Bungie Unveils ‘Destiny': Details, Footage & Concept Art Spotlight an ‘MMO-like’ FPS

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Unceremoniously leaked last November as an ambitious current- and next-generation RPG adventure set within a brand new universe from the creators of Halo, Bungie’s Destiny has officially — and more thoroughly — been unveiled today after weeks of teasing and a recent viral-website countdown to February 17th.

From the in-depth developer diary above to official concept art and details below, here’s what we learned.

Privy to the plot premise when it leaked last November, many fans already have a rough notion of Desinty’s space-faring story. The developer diary released on Bungie’s homepage today elaborates even further. Entitled “Pathways Out of Darkness,” it tells of how Earth, once living in a Golden Age of interstellar space travel, was eventually ravaged by an outerworldy threat. Existing records know little about the event — only that Earth found last-minute salvation from a mysterious, colossal sphere known as “The Traveler,” which now hovers, silent and inert, closely above its surface.

Destiny begins with humanity’s last vestiges struggling to survive and reclaim their place in the galaxy, and the trailer reveals much about how this design shapes the enormous game universe. Strange and deadly creatures inhabit humanity’s old worlds, plotting and preparing to enact our extinction. Ostensibly these worlds, when traveled to, will serve as our touchstone for exploring Destiny’s diverse and sprawling environments, battling its unique alien adversaries and progressively restoring our civilization’s power.

Destiny Details Revealed Bungie

Players will take on the role of a “Guardian” of Earth’s Last City, imbued by the overhanging Traveler with an assortment of special powers. According to details provided to Polygon, these powers will vary among at least 3 customizable classes: the Titan, a heavily outfitted soldier well-attuned for front-line combat; the Hunter, a stealth-oriented sniper; and the Warlock, a lightly-armed warrior who instead wields powerful magic. The site also reports that Destiny will be an “MMO-like” first-person shooter — one that Bungie describes as a “shared-world shooter,” and one that Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg says blends inspirations from Halo (regarding its FPS component), EVE Online (regarding its sandbox atmosphere) and any contemporary MMO (regarding its persistent, continuously evolving universe).

The final minute of the Destiny documentary even provides a first taste of in-game footage. Sweeping, overhead shots of a majestic city, a derelict space installation and a frigid ice planet tease the scope of the prodigious project while a quick flash of first-person gameplay shows soldiers racing towards an apparent Stargate-esque portal. While instantly impressive, it is all affixed with a work-in-progress label. And as a game confirmed to be slated for next generation consoles as well as the Xbox 360, and PS3, we expect far more beauty to behold in the latter stages. That said, the lack of a PC version is sorely missed.

Until then, though, the concept art released today by Bungie — and interspersed throughout the video — expands on last year’s leaked materials in establishing the game’s visual direction. Destiny might be something “completely new” compared to Halo, according to composer Martin O’Donnell, but the studio’s ability to conceive captivating and compelling new worlds doesn’t seem to have changed one bit:

While story and general concepts comprised the crux of Destiny’s unveiling today, several of the previews that appeared online have also revealed some intriguing, but as of now unexplained features. Competitive multiplayer will be component of gameplay (this is a studio that developed Halo for a decade, lest we forget), according to Polygon, although Bungie’s Pete Parsons claims it won’t separate players from the main world. iOS support will allow players to interact with Destiny through Apple’s various devices — and not just for retrieving statistical updates, says Parsons, but for “meaningful activities that allow you to have a great window into the world.”

And as ambitious as the initial details outlined for Destiny may be, Bungie faces the immediate, imposing challenge of growing the game over an extremely extensive lifespan. Remember: This is only the first of many Destinys; whether it launches in late 2013 or in 2014, Bungie is under contract with publisher Activision to release four separate installments of the game at a biennial rate. How this will shape the Destiny universe is something its developers aren’t even certain of. How it will shape the Bungie business model remains to be announced. Currently, Bungie claims to have no plan in place for a subscription model, the preferred monetary method of some MMOs, but wouldn’t speak to anything regarding microtransactions or DLC.

Ranters, we’ve endured months waiting get a fuller look at Destiny. It’s here. What do you think of the epic new universe Bungie is beginning to build?

Destiny will release on the Xbox 360, PS3, and unspecified next-generation platforms. It was originally believed to be targeting a late-2013 launch, but now appears slated for some period in 2014.

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Sources: Bungie, Polygon

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  • satan

    All I can say, is that I hope It plays as amazing as it looks to me right now. (:
    I’ve got high hopes for this new franchise.

    • John

      I hope they bring something unique to the table with this game. I’m already anxious to see more of it.

    • Dovahkiin

      For some reason I see dust except more of a RPG sort of experience. I Hope it has the companion apps for various devices like you see in the video.

  • Zach Rivera

    Oh my God…yes.

  • Nathan Nichols

    I’m curious as to how similar or dissimilar this game will be to Planetside. I have a good feeling that the graphical fidelity of this game will be amazing but, have you seen Planetside with Physx? Mother of god…

  • Cyryl


    …MAYBE this will become what Halo was SUPPOSED TO BE.

    Maybe Bungie won’t sell this franchise out to another, larger company and screw us PC players over this time.

    Maybe Nvida/Destiny graphics card commercials will be as hilarious as the Nvidia/Halo commercials were back in the days of the Nvidia GeForce 2 GTS. (LOL!)


    I =AM= definitively excited about this…though I’ve not been given any specific reason to be other than a few short interview excerpts and some terrain footage.

    My intuition is telling me that maybe there’s something to this.

    • jwalka

      they’re making it for activision so technically they have sold out since they’re locked at making 3 or so games plus DLC for this series which activision owns 😛

      • luke perry glover

        actually bungie gets to keep everything it makes on this contract. they maintain sole ownership of the series.

  • DaftBasterd

    Soooooooooooooo Halo?

  • ANON

    Just gonna say. did everyone forget that bungie sold out and no longer exists? or are people just retarded?

    • Tomas

      They actually didn’t. This Game seems really intricate. But with the complex structure its soon going to endure I feel like its going to take longer to fully develop. Other then that I cant wait. :)

    • luke perry glover

      that is wrong as well. bungie had financial issues so they were bought by microsoft, then after halo 3 bungie was doing well enough that tgey split off from microsoft, but a lot of their employees did join 343 industries.

  • Varteras

    I don’t know why but for some reason I am really excited about this. However, I’ll wait to jump on the train until I’ve been given a lot more solid information.

  • Radeno

    i hope PC release is true

    • http://gamerant.com Riley Little

      It’s not, sadly. Destiny is only scheduled for Xbox 360, PS3, and next-gen consoles. :(

      • Varteras

        In the Eurogamer article talking about this reveal Bungie’s COO Pete Parsons said, “We would absolutely love to be on the PC. If you talk to the people upstairs, we play it on all platforms. So, stay tuned.” when asked about a PC version. So it may not officially be coming to the PC right now but based on that comment alone that should offer plenty of hope for it.

      • Radeno

        i see :( ,although it should release for pc too,i want to see maximal graphic for pc version

        • Ken J


          Why would they? They could charge more money to a crowd with lower standards… Makes perfect business sense to me…

          • Levi

            Since when have console owners had lower standards on games than PC gamers?

          • Ken J


            Since you guys love games dumbed down to work on 4 buttons. Since you were willing to accept only 720p resolution with no anti-aliasing. Since you were willing to accept blurry textures because the consoles don’t have enough graphics memory. Since you guys consider bump-mapping as a revolutionary graphics technology. Since you consider the best games the ones that are extremely linear and treat the gamers like they’re too stupid to figure things out on their own… Then as a cherry on top, you guys are willing to shell out $20-$30 more for these attributes…

          • Levi

            @ KenJ
            You seem to be making a lot of assumptions there, so im gonna make one about you, PC elitist right? The graphics aren’t as great as my gaming laptop but it’s still HD and one huge improvment on what I use to play so I don’t cry myself to sleep about it. Controller having 4 buttons? Were not playing the NES here. All my console games come with a nice disk and case that I can take over to my friends house for a game. My PC games are so DRM heavy I expect the FBI to raid the place every time I sign in to my steam account on my friends computer. Linear console games? Yed there are many generic games but a lot are available on PC and are rarely better, usually worse. Only the graphics are better with develpoers giving poor ports. RPG’s work better, i’ll give you that. But console exclusives such as Halo, PC gamers have been crying out for that series back on PC for years. PC’s pack a huge punch that’s misused because developers never take PC games seriously, so I think that PC gamers lose out just as much as console users

          • Levi

            Sorry for sending it twice, phone said it hadn’t sent the first time and I didn’t notice it had when i replied here on the laptop

          • Ken J


            Not you specifically, just the gaming culture now. And I know not everyone notices differences in graphics as much as I do, but for me, it’s not just a “little” different, I notice the difference A LOT. And yes it’s not only about the graphics, I have mentioned many other things besides graphics, but right now that’s the topic. For me, poor graphics kills the immersiveness of games. Playing Batman: Arkham City on my friend’s PS3, I swear my eyes were going to bleed. I was so distracted by just how terrible everything looked I couldn’t pay attention to the game. And it’s a great game, I played it all the way through on my PC. Brilliant game in terms of gameplay, voice acting, script, everything…

            And sure it’s not only 4 buttons. Obviously I’m exaggerating. But you definitely are limited to the functionality of games deeper than run around killing things games. For example, a game like the old school Rainbow Six, you took control of up to four fireteams. And sometimes timing is everything. I can plan for one fireteam to proceed through the building until they reach a certain door, then they will wait until I give them the go. Then another team will go to a different door and wait, and the third might be providing overwatch, and my fireteam will be at a third location. There would be all separate buttons where you can give different go-codes for different parts of the mission, so there’s no need to navigate through a menu or anything since the entire keyboard is at my disposal. When it’s time to tell teams 1 and 2 to breach, I can just hit 1 button, then to tell team 3 to engage targets, I hit another, then to have my team proceed through the entrance, I press a third, all in quick succession so we can surprise the bad guys before they have time to react and kill the hostages. Commands like cease fire, take cover, fire at will, go silenced, etc. are also all separate buttons so they can be given quickly if the situation changes suddenly on you.

            That scenario is practically impossible to do on a controller, so any game trying to be “tactical” on a console will really not be. You’ll get the new-school Rainbow Six games made by Ubisoft where it’s super linear and a lot of events are scripted.

            The same can be said for RPG’s or strategy games. I think if you try to say that the controller is not limited compared to the mouse and keyboard, you’re only lying to yourself.

            And I have no clue what you’re talking about Steam and the police raiding your house. The log-in is there for a reason, to verify that it’s you. I’ve logged in to Steam from other computers without ever encountering a problem. Although not sure if I want to download my games onto their computer… For that, there’s cloud gaming like Onlive…

            And you’re 100% right about PC gamers getting the shaft right now, but that leads me right back to my original statement. Game developers know they can make more profit with console gamers because they can spend less time developing a game for a console and then turn around and charge $10-$30 more for it than they would have been able to on the PC. So yes, we’ve been getting a whole lot of crappy ports. Ubisoft is the worst offender in this… Releasing buggy console ports on the PC, it’s never worth buying a game for the PC made by Ubisoft… Luckily for me, I think most of their games are crap. I know a lot of people like their stuff, but they’re not at all my cup of tea so far. Their Rainbow Six games are garbage, no more realistic tactical shooters, just the typical run and gun garbage dressed up in a “tacticool” disguise… No thanks… Their Ghost Recon games are complete crap compared to the old school original ones made by Redstorm as well…

            Right now I’m waiting for ARMA III. Games like that, and the original Operation Flashpoint, you might not appreciate them like I do, but they are games you will never find on consoles, and I enjoy the hell out of those types of games… I’ve played through the entire campaign of the original Operation Flashpoint probably 4 times already. And since it’s completely open-ended, I’ll find new, and sometimes hilarious, ways to complete every mission… Something you rarely find on console games unfortunately… Most of the big name games are so linear, you can play it through 3 times and all 3 times will be identical. No reason at all to play through a game more than once anymore…

          • Levi

            No offence but I think you really need to see past the graphics thing. I know kinect was a huge waste of money but I really like how its used for voice commands in skyrim and mass effect 3 (although i have not tried it in that game) which do help bridge that gap on RPG and tactical combat games between controller and keyboard and mouse. The elite will always use a keyboard and mouse, but the gap between elite and hardcore gamer isn’t as wide as it used to be. Have you ever played Dragon Age: Origins? Great game in my opinion and the controller didn’t limit it in my opinion. Steam I am obviously over exaggerating but I do hate how DRM heavy things are on PC, as I know many PC gamers do. But it sucks going to a friends house and not been able to play because you need to install the game on their PC etc, consoles will always win in the aspect of plug in and play. I know onlive seems cool but i think its a little expensive for a new service that could fail, I hope it doesn’t, but if it does, boom everything is gone, cloud based anything only works whilst the servers stay active. I really like the new ghost recon although it doesn’t feel like ghost recon. I would prefer my ghost recon games back and future soldier being only a spin off. I just played witcher 2 on xbox this weekend and that is definitely a game I will be running through to complete again, as are most of my RPG games, replayability is great. Even COD black ops 2 tried to add in a little replayability this time. All hands up for Crytek, they love the PC fans, and CDPROJEKTRED too, really good developers. Ubisoft games I only play on xbox, i recently purchased splinter cell convisction on the PC only to find i had to use uplay and the game was broken etc, who seriously releases a game with a fault in the install files and instead of fixing it in the original download expects the customers to fix it?
            p.s. You forgot the new Rome Total War, should be the best strategy game ever!

          • Ken J


            “And yes it’s not only about the graphics, I have mentioned many other things besides graphics, but right now that’s the topic.”

            Sorry, I’m not much for repeating myself…

            And I’m sorry, people who think picking up a controller and playing some mainstream game makes them a “hardcore gamer” are just patting themselves on the back. You can try to paint me as the “elitist” all you want, I just don’t feel like spending more money on a game and getting less quality. I think that just makes me a smart consumer. But call it whatever you want. :-)

          • Ken J


            BTW, I’ve tried the new Splinter Cell game, actually kind of crappy in my opinion… And Onlive I really only have a few games on that, and got both at $1 each. Saint’s Row The Third and Deus Ex Human Revolution… I don’t really care about playing games at friend’s house, because I tend to pay attention to my friends while I’m there… I play games when I’m at home, not when I’m in the company of friends, lol. But I do miss the old split-screen days of Goldeneye 64, lol.

          • Levi

            That’s really cheap for some great games there, every time i have viewed onlive games seem to to console prices, only cheap to rent. I think there is a fair few hardcore gamers who play on consoles, yes the average person buying 3 AAA titles a year and nly playing them doesn’t count but I currently have over 80 games on my xbox 360 alone, not including downloads and I know for a fact there is people with much more than me. By the way I do no consider myself a hardcore gamer, just someone who spends way too much on games. Goldeneye was crazy, loved that thing, even though I was really yonug playing that, I’m only 17 now so i don’t remember too many 64 games but goldeneye, mario kaart, super smash bro etc, they were the best. I actually feel a little better about splinter cell now, i was really annoyed because I loved those games. Sorry for calling you an elitist it’s just that some guys who play PC are completely unwilling to recognise games consoles even to a point where it’s stupidity

          • Ken J


            No problem man, I know I can come off like that, but I’m just a bit defensive when it comes to the whole PC/Console thing because us PC gamers have been getting the shaft lately thanks to console gaming being so popular with the new gamers now…

            My taste in games is kind of specific. There are a lot of games that people like that I simply cannot stand. Most of the games I like are games that won’t translate well onto a controller. You can play games with controllers on the PC as well. They sell adaptors to use the PS3 controller and the Xbox controller plugs right in and works as far as I know. But like I said, the games I play don’t really translate well to that control scheme.

            But I do have an Xbox and a Wii. I bought the Xbox for $60, it was broken, but a $5 fix fixed it. I got it ONLY for Forza Motorsport 4. I LOVE that game… And if there was a Xbox exclusive game that I like enough, I would buy it. But honestly, none of the Xbox exclusive titles have impressed me much… I have the Wii because you can’t get Mario, Metroid, Zelda, and all of those games anywhere else. And I love those games…

            And if someone would call me up tomorrow and say they hooked up the old N64 and will be having a Goldeneye party at their house, I will be on my way before I hang up the phone… 😀

        • Ken J

          Just wait for Cyberpunk 2077 if you want a good RPG/fps for the PC… It’ll probably be better than this anyway…

          • Radeno

            yeah i agree,cyberpunk 2077 it’s gonna be epic in PC,very promising game,from the trailer nya it’s feel like blade runner movie setting XD

          • Levi

            Making a lot of assumptions about me there KenJ, I do happen to be a console gamer but I also own a gaming laptop, so I get the best of both. yes the graphics arent as good on my console. Does it bother me to a game breaking extent? No, im not a spoilt child. Controllers having 4 buttons? You know what console generation is currenty out right? I know you probably havent looked at a games console since the NES came out. All my console games comes with a disk that I can play in my friends house. All my pc games are digital download with enough DRM that I assume FBI will storm my house everytime I log onto steam at a friends. Linear games? Must I remind you that most console games are available on pc and.the exclusives such as halo may be linear, but pc gamers have been crying out for that franchise back for years. As a pc elitist I doubt you’re taking this seriously at all but fact of the matter is consoles are taken more seriously than pc games so all that power to overperform is misused due to lack of seriousness off developers

          • Jak Frost

            We know nothing about cyber punk at all how could you know is there more information on it besides a teaser trailer

          • Ken J


            Because it’s not made by the people behind Halo, instead is made by the people behind The Witcher, who seem to be a developer who cares more about releasing a quality product that churning out as many crappy titles as possible to make a buck…

            Not saying Bungie is like that, but for us PC gamers, we know how the Halo games are. For me, they are just WAY too repetitive. I honestly don’t see what’s so innovative about the Halo games… I’d much rather play the shooters we USED TO GET back in the glory days of PC gaming like the old Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, Operation Flashpoint, and Half Life… Please notice I said OLD Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon, don’t think I’m saying the GARBAGE Ubisoft released under those names are good. They used to be made by a company called Redstorm, that was bought out by Ubisoft…

  • Gallifreyanjedi

    That was kind of really vague. But I’m excited. I’m hoping for a PC release as well. Especially since they want the game to have the game stick around for like 10 years. That could beat out the consoles life-span.

  • Dovahkiin

    I hope GR is correct on the ps3/orbis release.

    • http://gamerant.com Riley Little

      Yep. It’s coming to PS3 and, presumably, the PlayStation 4.

  • Rebanks

    I figured Bungie was gonna make a game that resembled the look of Halo. And I was right.

  • http://gamerant.com Rob Keyes

    But… butttt… can I fly ships or walk around them with the other players supposedly on it with me?


    • Varteras

      You shut your dirty mouth and be happy with what you get! 😛