This Is Why There Is No PC Version of ‘Destiny’

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Destiny Not Coming To PC

When Bungie parted ways with the Xbox-exclusive Halo brand for the chance to start a new franchise, it was the studio’s first opportunity to develop a triple-A video game that spans multiple platforms. Their concept, revealed last year to be Destiny, comes to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One all on the same day later this year. As for the PC version of the game, there’s been nothing but dodgy answers and ‘maybes.’

In truth, despite talk of the PS4 and Xbox One being easy to develop for compared to PCs – and certainly easier to port titles over – there is no PC version of Destiny in development. At least not yet. Bungie senior writer and head of community, Mark Osborne, wouldn’t confirm or deny, only explaining that “the more platforms [they] take on, the more work it ultimately becomes, and what [they] don’t want is to compromise the core experience on any platforms. ”

In the year since, questions raised about a PC version of the game have been danced around until a recent press event where Activision flew in media to Bungie HQ to answer these sorts of questions and get hands-on with the game. Here, design lead Lars Bakken told Eurogamer the cold, harsh truth that even if the game is developed and tested on PCs: “The truth is it’s not that simple.”

“The console SKUs are really important for us and that’s what we’re focusing on. We’re doing it all internally ourselves. That’s a huge endeavour. That’s not something we’ve ever done before.

“So when I’m playtesting and I’m trying to play PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3, that’s a lot of work. Adding another thing on there is just crazy. It’s crazy to think of right now.”

He did offer a little hope by reiterating that even though there are no plans for a PC version at the moment, that doesn’t mean there won’t be in the future. And if not, maybe for the sequels? Bungie COO Pete Parsons shared the same sentiment as Bakken, explaining his appreciation for PCs, but with the disclaimer that releasing four different versions of the game on the same day is quite a feat for the studio which has historically only developed its games for one platform at a time.

Destiny Screenshots - Sneak Attack

If Destiny were an offline game, that would make it easier for a PC version to be made alongside the consoles, but both developers explain that it’s more complicated than it sounds because of how each platform connects to the same “one central world.” It’s possible, but the 500-person Bungie studio can’t afford to spend time thinking and working on that with only a few months left until its September release date.

The title was designed from the outset with the consoles as the primary platform, but they do hear the fans and the talk, and just like they said a year ago, “look forward to future conversations around PC” – whatever that means. Destiny represents another major release that neglected the PC market, after the long-awaited Grand Theft Auto V skipped it in 2013 as well. Despite the recent news that the PC gaming just surpassed consoles in global video games revenue, most triple-A multiplatform titles see their best unit sales on consoles.

What platform will you be playing Destiny on or are you holding out for the chance of a future PC release?

Destiny releases September 9, 2014 for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.


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Source: Eurogamer

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  1. Consoles suck , compared to PCs… this is ridiculous and ludicrous , especially when the game had been built on PCs … with PC versions you can personalise and upgrade the hardware for better performance, and it is more portable if you have laptop, instead of just playing it on big PC and having a big clunky console only.

    • I wouldn’t say consoles suck, there are legitimate reasons why some people prefer consoles over PC’s. Unfortunately the fanboys like to harp on all of the myths instead like it being more expensive to be a PC gamer, or how you “need” to upgrade constantly. Anyone who isn’t an 1d10t and knows a thing about technology and PC hardware would know those two are not true. But there are legitimate reasons such as the console exclusives, or if they don’t know enough about PC’s to know how to keep them lean and mean.

      Unfortunately there is so much junk software out there, and even legitimate programs, when you try to install them, often times they try to install all kinds of junk on your computer, and the legitimate programs will include a bunch of useless background processes that the average user is unaware of. So if you’re not familiar enough with it, you can easily end up with a high-end PC that behaves like a low-end PC due to all of the crap that ends up on the PC without the average user realizing it. So for simplicity sake, some people prefer consoles, and I totally understand that.

      But I do have to agree that the current “next gen” consoles are WAY too far behind in the technology compared to every other generation of consoles compared to the PC hardware of their time… It kind of sucks for the console gamers, but it seems some of them still haven’t noticed. Ignorance is bliss I guess. But in the end, it’s the consumers that will suffer if people keep accepting mediocrity as the standard…

      • Yes they do suck, and here are my reasons.
        Since they are built only for games in mind, why are they difficult to cart around? With a decent PC laptop, you can cart it to friends place, which could be in a different country etc and join in the game. A powerful high spec notebook with HDMI port to TV screens does the trick on portability.

        If you know what you doing on a PC, you know how to keep it running clean, in some cases having a partitioned drive would solve the issue or even having two pcs, one for games, and the other for work and mucking about on the web etc…obviously your high specs would be for games and low specs for other stuff, and a portioned drive you can an OS installed on each… Linux side for stuff, and windows side for games, some people even have Steam OS.

        • And like I’ve just said, some people do not know what they are doing on the PC and you can’t blame people for not having the same priorities as you do when it comes to learning how to do certain things on their PC. Some people only care enough about technology to use them for their own entertainment, they don’t care enough to really learn about them, so you can’t expect everyone to spend the time to learn about different things on the PC. And that’s why consoles have a purpose, some people like the simplicity of it, and for them, they serve a purpose. Just because they’re not for you doesn’t mean they “suck.” I’m a PC gamer but I recognize the market for consoles because I know not everyone will know how to keep a PC running lean. Thus where all of the myths about how you need to constantly upgrade your PC comes from. It’s basically due to user error, and they bog down their PC’s and they start to run slow, and instead of recognizing it’s something they did wrong, they blame the hardware.

          And honestly, you don’t even need to partition your drives. I have mine partitioned just to separate storage from the main boot drive, but I don’t have separate boots for gaming and use, I just know how to not install extra junk and I know how to remove all of the background processes that are not required.

      • SO “simple” ppl get good games on idiotproof console …..

      • As much as i hate to admit it what you say is true but the only thing is if big companies continue bending to the will of the consoles then what will end up happening is that games will become more and more less graphic intensive because even with the new console they have a max frame rate of 30 FPS. So i guess the point im trying to make here is why would the gaming companies put forth the effort to make better games with better graphics if the consoles cant even show how good the games can really look in high end graphic detail??

  2. 1. So what I got out of this:

    Its too hard! We want to make the easy money. Fact is, there are a lot of PC gamers out there that do not have the desire to move to console. I have no desire to game on console.

    A future release possibility is not enough to make me want to buy it. If it doesn’t come out with the other versions, odd’s are it will not have the luster after 6 months to 1 year’s time as it did on the release of the other platforms.

    As much as I enjoyed Halo, my days buying Bungie games are over.

    • I used to play on consoles but that was long time ago. Owned PSX, PS2 and now PS3 (didn’t turned it on in last year and half) and to be honest all those talks about them being cheaper are BS. Yes they cost less then PC, but they don’t last that long and you can’t play games from previous generations.

      My 3.5 year old PC have more gaming power then both PS4 and XBONE together and only thing I had upgraded during that time was to add additional HDD and new GPU and it still can play any game on medium to max details.
      Next year I plan to buy new GPU, but that’s only because I am moving to 4K.

      I understand that didnt want to split resources to release it on same date as consoles, but as XBONE/PS4 using same HW they are already half way there and I don’t see reason why they cant make it to PC in 6 months, hell, if cross platform multiplayer is what they are worried about, then make it separate for PC.

    • I think you are underestimating the difficulty of developing the game for PC on top of the of the other platforms already included. With console development you have the advantage of tailoring the game to a single hardware specification; you know the exact limits of that specification and you can be assured that it won’t be changing. On PC you introduce a huge amount of variety in hardware; the game would then have to be play-tested and made to scale across numerous systems.

      It would be nice to be able to play Destiny on PC and I hope it happens sooner than later but the fact that we can’t is not because they are lazy or greedy but that they wanted to make sure the game was solid on the console platforms.

      If they had attempted to include PC I am sure they would have to leave out features and polish in order to make the release date, and instead of complaining about not being able to play on PC everyone would be complaining about the lack of polish instead.

      I am a software developer and I assure you game development is a very long, hard, and complex process. Even with a 500 person team I think they made the right decision here.

      • @bluemiles

        That stopped being an issue AGES ago. That was an issue back in the day when there were still multiple API’s being used by different GPU companies. That was when game makers had to decide if they should make their game to support like Open GL, 3dfx, Direct3D, etc… I can’t remember all of the actual names off the top of my head. But anyway, now that it’s pretty much accepted that DirectX is the standard, that’s not really an issue anymore. As long as they set a minimum required spec, they can simply upscale things like texture resolutions, turn features like anti-aliasing on, types of filtering, etc. And honestly, that’s all optional. If they wanted to just make a game with one graphics setting, they could do that. If it would run on the consoles, it’ll run on just about every mid-range PC and up…

        • yet companies like Ubisoft keep managing to screw everything up with PC ports :/

          tbh, i can deal with waiting 6 months. much more and it’ll be a shame, but destiny is going to be a long term thing. i’d rather see it ported well than be rushed.

          (but i do agree that Consoles are kind of a waste. if you’re willing to spend $400 on an xbox that needs upgrading every few years then there’s really no cost argument when it comes to buying a computer. on lowish settings (by PC standards) you can run most games on an 800 dollar laptop, let alone desktop, especially if you turn it down to 720p… which seems to be common practice in console development…)

  3. Let this garbage stay on the damned consoles. Destiny is little more than the same bland, rehashed repetition I have seen before — only, boasting a $500 million price tag.

    How did this boring nonsense get any success? It is pathetic.

  4. The arrogance that the die hard PC gamers show is outstanding. It really is. It’s like listening to people who own Lamborghinis complain and moan about how people still drive around with a Volvo. We get it, your expensive computer system is amazing compared to a console, we’ve ALL heard it a billion times. The truth is this, I have a gaming laptop, it costed me 1400 and it’s the LOW end of high ends. Yeah, 1400, and why no desktop? I don’t have the room, just like MANY other people. And that’s half the price of my buddy’s which was 3000 (4k because he is making payments). Add the fact that mine can handle a lot of power but probably half of his and mine has to have graphics priorities set. A lot of work to go through just to get the best graphics to power consumption, it’s a wonder I even bothered with it not to mention the settings that take 15 minutes or more to read into because of how vague they are and testing to see if it’ll make game play smooth with good graphics. It’s far simpler for me to just turn my PS4 on my 1200 dollar 4K TV (cheaper than my laptop!) and just PLAY. No settings to tinker with and moderately comparable to the graphics on PC. That’s just ONE reason why a LOT of prefer console. My PS4 costed me 400 and the tv 1200 and has my satellite, blue ray and laptop hooked to it as well. 55 inch with better graphics than any monitor I’ve boughten. But whatever right? I’m a retard who doesn’t know anything about computers. Well, even if that WERE the case (I’m very knowledgeable in computing), the hassles are little to nothing on my PS4. Basic networking settings to tweak (also more complicated on PC) and a slight adjustment to brightness on the games I play. Done. Grab the controller, play from any angle of my bedroom, on the bed, on the couch, on a chair, on the floor. Yup, it’s the convenience. Not the ignorance, not the stupidity, not “not knowing how to use a PC”. It’s just convenience. And amazing gaming experience. Even having to set a controller up to a PC has its complications, a tedious process many of us just simply don’t care to spend the time for. And a mouse and keyboard? Gaming mouse settings and tweaks, and a good keyboard only adds MORE crap to the list of tediousness. Sure, easy for you, when you have the time and knowledge. But not all of us have that luxury.

    • Man, you’re so right, my PC that cost me $500 to upgrade to its current form (after 4.5 years from my previous upgrade) and was able to sell the old parts for $300, so it cost me a net cost of $200, and it’s faster than either the PS4 or Xbox One. Yep, that’s so much more expensive, because those consoles only cost like $100 right?

      Oh, wait, they don’t? Ok, now I’m confused, how is my gaming PC more expensive now? Maybe you mean the games, yah man, I get brand new games for about $40 – $45, and games about a month old for less than $30, and games a few months old sometimes under $20. Console games only cost $10 right?

      Oh, wait, they don’t? Ok, now I’m REALLY confused. Where is it cheaper to be a console gamer? I’m out of ideas… Oh, you like the simplicity of playing with a controller from anywhere on your tv? Oh right, because it’s not like PC’s have HDMI outputs now, that’s totally impossible, and it’s not like Xbox controllers work on PC’s or anything, so that’s totally impossible to do with a PC…

      Oh, wait, you mean that’s all possible with the PC as well? Oh, right, I have my PC connected to my HDTV via HDMI since my video card has both DVI and HDMI outputs, and I use that to watch HD-DVD, DVD, and Blu-Ray since I have a drive on my PC that plays all of those formats, I know you can do that with your consoles as well right?

      Oh, wait, you can only have DVD and Blu-Ray now? Oh man, that, um, I mean, it’s cool because that’s the standard now, but you can buy HD-DVD movies for like $1 since the format is discontinued, lol, so I’m really glad I can do that thanks to my PC and its combo drive, I have a huge movie collection that I didn’t have to spend as much on to upgrade everything to HD since I buy blu ray for my absolute favorite movies and HD DVD for the ones available and are not my top 100 movies…

      So wait, I’m extremely confused, what can your console do that my PC can’t? I am completely out of ideas now…

    • I never listen to a person that says “it costed me”.

      • LOL :-D

      • So you never listen to people that use the past tense of the word cost.. you are a sharp one.

        • Uh… Actually, “costed” is not the past tense of cost. It actually means something different. It means to valuate something in terms of manufacturing… Or something else to do with value or cost when wholesaling or creating a process… At least that’s what I remember about it. I’ve never heard of costed being used as a past tense of the word cost…

    • You can easily build a gaming pc that’s a lot more powerful than the ps4 or xbone for $600. That’s about what I spent on mine. Not only does it run games, it can also run xbmc and any work software. I have it hooked up to the tv and use an xbox controller. There are millions of games I can play, and there’s even emulation to play old console classics.

      Pc games have gotten pretty painless with the advent of Steam, you just buy the game it downloads and is ready to play. You don’t really need to tweak settings games automatically detect your pc’s capabilities. Humble Bundles are so cheap, and will fill up your library quickly.

      Your 4k tv is wasted on the ps4, it can only display 1080p, and the upconverting of the signal introduces lag. I don’t know what tv you have but my LG is pretty bad at gaming, but the picture is gorgeous.

      Anyway you can hook up your laptop to your tv and play on that, just as you do with your console. I’m not against consoles, I just think PC’s have gotten so much better and cheaper. Consoles charge you more for games, and a fee to play online. Pc games also have the ability to be moded and are so much better. Games like skyrim have so much extra user created content.

    • Except most console games have a max res of 1080p (or 720p in a lot of cases)

      don’t want to spend 15 minutes fiddling with graphics setting? then just choose the default setting of medium and have roughly the same graphical fidelity as most console games.

      Also you just said that your laptop was plugged into your TV, which was 4k. i fail to see how that has anything to do with the PC console debate.
      also, i’m pretty sure most PC games have a brightness option just like console games. using that as a reason is just stupid.
      also did you know that you can plug a controller into your PC!? it’s increadible. you don’t even need to install any drivers! you can just grab the controller, play from any angle of my bedroom, on the bed, on the couch, on a chair, on the floor. Yup!
      ph, and finding that pesky usb port for the mouse is so hard. almost as hard as selecting which controller setting you need to use!

      you know. i tried to respond in a level, rational manner but the more i read of your comment the harder it was to resist being a dick.
      Your argument is stupid.

  5. Reppy07, if that what you think all desktop pc are your not looking all that well. I can make a desktop barebones system twice as powerfull as any new console, and about 100 or so dollars cheeper than any new console.

    • My gaming PC I upgrade around 4.5 – 5 years apart. My latest upgrade comes about 4.5 years after my last upgrade. It’s faster than either Xbox One or PS4, and is “backwards compatible” so that means I can sell my old parts, while console gamers need to keep their old consoles if they ever wish to keep their old games. Otherwise, they have to start their game collection over at every generation, I still have every PC game I’ve ever bought, my collection just keeps getting larger and larger, no need to keep old hardware, no need to start my collection over, and my upgrade cost me $500 and I sold my old hardware for almost $300, so for me to have a gaming experience better than either “next gen” console cost me a net of $200 and I am starting it with a game collection that’s well over 100 games. A lot of them from “last generation” already looked better than the “next gen console” games…

      Yah, it’s pretty sad when people actually believe these myths about how expensive PC gaming is… Oh well.

    • I laugh every time I read about how they are re-releasing a game on current gen consoles that is from last generation’s console. These poor saps are buying their games twice, LMAO!!

  6. The game companies of today couldn’t make a good PC game if you paid’em a billon dollars to do it. Bare in mind the average PC gamer is a much more mature audience. Can you imagine how easy it is to target twelve year olds with a console who require nothing more than pop and fizzle and making things go boom? You don’t have to worry about compelling stories and or plots and or advancing gameplay. Just zombies. Lots and lots of them. You can charge 70 bucks for little more than the last game they bought with just a few enhancements and get away with it. Twelve year olds will buy anything. Don’t fall for the banana in the tail pipe and or the industry saying it’s just too hard to include the PC versions. It’s more about, “we don’t want to have to go through what it would take to please you grown folks”.

    Teens are getting tired of the same old rail shooter in COD. This doesn’t stop them, however, from just peddling the same old thing down the pipe and telling you it’s gravy instead of using another adjective. It’s just depressing to see what the gaming business has become. You go to the game store and it’s a million different versions of the same gameplay. Fifty different Grand Theft Autos and first person shooters and no innovation as far as the eye can see. It’s a universe of “me-too” gaming design. BORING!!!!!!!

    Gone are the days of innovation and creativity in the gaming universe. As far as I am concerned Bungie can keep this, yet another, eye-candy monstrosity targeted to 12 year olds. They’ll rob mom’s coin purse for the 70 bucks every time and this is what these companies depend on to justify anything they create.

    I stopped buying consoles because after the game gets old there is nothing left but the console collecting dust. With my PC I am fully connected. Work, research, information, entertainment, and where I converse digitally. Would be nice to play games there as well but you would be talking to someone who is a slight degree older than twelve.

  7. Looks like s***. Leave this s*** on the consoles! Also you must have poor taste in mmo’s if all you do is sit and grind, if your close to max level or have reached maxed level. Congratulations you have just learned a valuable lesson in gaming, its not really endless as some highlights might want you to believe. We PC users have something better than this Halo/Destiny s*** for PC, try “Crysis, Unreal, Borderlands, Half-Life 2… etc.” why are we even discussing s*** built for s***?!

  8. Because Destiny is an online game so it would be pointless for the broke PC gamers to pirate it since they won’t be able to play it.

    • @TomTom

      Yah, us PC gamers are broke because we’re forced to pay $60 – $70 per game, and $50 a year to play games online. Oh wait…

  9. I’m not broke, if I wanted to I could go and buy a 4000 dollar alienware system. The only reason why I don’t is the simple fact that I’m smart enough to know how to put together one of those systems, and I can do it with my own flair. I can also make a barebones system that connect directly to my entertainment system and do all the things a console system can to plus a hell of a lot more, cheaper and more powerful.

    Unlike a lot of people out there, that see on tv commercial and such about the hype they don’t actually look at the performance data.

  10. If Destiny releases for PC … I will get it .. But getting console for a game is stupid.. I think consoles are overrated and the industry should focus back on PC gamers.

  11. I haven’t owned a console since PS2, and I will never go back. Bungie sucks.

  12. Thats all well and good, but real gamers use computers. A keyboard and mouse will always be better than controllers, except for racing games and fighting games, but who plays those any more.

    /Inc flame from console gamers.

    • @Relevate

      I disagree man, about the racing games part, I love racing games, but only the really good ones, and there are definitely more bad ones out there than good ones. Unfortunately one of the best ones is a Xbox exclusive. Of course I’m talking about Forza… But I have high hopes for Project CARS…

      • WOW, so wordpress just filtered two of my comments. Ironically one was celebrating that it finally didn’t filter one of my comments.

  13. Also, you dont need an alienware PC or an XPS, those are a gimmick like 3D for PC. You can build better computers yourself for less than half that price, the only difference between an alienware and your custom built, after you build your c, you can replace and fix it yourself, take a few minutes how to read how to put it together (almost all plugs have thier own connections, most people get confused with the jumpers at the bottom, l2read manual)

    Build a decent gaming system that will cost around 800. Play every game, do 10,000 things more than useless consoles.

    Oh and we pc gamers only need to pay for the game and net connection, and not some stupid subscription to actually play online through xcrap or rofl4.

  14. I fond it difficult to believe that it’s “to hard” to do. I know smaller companies with less than half of the staff and they are managing to make games on ALL the platforms with not even a fraction of the funding destiny got…

  15. So it’s about the Money and not the joy of makeing the game for everyone
    thats the way i see it

  16. I love how there isn’t a single response from any of the console fanboys after PC gamers like myself and others have completely picked apart their so-called “arguments.”

  17. it is pretty sad that they cant make the game for the Pc. but it would be nice if they did …
    but for me i rather have a Pc then a console any day Bc if your console stop working you have to send it out to have it fixed then you have to wait for them to send it back to ya and you will have to wait for like 2-3 days or so and i don’t like to wait and it about the same way with a Pc or a laptop to if a person doesn’t know anything about them .. but on the other side if something go’s wrong with ur Pc or laptop you can fix’s it your self right at home or you can call a friend that know about computer and laptop they can fix’s it for ya or you can take your Pc or your laptop to a repire place to have it fixed but if a console stop working your out of luck and then you would have to buy a new console or you would have to send it back to the company fora new console and for Pc if a video card go’s out you can buy a new one if a HD go’s bad you can buy a new HD if a motherboard go bad samething you can buy a new to so if a console die’s on ya i feel srry for ya and good luck :)

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