This Is Why There Is No PC Version of ‘Destiny’

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Destiny Not Coming To PC

When Bungie parted ways with the Xbox-exclusive Halo brand for the chance to start a new franchise, it was the studio’s first opportunity to develop a triple-A video game that spans multiple platforms. Their concept, revealed last year to be Destiny, comes to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One all on the same day later this year. As for the PC version of the game, there’s been nothing but dodgy answers and ‘maybes.’

In truth, despite talk of the PS4 and Xbox One being easy to develop for compared to PCs – and certainly easier to port titles over – there is no PC version of Destiny in development. At least not yet. Bungie senior writer and head of community, Mark Osborne, wouldn’t confirm or deny, only explaining that “the more platforms [they] take on, the more work it ultimately becomes, and what [they] don’t want is to compromise the core experience on any platforms. ”

In the year since, questions raised about a PC version of the game have been danced around until a recent press event where Activision flew in media to Bungie HQ to answer these sorts of questions and get hands-on with the game. Here, design lead Lars Bakken told Eurogamer the cold, harsh truth that even if the game is developed and tested on PCs: “The truth is it’s not that simple.”

“The console SKUs are really important for us and that’s what we’re focusing on. We’re doing it all internally ourselves. That’s a huge endeavour. That’s not something we’ve ever done before.

“So when I’m playtesting and I’m trying to play PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3, that’s a lot of work. Adding another thing on there is just crazy. It’s crazy to think of right now.”

He did offer a little hope by reiterating that even though there are no plans for a PC version at the moment, that doesn’t mean there won’t be in the future. And if not, maybe for the sequels? Bungie COO Pete Parsons shared the same sentiment as Bakken, explaining his appreciation for PCs, but with the disclaimer that releasing four different versions of the game on the same day is quite a feat for the studio which has historically only developed its games for one platform at a time.

Destiny Screenshots - Sneak Attack

If Destiny were an offline game, that would make it easier for a PC version to be made alongside the consoles, but both developers explain that it’s more complicated than it sounds because of how each platform connects to the same “one central world.” It’s possible, but the 500-person Bungie studio can’t afford to spend time thinking and working on that with only a few months left until its September release date.

The title was designed from the outset with the consoles as the primary platform, but they do hear the fans and the talk, and just like they said a year ago, “look forward to future conversations around PC” – whatever that means. Destiny represents another major release that neglected the PC market, after the long-awaited Grand Theft Auto V skipped it in 2013 as well. Despite the recent news that the PC gaming just surpassed consoles in global video games revenue, most triple-A multiplatform titles see their best unit sales on consoles.

What platform will you be playing Destiny on or are you holding out for the chance of a future PC release?

Destiny releases September 9, 2014 for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.


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Source: Eurogamer

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  1. They need to pull the trigger one way or the other. As someone who is loaded up on consoles, but is a PC gamer first and foremost, I won’t buy a console version of anything that has a reasonable chance of being on PC. Why would I? No console looks half as good as my PC on my 50″ LED. Not even a contest.

    • Thanks Chris. You’ve actually really helped our argument. You’re so awesome. :-)

      • Aw, they deleted his comment, such a sad day… :'(

    • Consoles = kiddy gaming. PC Gaming = Big boy pants.

  2. Right on, leadbones. I agree. Also, there’s no shortage of great PC games. If Bungie isn’t willing to develop games for the best gaming platform in existence, then by all means they can continue being a second rate game developer for consoles. I never shed a tear for not getting to play the remaining games for the Halo series and to be honest, Destiny looks like something only console gamers would think is revolutionary anyway, just like Halo was. No real loss here.

    • Yeah, I remember booting up Halo on PC the first time, thinking “This? This is what all the raving is about?” It was the same with so many things, 3D graphics and light sourcing, internet gaming, entire genres that console gamers thought were brand new were already all over PC for years. Don’t get me wrong, I love some consoles too and play plenty of console games. But PC hardware is the leading edge and it always has been. Halo wasn’t anything Unreal had already done before and done just as well. The story, which gets so much love, is just a riff on Larry Niven’s Ringworld with other well traveled bits of sci-fi stuck to it. The masses are easily impressed, because they are mostly uninformed and inexperienced.

      • *hadn’t done before

      • Wow, get a load of the arrogant snobbery in here. As someone who has been a PC gamer since the IBM Aptiva days, I have spent many enjoyable hours with the Halo franchise, both on PC and console. FPS has always been my primary genre of choice and yes, I find the Halo games to largely be worthy of the praise they get. There aren’t many mechanics Halo actually invented but it brought together a number of elements and combined them into a very slick whole that, for better or worse, became a model for pretty much the entire future development of the FPS genre. Regenerating health and limited weapon inventory essentially started with Halo in 2001. While it’s disappointing the entire genre is like that these days (I would like to see more games return to the old-style of health-kits and carrying around 20 different guns at once), they aren’t bad mechanics in and of themselves.

        As for the fans supposedly being uninformed and inexperienced, take a look around Mod DB sometime and check out all the Halo mods for games ranging from Sins of a Solar Empire to ARMA 3. A lot of passion and impressive work there. And Halo CE still has an active modding community 12 years after the release of that game, accomplishing some very good work with very crude tools.

        You just come across as a colossal dick.

        • @Kelwar

          One of my ALL TIME favorite FPS’s is Goldeneye 007. I don’t just blindly hate anything. And the Forza games are some of my favorite games that are modern. However, I have to say, I tried Halo on my PC and was bored to tears. I stopped playing it after playing it for a few hours and have uninstalled the game and have never looked back. I’ve tried some of the sequels because one of my friends is a Xbox fanboy, and they are all equally as boring… I guess just different strokes for different folks. But the Xbox can keep Halo, I don’t mind it at all…

        • Bungie deserves more praise for the Marathon trilogy than they do for Halo. It was far more revolutionary and original. And even if I am a colossal dick, which I won’t argue with, it doesn’t mean I have no right to my opinion. If you disagree, I would say you are easily impressed. Limited weapon inventory was a regression, not an evolution. You say it’s not a bad thing, I disagree. And regenerating shields may not have been in an FPS before, but were in plenty of space sims and other games that used it in precisely the same way. What Halo did was impressive for consoles, but old hat for PC. The Halo games were the best console shooters of their generations, for certain. But at the time it came out, that’s just not saying much. And bringing up the mod community is pretty much irrelevant. There are passionate communities surrounding many, many classic games and doing much more with much less. Besides that, those are PC communities, which only reinforces what I have been saying. Halo was a revolution on console only. For that it deserves praise. But, for shooters in general, it simply wasn’t any kind of huge leap forward.

  3. I just say drop 360 and PS3. I don’t remember when games were being developed for XBox360, XBox, PS3, and PS2. When the new gen console came out, they made consoles as backwards compatible as possible, patched the games that weren’t, and started making games for the new consoles while making some for PC too.

  4. But how can I live without my generic space grind birderlands of sorts? That’s ok, I’ve written off Bungie years ago and they can keep it. From what I’ve played and watched amongst friends I’m quite unimpressed with Destiny anyways. When stuff like The Witcher 3, Star Citizen, Elite: Dangerous, Killing Floor 2 etc. are in queue, Bungie isn’t even on my list of developers I remotely consider.

  5. Because PC gamers aren’t homos. Thus they don’t care if lame console games make it to the PC.

  6. The real reason they’re not moving it to PC is:
    Destiny Sucks

  7. Why do developers and producers think that the general public are complete morons?

    Why can’t they simply say that they don’t want to make a PC version because of the loss of revenue from potential piracy and from a platform that operates primarily through digital sales (instead of allowing them to profit more through box sales). This whole “It’s just too much work” arguement is just ludicrous. In business, if there is money to be made then you make it work. If it’s too much work, then you hire more people to get the work done.

    But instead it’s “herpa derp, we publik ppl are stoopid and well belive anyhting. derp”

    • Exactly.

  8. “In truth, despite talk of the PS4 and Xbox One being easy to develop for compared to PCs” – and much much cheaper, coze there do not need to make high standard graphics and contact details look like real! Plus they charge twice for games to. They know that there is lot of dumb ass kids who have no clue how to turn on pc so they made easy version for them like ps3 and xbox… and charge them double, because they know that they are dumb ass :D… all games on ps or xbox cost around £50, same game on pc from £25 to £30 with 10 times better graphics, sound and experience. So thats the reason game creators make more and more games only for dumb teanagers, cause it’s cheap and easy to make it and makes twice money as pc games! shame, technology goes backwards for that simple reason, and kids starts like Iphones, apples, macs and ec, because simply they do not know better :D

  9. I have a $700 plus PC and really enjoy PC gaming and modding as I spend more time on it than my PS4…however the reason I don’t like PC gaming is because all you do is call console gamers stupid and “lesser beings”. I don’t fight for my PS4 or PC and certainly don’t begin flaming at anyone who even has a soft spot for console. You are all elitist twats at times. Let me just quickly put you in your place because I am tired of it! You are no longer gamers because you spend time looking at your BIOS than actually playing. On top of that you have more money than sense…you know buying yourselves a gaming PC ranging from $700-10,000+. I may sound hypocritacal but its the truth and I even regret paying $2000 for an alienware.

    To even it out consoles cannot mod their games and have weaker graphics but at least its already made and stays in date until they upgrade for newer games which you will pay another $300-$500 for a updated driver.

    Please get over yourselves and leave console gamers alone, and please if you do reply with hateful elitist comments I shall NOT care as I am done with your BS and give up on trying to unite gamers as one. If you aren’t ready to get over yourselves then don’t post your biased, elitist, annoying little arguements. Thank you and goodnight.

    • Weird, I only look at my BIOS in the very beginning when setting up the PC. After that, it’s something I literally never see, especially since I pretty much NEVER turn off my PC. I either leave it on or I put it to sleep, but that’s about it…

      And I’ve NEVER spent over $600 – $700 to upgrade my PC, and that’s usually after about 4.5 years or so with the same setup. I also spend much less money on games, so I save hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on my gaming compared to a console gamer in the same lifespan a console typically lasts. And if you paid $2000 for an alienware, well, then congrats on dishing out ridiculous money on an overpriced computer with a fancy case…

      And I always love how people now-a-days think that if you end your rant with some fake polite ending like “Thank you and goodnight.” that it somehow turns it from a rant into a grand speech worthy of applause. Sorry, but it wasn’t. Most of what you said isn’t even close to being true, but oh well. If you don’t respond anymore, no worries, thank you and goodnight, lol. :-D

    • first things first. a 700 bucks pc is really, and i mean really, weak.. buying a wallmart pc doesn’t make you a pc gamer. second, “we spend more time looking at our BIOS than gaming” do you have a car ? if you do you know it’s important to check absolutely everything, with frequency. if you just drive it, and don’t look at you car’s “BIOS” you’re the dumb one around here. last but not least. you’re the only one with the hateful elitist comments on this comment section. “”Let me just quickly put you in your place because I am tired of it! You are no longer gamers”” who do you think you are to put someone anywhere ? you’re nothing but a console gamer mate, now stop being a butthurt little teen and grow up.

    • Whatever kid. If you honestly spend that much time looking at your BIOS and paying to upgrade your drivers, you have broken your computer because you don’t know how to use it. Your argument is essentially “I hate PC gamers because they hate console gamers because they hate PC gamers etc. etc. etc.” And you don’t even realize you are doing precisely what you are deriding. Saying they are all elitist twats at all times makes you exactly what you claim to hate. I love consoles and I love PC’s. You obviosly need to get over YOURself, and just play some games and STFU, because you are being just as ridiculous as the “PC master race” assholes.

  10. Let me be clear;

    Bungie + PC = Destiny as the best RPGMMO TPS

    The rest? = second in gameplay
    (AKA consoles)

  11. I enjoy console games very much. But I simply cannot play an FPS on console. I’ve tried to learn to aim with the joysticks, but even my friends, who’ve played many console FPSs, can’t seem to get beyond the fact that it’s a clunky interface. This was confirmed when I saw Bungie themselves demonstrating when it was new, and they couldn’t aim worth a damn on their own game!

    So, for consoles, I’ll stick to melee fighting games. For FPS, I’m not leaving PC anytime soon.

    • By the way, there’s no need to reply with how badass you are at console FPS, or how sucky I am. It simply doesn’t impress.

  12. I don’t know why you guys are wasting your time on the rude comments over consoles and PC. Go play whatever makes you happy and call it a day. There’s different levels of gamers and there always will be. I love building my own high end pc’s and selling them down the road. I went to school for computers and grew up playing Nintendo, SuperNES, Sega, n64. When I used my first PC and started playing warcraft2, starcraft, half-life, team fortress, Counter strike,etc… It made consoles look like a joke to me back then. Consoles I don’t mind at all and they have come along way. I still will play halo and super smash bros with my old college friends. Now with a baby I find myself only playing games pc games im able to pause or stop playing right away. Whatever you enjoy consoles or pc. Your lifestyle and personal preference with what makes you enjoy your past time is all that matters. All these rude comments make me facepalm. PCs are superior to consoles! PCs are more expensive than Consoles! PC games are better than consoles! Seriously grow up, who cares? Lol… I just checked this page out to see if destiny was ever coming to PC and I see all the rage over nothing.

  13. it’s kinda funny and sad fps games not coming to pc where it was there base platform

  14. Bungie was made great by the pc/mac players (marathon and myth) and they stabbed them in the back after 3 years of anticipation by bringing out the first fps with vehicles, Halo, out on xbox exclusively. They choose to be console boys. Must have had good rea$ons that still apply.

    • Halo wasn’t the first FPS with vehicles. Tribes, Rise of the Triad, Shadow Warrior, and other FPS games had vehicles all through the 90’s. Halo was the first FPS with regenerating health and shields, technically, and that is about it. It wasn’t even the first great console multiplayer FPS. That distinction belongs to Goldeneye. Halo was the first smoothly running FPS with great controls on console, and the XBOX was the first console to do online MP right. If they put it on PC, it wouldn’t even be mentioned today since it does literally nothing PC FPS games weren’t already doing at the time.

  15. Pff, please, nobody WANTS that game on PC. Hell, I’m surprised anyone is still playing it on consoles because of how bad it is. Keep it the hell away from my platform Bungie.

  16. After playing Skyrim, Crysis 2 and Metro: Last Light @ 2560 x 1600, I can’t say that I am interested in a game as potentially beautiful as Destiny on Console. My console system is great for casual gaming and chillin’ with the home boys, but if I want to get into epic gaming content and amazing visuals, I’ll hold out for the PC version.

  17. You PC gamers can’t possibly act like this and and wonder why people like to make fun of your platform ( no matter how dumb they may sound sometimes). Console gamers may be peasants (in some aspects) but if we’re peasants, then you’re the rich right? And we know alot of rich people are jackasses. Guess this all makes sense then.

    • @ede

      I wonder if you realize how dumb your comparison is. Ask yourself this, are there more rich jackasses, or poor jackasses?

      And when PC gamers joke around about console gamers being “peasants” it’s less to do with actual money and wealth and more to do with how they lack a wealth in quality in their games. Both gameplay AND graphics. I am a PC gamer to SAVE money. It costs me much less per year to be a PC gamer than a console gamer. Mainly because I’m not dumb enough to buy a gaming PC from best buy… I upgrade my PC myself, and I only need to do so once every 4.5 – 5 years. About the same life-cycle time of consoles. And when I do, it rarely ever costs more than $600 for the parts I need to upgrade my PC to be far better than whatever the latest generation of consoles are. And then after that, since all games are backwards compatible so I don’t need to worry about keeping any of my old components to keep my game library, I sell my old parts. So basically, I spend about the same as it costs to buy the current generation console, then I recoup some of my money back by selling my old parts. So I game at levels and quality better than the consoles for less money upfront, then every game is also cheaper, and mods come free and sometimes DLC’s come free as well. Also, I don’t need to pay a subscription fee to play my games online. I end up saving hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars every year by being a PC gamer…

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