‘Destiny’ PS4 Video Promises to ‘Rewrite the FPS Rulebook’

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Not only have PC gamers been left to deal with the sad news that Bungie’s new sci-fi FPS/RPG mash-up Destiny will only release on consoles, but Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners were also disappointed last year when it was confirmed that the game’s beta would be available on PS3 and PS4 first, with this PlayStation beta release month later confirmed as July 2014.

To herald the upcoming arrival of this beta, Sony has released a new featurette titled “Destiny: Everything You Need to Know,” or alternatively, “Destiny: Rewriting the FPS Rulebook,” which showcases some of the game’s more interesting gameplay elements. This includes optional random encounters with other players, the ability to double jump, and special abilities for each of the three available player classes.

Although we’re still hoping that Destiny will be a pleasant surprise, nothing in this featurette indicates that Bungie is “rewriting the FPS rulebook.” The variations on the double jump and the gunplay have been brought over from the Halo franchise, with several critics who previewed the game commenting on how much it felt like playing Halo. The Titan, Warlock and Hunter are essentially the same warrior, mage and rogue that have appeared in every RPG since RPGs began. Much of what’s been shown – especially the different classes’ special abilities that inflict high damage – looks strongly reminiscent of Borderlands.

Destiny Release Date

The blending together of single player and multiplayer (something else that was done in Borderlands) also seems like it could potentially undermine Destiny‘s central premise that the player is the “Chosen One.” While running across other parties of heroes being controlled by other players is a cool idea, it’s somewhat at odds with the narrative that has been promised. It would be like playing Skyrim and meeting an entire group of Dovahkiins, all of whom think they are the savior that has been prophesied.

The main problem with Destiny right now is its marketing; Bungie is making lots of promises and then failing to back them up with anything concrete in what they’re showcasing. Ostensibly there’s nothing wrong with a game that simply takes the best elements of other games and blends them together, but if that’s what Bungie is doing then it’s a mistake to market Destiny based on claims of innovation.

Activision needs to find a better selling point for Destiny, and the publisher needs to do it fast; the game’s budget is estimated to reach a record-breaking $500 million, which means that an awful lot of copies will need to be sold (or a great many microtransactions made) just to break even.

Destiny releases September 9, 2014 for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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  • Joe

    Meh, not that interested, to be honest.

  • Josh

    Ya it has slowly been losing my interest as they bungie has shown hardly anything of the game and what they have shown is practically the same thing…plus im still mad bungie is favoring sony now even though I switched to pc

  • Shane

    Still interested.

    To me the whole story issue with there being other groups of people isn’t problematic for me. I enjoy the story for what it is, but I do have an understanding of what it means to play with other people too.

    Still excited about the game, and will see what comes up with the Beta. My main concern is the movement since I get motion sickness from a lot of games, and if that happens with this one then I can’t play it (unless I take my dramamine before I start).

  • G

    This is over hyped and will be over-rated by Halo fanboys.

  • COREY_1993

    only thing that upsets me is teh fact its always online…

    • dethfuse

      Is it? I could’ve sworn that they said you could play by yourself.

  • Darren

    Destiny=Titanfall. Overhyped as new and innovative yet really just a lil different twist on what’s come before it. It’ll still be more fun to me than what I found with Titanfall and it’s COD multiplayer only gameplay.

  • dethfuse

    Idk why people keep saying it doesn’t look good. It’s a game melding the fps and mmorpg genres. Its like borderlands except when you walk around the world you see new people everywhere. Like Borderlands meets Defiance. And we know it’s going to have much better gameplay than either since Bungie is making it. Honestly, besides Killzone and Infamous, this is the reason I bought a PS$. And I honestly might pick it up on Xbone as well just to play with my friends over there.

  • Derek

    I agree with the author to a certain extent. Bungie is the master of the slow build-up, however. I entirely expected this from them. We’ve seen so little of the game to make claims about what it’s about just yet. Much of its story and gameplay remains a mystery.

    That being said, here’s what first drew me to Destiny:

    Seamless multiplayer, while not new to the gaming world, has done away from loading screens and lobbies. Now, the world of Destiny will seem to be more real because of the absence of these elements. Bungie has also hinted that the world will be primarily comprised of human players, with NPC’s playing a very limited role in Destiny. What this means – From the ground up, this game has been designed as a consistent online MMO shooter. Expect its scenarios and plots to trigger some great dialogue and story…but primarily from your fellow guardians, not NPC’s or cut scenes. I think this is great. This is the innovation that Bungie has been driving at but has thus far been unable to really strike gold with.

    Human players will be replacing NPC’s. Following that logic…pretty soon human players will be creating story line. Next, creating missions. Next, creating locations, weapons, battle plans, etc. The implications of this first step are truly massive and a bit overwhelming to think about at first. If you fill the game up with consistent objects, tools, maps, etc…who’s to say that players can’t verbally communicate missions to other players to retrieve these, or to create their own politics?