‘Destiny’s PS4-Exclusive Content Coming To Xbox One in Fall 2015?

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As a hugely ambitious RPG and first person shooter from the team behind Halo and with the promise of large scale events taking place in a persistently connected world, Bungie’s upcoming game Destiny is somewhat destined for success. Sony certainly realizes that fact, which is why they’ve teamed up with Bungie to put plenty of PlayStation-only deals in place.

It was a huge story at E3 2014 several weeks ago that a white PS4/Destiny bundle would be launching to commemorate the game’s launch, and PlayStation gamers would even be buoyed by exclusive content from launch and a PlayStation-only beta in the months leading up to it. It’s all of that PlayStation support that Sony and Bungie’s partnership is bringing that quickly became the console manufacturer’s sales pitch for the PS4.

While there are clearly plenty of reasons for PlayStation players to be chuffed, for Xbox players, the picture is not so pretty. Following the news that Destiny wouldn’t be making ti to Xbox consoles in Japan, it has now been revealed that the PlayStation-exclusive content will be coming to Xbox players eventually, but they’ll have a long wait until it does.

The suggestion comes from the game’s Amazon listing which explained that the PlayStation-exclusive content will remain as such “until at least Fall 2015.”

“For PlayStation 4 owners, Destiny offers Early access to the Beta on July 17th, and a free 30-Day PlayStation Plus Trial. Exclusive content for PlayStation 4 owners includes the Exodus Blue Competitive Multiplayer Map, Dust Palace Strike, Weapons, Ships and Gear that will only be on PlayStation until at least Fall 2015.”

While the majority of the information in that listing is correct (excluding the unconfirmed exclusivity), it has since been removed, likely to avoid riling any more Xbox players’ feathers after gamers on Microsoft’s two consoles complained that the once Xbox-only developer was ‘abandoning’ them.

Destiny Features Cross-Generation Saves

While tempers over Bungie and Sony’s partnership will soothe on one side of the aisle, the other side will be intrigued to know just how much influence the developer had when it comes to PlayStation even before Destiny was announced. Speaking with TechRadar, Bungie’s Head of Community Eric Osborne explained that the studio even helped influence the design of the PS4 itself:

“They worked with us, of course, on core systems and the controller itself – making it better for shooters, helping improve that for players, helping include and improve the social aspects of the game. But when we lined our pillars up with what we believed we wanted Destiny to do and put them against their pillars with what they wanted the PS4 to do it was like looking into a mirror.”

The input that developers had on the PS4’s internal architecture and the controller is something that we’ve heard touted by Sony before, so it makes a lot of sense that Osborne also says Sony’s vision for next-gen “really aligned with where [Bungie] wanted to go.” He also describes them as “a really good partner” so could we see more of a partnership from Bungie and Sony in the future? It seems that it’s entirely on the cards.


Destiny releases September 9, 2014 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: vg247, TechRadar

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  • chris c

    xbox gamer’s feel abandoned over 1 map and a few cosmetic ship skins? we already know free gear is not going to be the best and it is most likely just fancy starting gear like Borderlands did, instead of starting out with commons… 4 days early beta access and 1 PVP map essentially is all it takes to feel cheated for players who have gotten the better deal for so long. you had every freak n halo, for a true bungie fan that should be enough to understand why they need to make impressions on new fans.

    IMO anyone who whines about small petty exclusives are immature especially after receiving a whole exclusive franchise that was so good it helped the console succeed as a whole making room for every game you now play and love. Children cant stand to see others having fun with something they cant have. so grow up and enjoy the other 99.9% of destiny.

    • Haus Delgado

      You sir, are a doo doo head.

  • Johnson

    Lol, he called you a doo doo head.

  • Luke H

    As an Xbox owner I do not feel cheated or abandoned by Bungie. And honestly I could not care less for majority of the exclusive content you PS players get. It’s just frustrating that I am not able to acquire a few of the exotic weapons that you can. It just kinda sucks that Bungie created an Xbox-exclusive franchise and are now stopping us from using a variety of content. I expected a little more, like at least allowing both console to use the same content.

  • Eddie G.

    I wouldn’t be so annoyed if slightly more powerful weapons were the PS4 bonuses but the fact that, literally, the rarest level of item in the game was available out the gate. To make matters even worse, the actual chances of getting a Legendary from an appropriately named engram is less than 50%, exotics being appropriately named since rarely dropping would be an understatement. Plenty of other games, such as the Assassin’s Creed series, has exclusive content for PS3/4. This is Bungie literally selling out and completely ignoring the console and fans that made them what they are.

  • Robert

    I was mad when I found out about it, but then I learned more about the game and I didn’t really care. The ships aren’t as cool as the quite content damsel in my opinion, the armor looks like yours eeating polygons, the Monte Carlo looks like a block with a sword. The only thing I want is the hawkmoon, but that’s it

  • Sean

    Not trying to be a dick but if I was writing professionally I would proof read my work…

  • Randy Randy

    You seriously need a proofreader.

  • bdunn

    Is this argument is an attempt at an eye for an eye right? e.g. Well Bungie made Halo for years on Xbox only, now PS gets its due.

    That was their fault for getting into that contract. Well now they are free of MS and want to open it up to all. Then do just that. Holding back to somehow make up for lost Halo fans on the PS is completely counter-intuitive. You can call the content petty all you want, however, I would say that Bungie is petty and stupid for not opening up the door to all. I probably will not touch Destiny in Fall 2015 when we get some of it so its just a waste and it drops Bungie down a few notches on the ladder. If many others share a similar opinion, then Bungie should reconsider, because they got themselves a PS market but may lose an Xbox market… Back to square one dopes.

  • James

    I think it is about time that Xbox got a taste of their own medicine and every time I read a Microsoft customer bitch I smile as we (Playstation Users) were punished for YEARS, enjoy it boys as karma is a bitch and now it is time to take your load of BS and politics :-)

    Roll on May, oh yeah House of wolves. I believe your getting the updates from the last major update then so enjoy the PS Exclusive content sorry I mean Exclusive content :-)

    Bungie – keep up the excellent work. Still play the game daily :-)

  • greg

    As an Xbox 1 player, I didn’t feel hard done by with the PS exclusivity, my gripe is paying the same as PS players for the DLC which I know i’m getting less content for my money?

    I know xbox has had exclusivity with games like Halo, but at least PS players could not buy less content on a Playstation for the same price knowing they will get less?

    I think that it what has some Xbox fans upset, simply knowing they’re paying the same for less.