal anymore.. everything in HR was highlighted for oyu like you were being handheld through the entire game

  • Spooky

    I found DE;HR by simple accident,i bought it second hand,took it home and started playing.
    Instantly,i was hooked,i mean majorly hooked,into the character,storyline,the feel and the entire gameplay,so much i didn’t want it to end,at all.
    Since then,i have bought it 6 more time’s to complete at different levels and search out all aspect’s of the story and how i could play and complete it.
    I found the story trully immersing.
    All character’s i could not fault.
    The open world aspect magnificent.
    Weapon’s and Mod’s and upgrading,the augmentation’s etc,just amazing.
    I found myself at at given moment living as Jensen.
    Thinking like Jensen.
    I liked the different way’s i was able to approach given goal’s and the quick knowledge and feel there was more to find.
    My list can go on endlessly,not at any one point could i fault the game.
    It was compelling and thoroughly enjoyable.
    I await happily and slightly impatiently for a prequel or sequel to De;HR.
    At any point of playing did i find a fault,all i wanted,was,more!

    A Fan of DE;HR.

  • Jacob

    Does this game really needs Boss Battle’s at all?