‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution’ Film Rights Acquired by CBS Films

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Deus Ex Human Revolution Film Adaptation

Hot on the heels of the announcement that Assassin’s Creed will be adapted into a feature film, with Prometheus’ Michael Fassbender attached to star and produce, comes word that Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Eidos’ first person cyberpunk stealth title, will be made into a feature film as well. The property has been acquired by CBS Films, a relative newcomer in the film distribution game, who could make a big splash if they are able to competently bring this popular series to the big screen.

As this is only an announcement of property acquisition not much is known about the project thus far, but both CBS Films and Eidos expressed their enthusiasm over working together. Terry Press, Co-President of CBS Films vows to work closely with Eidos to bring a “film adaptation worthy of the Deus Ex name.”

Among the list of talent attached to the project from CBS include producer Adrian Askarieh, who has several other video game to film adaptations in the works. Among his list of in-development projects include the Just Cause and Kane and Lynch films, and a sequel to the first Hitman film, which starred Timothy Olyphant. All of the franchises Askarieh is trying to help bring to the silver screen are Square Enix properties, which leads us to believe that this close relationship will breed some success.

Unfortunately, video game to film adaptations haven’t faired so well in recent years, or actually ever, but if there is any company capable of making a blockbuster its Eidos. Among the list of successful film adaptations is Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, one of Eidos and now Square Enix’s most prized properties, one that is even getting a video game reboot for 2013. If Deus Ex can even capture half of the buzz that surrounded Tomb Raider — part of that will come from hiring a top-name talent to play Adam Jensen — they should be well on their way to success.

It’s going to be hard to capture the essence of Deus Ex without it feeling goofy though. A lot of the game’s appeal rests in the player’s decision to go stealth or offensive, something that will be harder to translate on screen. Our guess is the focus will be on combining the crazy human augmentations into some flashy action scenes.

What do you think of Deus Ex: Human Revolution being turned into a feature film? Who is the best candidate to play Adam Jensen?

Source: Variety

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  • Martin

    Timothy Olyphant or Eric Bana are my choices for Jensen.

    • Androol

      Totally agreed on Olyphant, except I like him too much to wish another shitty videogame movie role on him, so I’m a little conflicted about it. Bana would be good too.

  • Justin Loomis

    The guy is also doing Kane and Lynch and Just Cause? Seeing as both of those are going NOWHERE, I think this’ll end up in development hell.

  • Smikal

    Karl Urban. Looks the part, has the action background and is a very solid actor.

    • Antonio

      Karl Urban did a great job in Dreed, so he would seem a good fit.

  • MattBearPig

    They need to cast someone who doesn’t look like he’s already augmented. Stay away from bigger people, I’ve always believed they’d screw a movie like this up by casting Vin Diesel or Dwayne Johnson.

    Chris Pine; Karl Urban, I agree; hell, even Ryan Reynolds would be a good fit, in my opinion.

  • Justin Loomis

    While on casting, I belive Timothy Oliphant would be good. Hes got the look for it, as well as the voice. I just hope the film isnt a adaptation of HR. I’d like to see a original story, or at if they NEED to, the plot should be changed enough so it feels new. Like some new locales, or action scenes.

    I want this to happen. And if its good, it could be one of my favorite films. It has SO much potential. You got a great story, a believable world look, the characters are pretty good.

    I think a Deus Ex film should be rated R though, although, I guess PG13 wouldnt hurt it TOO much. It’s about the plot, anyway.

  • https://www.facebook.com/DownloadableConflict TaboriHK

    As long as it ends with Adam standing in front of a giant machine labelled, “End-O-Tron 3000″, it’ll be faithful to the source material.

    • MattBearPig

      At least the choices were slightly more satisfying than ME3.

      • Justin Loomis

        Lol yes.