‘Destiny’ Won’t Let Players Trade or Sell Loot

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Destiny Players Can't Trade Loot

Even though there’s still a few days left before the launch of Destiny – on current-gen and last-gen platforms – developer Bungie seems pretty adamant about letting the game speak for itself. They’ve  done their due diligence, even releasing a launch trailer for the game and teasing a few previously unknown features and modes, and now they want the game to speak for itself on September 9th. Since Destiny is all about discovery, Bungie prefers that gamers learn the ins and outs of their upcoming game first hand.

That doesn’t mean that Bungie can’t answer a question here or there, however; in fact, the devs are still regularly engaging with fans where possible, more specifically in their regular weekly updates. This week’s Bungie update, for example, included confirmation that a feature many hoped would be in the game will not be in Destiny at launch.

While many gamers had hoped that they might be able to trade or swap in-game items for Destiny, Bungie has confirmed that no such feature will be available. They believe that the armor, weapons, and trinkets that players unlock along the way are the hard earned spoils of war, and therefore should be treasured by their original owners.

In Bungie’s mind, every unlocked item carries a story, and they want players to think back on those adventures when they look at a specific helmet, cape or sniper rifle. To us, that sounds like Bungie simply trying to justify why a trading feature isn’t in the game, but it’s a nice sentiment nonetheless.

As for swapping irons in the Tower? Nope. We want you to earn ‘em. You should be able to tell a badass story for every sweet jewel in your arsenal. Once you earn them, the various Guardians under your account will be able to trade them, but weapons belong to the players who acquire them through action and bravery.

Destiny Beta Features 4 Story Chapters

Granted, there are many reasons why Bungie might not want a trading option in Destiny, but making sure players value their trinkets doesn’t seem like a very justifiable one. Had Bungie said they wanted to preserve the balance in the game or even that the feature is on their list for a post-release patch, we might have had an easier time accepting this disappointing news. As it stands, Bungie is missing a feature that, while not essential, helps create a friendly community in MMO-like experiences.

However, if gamers voice their concerns loud enough it’s entirely possible that Bungie might add the feature in later down the road. We wouldn’t go so far as to say they might also include an auction house for in-game items – Diablo 3 has taught us many lessons about the dangers of real money auction houses – but some way to share items with friends would be nice.

How do you feel about Destiny not including an item-trading feature? Do you think Bungie should work on patching in such a feature down the road?

Destiny releases September 9, 2014 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie

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  • MetaruSonikku

    To be honest, I like how they worded it. Although, there are a lot of gamers who don’t care about the sentimental value of things in video games, and those are the ones who would use the system to it’s fullest. I’m not one of them though. So, the lack of trading doesn’t bother me, but I see why others would be a little upset about it.

  • Joe

    What?! Canceling my pre-order!! Oh, wait… Destiny? Never mind, I don’t care about that crap when I get link in Mario kart!

  • bdrex

    Old thread but my 2 cents, I actually want some sort of trading feature. At the very least being able to drop a weapon so a fire team member could pick it up as it is in Borderlands would be a nice feature. No I do not like players “buying” their way into some awesome gear, that feels like cheating to me, but I don’t think spreading your loot out around your team is a bad thing at all. In fact, I’d say that’s the very definition of team work for team pay.

  • Josh

    Destiny needs to add a trading feature. At least between friends. If I pick up an exotic from another class that I’m not using, but my friend is, I should be able to give them that item.

  • Joey

    Thats stupid. Noone is getting their items from battle and war. They are buying it from Xur. TAKE OUT XUR AND ADD PLAYER TRADING YOU HYPOCRITES

  • http://gamerant.com tony

    Destiny is a amazing game…but it could be better. Bungee can at least add a trading system with YOUR friends and none of that by armor with real money. I mean bungee is scared that u won’t earn your stuff but wont u need good stuff to get good stuff?So I say bungee please add a trading system