Bungie Responds To Concerns Over Size of ‘Destiny’ Locations

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Destiny is one of the most hotly anticipated titles of 2014. Lauded from its announcement as a chance to see what a new generation of consoles could offer, Bungie’s epic sci-fi multiplayer shooter was once promised to “rewrite the FPS rulebook.” Activision certainly agreed with that statement. The publisher reached deep into its pockets for the $500 million development and promotion cost, and even predicted that Destiny would become the best-selling new IP in video game history.

Recently, gamers have had their first chance to see whether Destiny has lived up to its, well, destiny. A closed beta ran for pre-order customers last week, comprising of four story levels, four multiplayer maps and one Strike mission. Bungie had put plenty of effort into the beta, seeing it as a “first date” with gamers and the first step towards earning the right to make Destiny into a franchise.

Reaction to the beta has been generally positive. However, some concerns were raised by players, mainly over the size of the game’s locations. The beta took place in an on-Earth section called Old Russia, and Bungie confirmed in a recent Twitch stream that this would be the only playable Earth location in the initial release of the game. With Destiny taking place in four playable locations — Earth, the Moon, Venus and Mars — questions were raised as to whether the beta took place in a quarter of the game’s universe.

Destiny Official Beta Dates

Bungie have been quick to calm these concerns, however. Bungie community manager Eric “Urk” Osborne responded to a NeoGAF thread on the issue of Destiny’s size. “Destiny’s pretty big,” he said. “It’s the biggest game we’ve ever made, by far.” He also called back to Bungie’s history, citing that the developer is “known for making games you can play for months, years, and even decades.”

Osborne also explained that Destiny was set to exceed the “scope and breadth of activities” of previous Bungie titles. “We want Destiny to have super long legs,” he continued. It looks as though Destiny will not only have competitive multiplayer maps and modes as additional content, but co-operative content as well. “We were only ever able to cater to the competitive set,” said Osborne on Halo. “That left a lot of players out in the cold.” Instead, they plan to make Destiny “support every type of player, and all modes with ongoing activities and events.”

Aside from Osborne’s comments, the rumor mill has more to allay fears over the size of Destiny. According to this Reddit thread, based on since-deleted information taken from the game’s beta build, Destiny will have 32 story missions. Although this has not been confirmed officially, that certainly gives players a little to play around with — with additional Strike missions and raids to look forward to as well.  In the meantime, those interested in a look at Destiny post-beta can see this 1080p Xbox One footage.

Destiny will be released on September 9 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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  • Dext

    My worry about this, as is similar with all other cross-gen games coming out around the launch of the xbox one and ps4, is that they will suffer because of being stuck also on last gen equipment. I seriously hope that’s not the case here, as I am very much looking forward to this game and would hate to see it get stuck behind the tip top constraints of the 360 or ps3.

    • Paul

      The only difference is that the graphics aren;t as pretty on last gen. People need to stop thinking that because a game is on all platforms that it’s going to be held back.

  • Revenant Rioter

    I put in around 5 or so hours in the beta. I made sure I did everything it had to offer. I reached level 8 way before that long though and I did everything before that length as well. I can see it being a immerse experience and it has replayability, but I doubt it’ll be a game that’ll have 100’s hours of content, like you would find in games like the Elder Scrolls. Which is fine. I’m not disappointed at the length since i’m sure it’ll be just the right amount for your average game. However, that 300 million dollars does trouble me. To me, it screams DLC. Which I get the feeling was their plan all along.

    • Biztroyer

      Depends on the player . Me and a lot of other people have put 20 + hours into the beta . I played 2 character and pvp tho .The same will hapen on full game .

  • Baboonballs

    When I first heard about Destiny, I imagined wandering planet’s, searching for things that nobody has seen before. Stumbling scross other people and team’s as the battled giant creature’s. Giving me me options: Do I help them? Do I simply stop and watch? Or do I wait until the monster is weak and they are dead and take the kill? That’s the only thing I was disappointed in. I was expecting a universe and got combined multiplayer maps.

  • Biztroyer

    It s 22 mission btw , might want to check you re info again .