The Wii U Desperately Needs ‘Destiny’ & ‘Watch Dogs’

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Nintendo Stock Prices and Profits Fall

According to every insider report and rumor, all indications are that tomorrow Sony will unveil the PlayStation 4 at their secretive New York event. We’ll be in attendance to see what’s arguably is the first true unveiling of a “next generation” console. For Nintendo, the industry focusing all eyes in the competitor’s direction couldn’t come at a worse time, especially after the weak sales the Wii U saw in January, coupled with the reality of most current multiplatform consoles skipping it entirely.

The NPD sales estimates don’t bode well for Nintendo, and while the Big N promises more unannounced games, their recent efforts at earning headlines have been rather underwhelming (see: “The Year of Luigi“). But there’s hope a little further into the future after they surpass the proverbial hump, so to speak.

Mainstream media sources including CNBC and Time are talking doom and gloom for investors, attempting to analyze why the system is failing to penetrate the market, highlighting sales estimates for Wii U sales in January being lower than any recorded month of sales for the PS3 or Xbox 360 and a quarter of what the Wii sold during the same period in its first January (2007). The stock price (NTDOY) has been on a downward trend for five years and today sits more than 30% lower than what it was the day Wii U launched in North America on November 18th.

Wii U Price Cut Not Happening

According to MCV, UK retailers are speaking out in demand of a price cut, hoping that it’ll help get consumers interested, and major publishers like Activision going on record during their latest investors call, saying “we were somewhat disappointed with the launch of the Wii U” (read the transcript here) and EA not defining the Wii U as next-gen, are making it harder for savvy gamers to get interested in the console.

Add to that Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter saying the following in reference to Nintendo’s profitability and it’s a period of very bad PR for Nintendo:

“I think they misfired on the Wii U. It’s just not that different from the other two [existing] consoles, and the gameplay isn’t as unique as the Wii. They made a mistake, it’s something they probably can’t recover from.”

He clarified the statement via NeoGAF, claiming that hardware sales will be too low and from that, there will be less software sales, less royalities from third-party games, less games in general, etc., and all of this will result in a company that will not be profitable. However, if the install base can grow, there are major third-party games that can help Nintendo’s cause, one of which was just unveiled over the weekend: Destiny. That is, if Nintendo can convince players to play the multiplatform titles on the Wii U over the competition.

Nintendo Wii U Deluxe Set eShop Discount

The following can be found in the source code on the official Destiny website pre-order page:

pc: “platform-pc”,
ps3: “platform-ps3″,
ps4: “platform-ps4″,
xbox: “platform-xbox”,
xbox720: “platform-xbox720″,
wiiu: “platform-wiiu”,
psvista: “platform-psvita”

The code could very well be a simple placeholder for the new site, or, Destiny really is as comprehensive as some rumors suggest and not only will it involve Microsoft’s and Sony’s current home consoles as well as mobile apps, but it could include all of them, current and next-gen, along with app support on the Vita. Only time will tell.

As for Ubisoft’s most mysterious officially confirmed title, Watch Dogs, the info that it’s also releasing on next-gen consoles comes from the retail side. GameStop, Amazon and Best Buy have all added Wii U versions of Watch Dogs to their pre-order pages (see images below). For Amazon and GameStop, it’s business as usual, even if the info is entirely untrue – It’s a sketchy business practice they employ on the regular to get more namedrops, more free buzz and more backlinks to their online stores. That being said, Ubisoft is the publisher most open to developing for new consoles and being multiplatform, so it’s very plausible that they’ll have a Wii U port of Watch Dogs available for Nintendo gamers, with the tablet/app features coming to its GamePad touchscreen.

It’s as simple as this: Many of the games releasing right now that generate the most headlines, Crysis 3, Dead Space 3 and Aliens: Colonial Marines, etc. are all multiplatform titles. Even though the Wii U is out, with Nintendo positioning it as next-gen and it offering comparable power to the older PS3 and Xbox 360, none of these three games are currently available on Nintendo’s latest and greatest. Aliens: Colonial Marines is supposed to offer the best experience on the Wii U, but it’s still without a release date, and a game tester claiming it’s the worst version of something already receiving terrible reviews isn’t helping.

Throw in upcoming high profile titles including BioShock Infinite and Tomb Raider that are also skipping the Wii U, and we can already see that horrifying trend for players and shareholders returning, of Nintendo’s home console not being friendly home to third-party development, at least not yet.

So if the big games coming further down the road that walk the fine line between current and next-gen (i.e. Destiny and Watch Dogs) also skip the Wii U and only play on PCs along with the competitor consoles, then Nintendo is in even bigger trouble long-term, and will have to rely almost entirely on their popular first-party franchises which they don’t develop fast enough and don’t currently have enough of. If they could pump out 3D Marios, new Zeldas, Smash Bros. games, etc. on an annual basis like Activision and Ubisoft can push out Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed installments, respectively, it wouldn’t matter, but they can’t, or at least don’t.

Do you expect to see Destiny and/or Watch Dogs make its way to the Nintendo Wii U? Why is it taking so long to develop a Mario Kart game when there’s  new Need for Speed every year? Is it too late to make it “The Year of Star Fox”?

For more on this topic, read: No ‘Crysis 3′ on Wii U Highlights Bigger Long-Term Problems For Nintendo

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Sources: Bungie, GoNintendoCNBCTimeNeoGAF, MCV, Seeking Alpha

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  • Shalkowski

    Destiny should definitley not be on the Wii U. It’s too late anyway.

    • fizzystrings

      Why not? It has the same power as the 360 and the ps3 so it can definitely run it.

    • Rob Keyes

      Destiny isn’t releasing until 2014. If they were planning to bring it to the Wii U they still could. The fact that it hasn’t been announced for it though, doesn’t bode well.

  • dethfuse

    Yay i hope Nintendo dies, their last two 3 systems (Wii, Wii U, DS) have been complete shit.

    • yodarlz

      With the exception of the DS, I agree with you. Personally, I thought the DS was a good idea. It allowed for standard playing of a game, but some games made great use of the touchpad. Until they started making every variation imaginable. Thats when I started to become less impressed.

      • Batman

        I agree, the DS was the last good nintendo system in my opinion. I bought a Wii, and my favorite games were the ones that used no motion control gimmicks, Skyward Sword being the sole exception. The WiiU is a gimmick of a gimmick, but now I have to buy it to play Pikmin. Blegh. Nintendo needs to go back to the gamecube, and make a super gamecube or something. Not this “Wii motion control lol casual gamers mariiiiiiioooooooooo” crap.

        • dethfuse

          Are you kidding me? I loved Nintendo for most of my life. Nintendo, Super Nintendo, N64, and Gamecube were all amazing consoles and I enjoyed them greatly. Then came the Wii which being a blind fanboy at the time I was suckered into buying believing that it was truly innovative. After attempting to enjoy the console for nearly 6 months I realized that it was a worthless console. I giant gimmick. And because of the terribly inaccurate motion controls and the lack of an actual controller or any high end games, i simply gave up on Nintendo and bought a PS3. The PS3 has a ton of normal games that have great stories and gameplay just like Nintendo used to have. After I bought my PS3 I never went back to my Wii and ended up letting my younger sister have it.(I also owned a 360 since its release.)
          I had gotten my hopes up for the Wii U until I saw the ugly ass controller and lack of good exclusives. Plus the fact that the system isn’t even comparable in stats to the current gen consoles while it claims to be next gen. And I’m not the only person to feel this way. I do not know one person in real life that owns a Wii U or even would consider buying one. Face it bro, Nintendo is done and good riddance.
          P.S. I loved the gameboy as well but the DS ruined the entire experience by trying to take something simple and fun and make it complex and uninteresting.

        • Batman

          I don’t think Nintendo should die, it should just scrap the WiiU and make a Gamecube 2.0 or something of the like. Sony’s gimmick is more of the “share” button that everyone is talking about. They just want an extra screen because the WiiU has one. You can obviously tell it was a last-minute, “WE NEED TO COPY NINTENDO!” move by the PR department.

    • Jak Frost

      Thats why the wii destroyed xbox and ps3 they are better but nintendo won the console and the handheld race a long time ago buddy ):

      • Varteras

        Destroyed by whose standards? If you take the number of consoles sold this generation and compare them to the last two generations you’ll see that Nintendo’s supposedly crushing victory was far from it. If you want to talk about destroying the competition then look at what Sony did with the Playstation and Playstation 2 when compared to the others. Now THAT was destruction. The Wii owes a tremendous amount of its success, if not all of it, to novelty and price point that helped it initially soar. The second half of this generation was brutal for Nintendo as far as consoles were concerned. I don’t share the OP’s sentiment about Nintendo but to make it seem like Nintendo dominated is to have a rather questionable view of what constitutes domination in this industry. I mean no offense, by the way.

        • frayzure

          And when the other systems are out and priced, the wii u will rake in money like the wii did because it’s the cheaper system.

    • Wndwkr

      Yea, the ds was s*** that’s why it sold over 150 million units…..

    • Levi

      Nintendo are an amazing company that definitely don’t need to die. They have the best console exclusives in my opinion, for range and pure quality. They cater to their fans more than Sony and Microsoft. Yes they are having a tough time appeasing anyone other than a casual gamer but is it really there fault that third party supporters are unwilling to embrace the technological ingenuity Nintendo offers?

      • dethfuse

        You clearly don’t own a PS3. I have enjoyed my PS3 every moment that I have owned it. There are tons of high end exclusives constantly coming out. The PS Plus is amazing and gives me tons of games and content, and is still cheaper than Xbox Live.

        As far as it goes, Nintendo’s exlusives are all aimed at little kids. What every happened to Metroid Prime? Or the fact that we only get one Super Smash Bros. per console.

        Blaming the third parties for not making games? Maybe because nobody sees the iphone as a controller as a good idea for a game console. Or the incredibly small hard drive?

        • Levi

          No I admit I never have owned a PS3. I bought a Wii on release date and later an Xbox 360 and I don’t want to get in a whole console war between those two consoles. Metroid Prime games aren’t necessarily dead forever? Little kids only? I happen to love playing zelda or mario kart, yes little kids can play them too and in my opinion that was a smart buisness move by Nintendo, unfortunately it has been exploited. Remember when the xbox came out, and it had 20GB max. Ye, trust me, theres going to be bigger hard drives released. The motion controls were far from perfect but they were also ahead of their time and if you really wanted, the hardcore games could be played on a pro controller or something, I forget the name. And as far as tons of high end exclusives coming out for the PS3, that’s a lie. Yes you have a lot, a lot more than Microsoft, but a lot of them have dwindled in quality over the years. One super smash bros each generatoin ye, what is the problem? You still play it right? Look at COD, one a year and all but one of the games originally released on this current generation. In the next generation will it attract people as much as a new super smash bros? I highly doubt it

  • Alter

    needs its own games instead …. remake the old games you dum sh-its

  • Atomic Gumshoe

    As a business nintendo is crashing itself into the ground. I think they could be possibly be the first console manufacturer to go out of business since sega. Unless Microsoft really does ban used games, then I think this will be their last generation.

    • Varteras

      Considering the way the industry is going this could very well be the last generation of consoles as we’ve known them, period. It will more or less be simply because technology has taken us in that direction and not because used games were blocked. Besides, everyone had better get used to it. Digital distribution is only going to become a larger part of the industry and physical copies will become an almost insignificant portion of it.

      Having nearly everything downloaded or streamed means Gamestop can kiss their used-games market goodbye along with any real profits from being a traditional store and none of the console manufacturers will have to worry about being singled out for forcefully blocking used games.

    • Mrleelongi

      Uh, hello, Sony’s cerdit rating has been reduced to junk status since November of last year. Overall, the entire company is bleeding money (gaming included). If anyone falls out, it’ll be Sony.

      Nintendo isn’t anywhere close to being in danger of falling. They have a bank account of about $11 billion!

      Everyone on the internet thinks they know it all… -_-‘

      • dethfuse

        Thanks for showing the internet that you are a retard and don’t know crap about crap. We thank you. Now isn’t time for you to go to school kid?

        • EastOfTheAnduin

          Everything he said was true. Why exactly does that mean that he “don’t know crap about crap”? You saying the Wii was a worthless console because you owned one, for less than 6 months and comparing the Wii U GamePad to an iPhone goes to show that you are the one who “don’t know crap about crap”.

          In Nov. Sony had it’s Fitch credit rating dropped to bb- or “Junk” status. That’s three steps lower than investment grade. Just a couple weeks ago S&P downgraded Sony’s rating to BBB+, the third lowest rating they have and they have plans to drop it even further. In 2012 Sony stock fell 40%, which was even worse than… Nintendo.

          Nintendo has approximately 10 billion dollars in CASH tucked away in their war chest. So what part of Mrleelongi’s statement was SO wrong that you felt the need to call him names?

  • Gil Garcia

    It’s a total misfire. I work at a GameStop, so I constantly have to deal with customers not knowing the difference between the Wii and the WiiU. They botched the name firstly. It’s not going to succeed if the demographic that they strive for thinks the WiiU is just another Wii peripheral. I think these games will likely not matter since the console tripped at the starting gate.

    • Rob Keyes

      That’s a good point that a lot of industry analysts cite, the name itself is confusing and gives the idea that it’s not actually a new console, but some extensions or gimmick.

      What a dumb mistake, just on the title.

      • frayzure

        Real problem is that people are too lazy to actually look up information on anything these days. It seems like the majority of us are flocks of sheep that herded by social media.

    • Varteras

      Definitely. The Wii U is a great example of a company dropping the marketing ball. Nintendo just seemed to think it didn’t need to inform people both leading up to launch and afterwards. I’ve heard more about the next Sony console in the last week than I did about the Wii U for months leading up to its launch.

      It also doesn’t help that the Wii U barely qualifies as a next generation console. Anyone who doesn’t know any better would swear the Wii U was just a late addition to the competition between 360 and PS3. I do believe that Nintendo has completely shot themselves in the foot. They will once again find their console left out of the high profile offerings from third parties and the novelty of motion-sensitive control is not only no longer a big deal but also not their own little field to play in anymore.

      When you add onto that a price point that will likely prove too high when compared to the value of the upcoming competition, a launch line-up that was significantly less than stellar, and a touch screen controller that despite being neat really feels like Nintendo is just trying to jam innovation down your throat now… I don’t know. I just don’t see Nintendo doing well at all this time. Their only hope would be for Sony and Microsoft to totally blow it.

  • BMO

    Nintendo won’t die they are literally swimming in money at the moment after the major success that was the wii, they could survive through 9 virtuals boy flops and they’ll still be kicking, but i am getting pretty mad that people still think its not next gen, its bull s***, does anyone remember the 306 or ps3 the launch title were shit and barely looked like they are today cough, cough RIDGE RACER cough,give wii u time it will shine and nussle its place in gaming society with all the other next gen systems, and people that said that there advertise was crap, well yeah, because there were no great quality games they can advertise, what do u want them to do pull off one of those ps3 with that creep f***en baby, mark my words after e3 i betcha theyll advertise the crap out of wind waker hd, 3d mario, retro studios title and mario kart u, long with a bucket load of 3rd parties, nintendo got cash to burn i have a feeling there gonna publish a few 3rd party game and keep them exclusive on there console.

  • jeff b

    “Worse” not “Worst”

    • Rob Keyes


  • EastOfTheAnduin

    Was the Wii U launch less than optimal? You bet. Is The Wii U dead? Is Nintendo doooomed? No. Not yet. Watch Dogs and Destiny are not going to save the Wii U. The only thing that will save the Wii U is Nintendo. They have to bring the games. They need to get out their heavy hitters. They need their system sellers, the Brawls, the Karts, the Metroids, the Zeldas, the Partys. The must-play games that you can’t get anywhere else.

    The same thing happened with the 3ds. Who wanted to buy a new, expensive system to play Steel Diver? Nobody, that’s who. However, once the games started picking up some steam, people started noticing. The Wii U definately stumbled out of the gate. Hell, most of the games I was looking forward to at “launch” aren’t even out yet! But, it’s FAR to early for Doom and Gloom. Just wait a little bit. They still have ALL their A games in reserves. They have Bayonetta 2, X and Retro’s new game all in the pipeline too. Yes, the launch kinda sucked. Yes, it really sucks waiting. But I still think the wait will be worth it.

    • ios

      Sorry,but who from the main stream market cares about Bayonetta 2 or any other hardcore title ??? Sure we gamers do,but we are not most and we are not the market !

      I love that Big N is a very creative company,but the Wii U is really nothing new !
      I could do the same what it does now with the Gamecube back in the day !
      Most people forgot you could connect your GBA to it ! Same principle as now!

      Don’t get me wrong,I love their Games,but I have to say,this time they didn’t do very well ! I just wish they wake up soon,and dod something about it !

      • Dante

        Yep, I connected a GBA and a GB SP to my GameCube to play FF Crystal Chronicles.

        Unlike other folks on here I don’t think Big N is down & out – they are hurting right now and a kick to the ribs by Sony and getting spit in the face by Ubisoft ain’t helping.

      • Batman

        lol! exclamation point! dafuq did i just read! grammar! lol!

  • Mrleelongi

    Wii U is a jump past the 360 and PS3. The PS4 and Nextbox will be steps past the Wii U. Not big steps that will make Wii U another Wii incident.

    Also I hate Sony and Microsoft for creating a generation of … that misuse terms. Next-gen does not translate to uber power jump. No it’s a company’s next console offering. The two also gave us a generation of graphic “nerds” (I have a worse term but I don’t want to start anything). Yes I’ll admit that graphics are important but not as important as gameplay, and there are plenty examples of preety games with ass awful gameplay. Graphics didn’t save those games, now did they?

    • Rob Keyes

      I have all three consoles but I can’t say Wii U is a jump past the PS3/X360, at least not yet. It doesn’t have better tech, better features or better software and its sales and attach rates as as low as ever.

    • Varteras

      You mean other than the fact that since pretty much the beginning of the industry the next generation was signaled by substantial graphical increases in which Sony and Microsoft have only continued and not created? In which Nintendo was actually still a part of until this new generation assuming that the Wii U doesn’t surprise us? You can’t blame people for being used to that expectation when its the way it has been for a long time.

      Visuals may not be as important as gameplay but the fact remains that game designers still want to push the envelop with visuals and when they have to make a choice between creating a game on one system or two systems because one of them wasn’t packing the same power under the hood as the other two options they’re going to go for two for greater market penetration. Visuals may not be important on a per-game basis but they are a big determining factor for which games get released on what. That is why the Wii’s library struggled last gen and why it looks like it will struggle again. Only this time people don’t seem to have the same confidence in Nintendo.

      • Dante

        Nintendo certainly never cared about graphics…LOL

        NES – Upgrade the Atari graphics
        SNES – Upgrade NES graphics
        N64 – Upgrade SNES graphics
        GameCube – The most powerful console of its’ time and an upgrade to N64 Graphics.


    • frayzure

      ^ LIKE

  • ios

    Its very simple,as long as I can play those Games on my Xbox or PS3..why buy another system for the same game ???
    Really no need !

    What they need most are exclusives that take advantage over there unique hardware..if it would be so unique !

    But nobody nearly makes exclusives anymore,the cost are just too high to release your game on a single system !
    Big N lives again behind the times,like most Japanese companies these days !

    They need Mario,Zelda,a new Metroid..they need NEW IP’s !!!
    People get slowly tired of all the same old ! I mean,I love their games,but come on ..create some new stuff please !

    • Rob Keyes

      Very true, they need to delivering NEW and innovative games for their core roster of characters and doing it more often. But like you say, they definitely need NEW IPs as well.

      I’m shocked that they’ve still not created multiple home console franchises of the Pokemon.

      • Dante

        Y’know that is one of my biggest shocks too…

        I am firmly of the opinion that Big N should embrace the moniker of Casuals & kids Only – even if this was just initially untrue – it is a path to real success.

        Buy the Skylander franchise not Platinum Games like gamers suggest.
        Pokemon everywhere, home console, 3DS, mobile, free to play – crossover with Skylanders?
        Mascot Time – Mario, Zelda, Samus, DK, and all aimed at kids.

        All of that and Nintendo wins by being the sole competitor in a field of their own making.

        • frayzure

          Samus is not aimed at kids….they don’t possess the attention span to sit there and play any of the metroid games.

  • mugen009

    What’s most frustrating about nintendo for me right now is that they would have had the wii u in developement for couple years, but going by what they have said themselve they have the development of core nintendo titles such as zlda, smash bros and 3d mario till late statge. Meaning no release of their biggest sellers within consoles first year is baffling to be honest

  • Michael

    If this keeps up a few years time we are finally going to get Mario on Playstation just so Nintendo can stay afloat!

    • dethfuse


    • Batman

      At least it isn’t on any apple products yet. I hate app/phone gaming so much. It irks me to no end to see 3 year olds a restaurant who are playing “cut the dope” and “temple run”.