This Is Why There Is No PC Version of ‘Destiny’

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Destiny Not Coming To PC

When Bungie parted ways with the Xbox-exclusive Halo brand for the chance to start a new franchise, it was the studio’s first opportunity to develop a triple-A video game that spans multiple platforms. Their concept, revealed last year to be Destiny, comes to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One all on the same day later this year. As for the PC version of the game, there’s been nothing but dodgy answers and ‘maybes.’

In truth, despite talk of the PS4 and Xbox One being easy to develop for compared to PCs – and certainly easier to port titles over – there is no PC version of Destiny in development. At least not yet. Bungie senior writer and head of community, Mark Osborne, wouldn’t confirm or deny, only explaining that “the more platforms [they] take on, the more work it ultimately becomes, and what [they] don’t want is to compromise the core experience on any platforms. ”

In the year since, questions raised about a PC version of the game have been danced around until a recent press event where Activision flew in media to Bungie HQ to answer these sorts of questions and get hands-on with the game. Here, design lead Lars Bakken told Eurogamer the cold, harsh truth that even if the game is developed and tested on PCs: “The truth is it’s not that simple.”

“The console SKUs are really important for us and that’s what we’re focusing on. We’re doing it all internally ourselves. That’s a huge endeavour. That’s not something we’ve ever done before.

“So when I’m playtesting and I’m trying to play PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3, that’s a lot of work. Adding another thing on there is just crazy. It’s crazy to think of right now.”

He did offer a little hope by reiterating that even though there are no plans for a PC version at the moment, that doesn’t mean there won’t be in the future. And if not, maybe for the sequels? Bungie COO Pete Parsons shared the same sentiment as Bakken, explaining his appreciation for PCs, but with the disclaimer that releasing four different versions of the game on the same day is quite a feat for the studio which has historically only developed its games for one platform at a time.

Destiny Screenshots - Sneak Attack

If Destiny were an offline game, that would make it easier for a PC version to be made alongside the consoles, but both developers explain that it’s more complicated than it sounds because of how each platform connects to the same “one central world.” It’s possible, but the 500-person Bungie studio can’t afford to spend time thinking and working on that with only a few months left until its September release date.

The title was designed from the outset with the consoles as the primary platform, but they do hear the fans and the talk, and just like they said a year ago, “look forward to future conversations around PC” – whatever that means. Destiny represents another major release that neglected the PC market, after the long-awaited Grand Theft Auto V skipped it in 2013 as well. Despite the recent news that the PC gaming just surpassed consoles in global video games revenue, most triple-A multiplatform titles see their best unit sales on consoles.

What platform will you be playing Destiny on or are you holding out for the chance of a future PC release?

Destiny releases September 9, 2014 for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.


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Source: Eurogamer

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  1. I think that alot of you are over thinking this!

    I’ve been playing alot of this on the PS4 and what has dawned to most of the gamers that have played this, is that alot of this game has been edited and remove to be added as DLC! If you go on youtube alone and type in Destiny hidden levels, to my knowledge theres there 5 removed sections which could of added depth to the story!
    With the PC filing system not only would you be able to see and play the deleted strikes, raids ect. it would ultimately fitter over to console gamers that they have been sold a semi finished game!
    I am both PC and console, and would love a PC version to to take apart and study, just to see where the reported $250 million went!
    You havent missed much, Just go to the bungie website as see the amount of complaints that have!
    Its a broken game, which there still trying to fix!

    • Don’t want this game on PC. Why? Because it looks repetitive and boring on all gaming systems. Your grammar is pretty lousy too.

      • Spot on. The only thing that might have been peaked was my curiosity, but that has waned since seeing and reading about the gameplay. Repetitive levels and a grindy FPS? Hells no, I’ve had enough of that in borderlands, but at least that universe was entertaining, whiles Destiny’s is clearly a flatline(even from their star voice actor!)

        Consoles can keep Destiny with the overhyped mediocrity that the industry and uninformed consumers propagate. That’s probably the only thing keeping that game up, they make sales just from hype and pre-orders. Who gets a refund?

  2. What I find most insulting about this.

    The game was created using P.C’s yet they won’t release a P.C version.

    Let that sink in for a moment.

    In order to create a video game despite the platform it is intended for, they are created through P.C’s, highly modified for development but they are still very much at their core a P.C.

    It’s far more insulting than when Rockstar delayed GTA V (At least they had a solid explanation for it in that they wanted to do some extra work on the P.C Version)

    Basically put, Bungee were given an executive order from Activision in an attempt to boost the sales of the console market SKU’s

    All it has done is created annoyance and loss of business for a quick buck.

    • yawn.. the so called “consoles”.. deep down they’re modified pc’s.

  3. And because of of this codswallop , which is why… I think I would choose playing warframe over destiny ….

  4. Thats a most boring game released yet !

  5. The whole “It was developed on PC’s, why isnt it released on pcs?!” sentence people are throwing around is BS.

    For example, Super Smash Bro’s and Mario Kart 8 were most certainly developed on PC’s… does not mean we will ever see those titles on a PC.

  6. will likely play like a console game on PC anyway.

  7. No console came come close to the graphics processing power in my rig. I feel sorry for all those console players who will never know what they are missing.

    Nothing like water cooled SLI NVIDIA 690s sharing physix and ultra high res high quality graphics duty. Consoles pale in comparison and Destiny would have been the killer game.

    • While you are masturbating at your water-cooled nvidia I’ll go play some GTA 5, destiny and last of us :) I feel sorry for you m8. PC gaming is dead, face it. I have gaming rig 2, but the truth is all the best games are exclusive to consoles(mostly to PS4) cause PC games don’t sell.

      • “PC gaming is dead.”

        Can’t tell if just dumb or completely stupid.

      • PC gaming is dead? You’re actually insanely ignorant, twelve years old, or both.

      • Ha! If PC gaming is dead, why don’t I have more money and less games??

  8. the more they refuse to support the pc market, the more I refuse to support them…

    • how can you even support them, with your brokebutt-laptop?

  9. My $80 Xbox 360 can play games my $400 PC can’t.

    • Your $80xbox can play games your $400PC can’t because you were ripped off by whoever sold you that PC(or built it for you), You can built a perfectly competent gaming pc in the $400-$600 bracket, and run most AAA games on high/ultra, and just about every at high.
      SOooo yeah….

      On the topic of Destiny, I don’t much care for it tbh, If it ever comes out I will probably pick it up as a fun “Distraction” or to play with a few friends.

      What ive seen of endgame content is silly, I mean console players cant work trough a simple Soft Enrage mechanic, and that is just sad, any MMO noob can clear a boss that revolves around a soft enrage…..

      • @vubi

        A $400 PC would not be able to run most modern AAA titles on ultra, but it’ll definitely be capable of much higher than what a Xbox 360 is for sure. $600 is definitely able to build a PC capable of running games at much higher fidelity than either the Xbox One or PS4. Funny thing, actually building one for a friend now, cost under $600, Intel i5 4690k (quad core 3.5GHz with an unlocked multiplier), 8GB DDR3 RAM, AMD R9 280 graphics card with 3GB video memory. Using an old case we had lying around, optical drive off his an old PC and hdd off his old PC. Under $600. And since we don’t have to keep the old stuff around for backwards compatibility, he can probably sell the old hardware for maybe $100 or more… So really, $500 or less and he has a gaming PC that’s probably twice as fast as either current gen console, and most games will be cheaper. And funny thing about people who talk about being able to sit in front of a HDTV to game, he didn’t want to buy a monitor, so that’s exactly what he’s doing. It’ll be hooked up to his HDTV via HDMI, and he already has been using his PC that way, so he has a little tv dinner table he uses with a wireless keyboard and mouse, and we can get a Xbox controller to work with it too. So yep, wonder what argument the console fanbois will have for this…

        • and this gamer pee-c fanatic elitist nonsense is absolutely tiring bs.
          grow up… content and service, that’s what you buy primarily.
          if you don’t like it, don’t buy it.
          pee-c nuts are jealous little kids and it is so ridiculous.

          • Um… PC gamers are little kids… yah… I think you have something a little bit backwards…


      • dethfuse, where are you? I need a good laugh.

      • no you can’t. especially not EVERYWHERE around the world, if you have gotten somehow lucky.

  10. Considering the reviews I have been reading about Destiny, I don’t think its a game I particularly want to play, some like it but more don’t and have found it a major disappointment, some of the posts above have highlighted their disappointment. There are a number of free MMOs on PC that are free and have excellent graphics, and there are rumours still flying around that the next Fallout game will have an online aspect. Now that’s a game I can’t wait for and will invest in, Destiny had given me some excitement in the beginning, but dry mouthed after reading reviews.

    • I agree. I was very excited at first, then disappointed to hear no pc port, but from what I’ve learned about the game its a quick burnout of enjoyment. I’m no longer anticipating a pc version release.

  11. I think they just went broke and didn’t want the extra cost of developing a P.C. version because they weren’t sure if Destiny would even sell and I guarantee it wouldn’t have sold if they let it get reviewed before release, the said they spent $500 million in total on destiny, that’s like making two gta 5′s and who’s knows if they have actually made any money off it or what exactly they did with that 500 million, if they do make a P.C. version I’ll get it just to mod the living daylights out of it so I don’t have to grind my life away.

    • I think all of the achievements, loot, and other things are synced online, so no local mods can make the actual game easier. The only thing would be the possibility to make the game prettier with mods, that’s about it.

    • mods = cancer

      • cancer = fun

        CS:S = hidden
        ARMA2 = DayZ
        est est

  12. Meh, this comes from the people who made Halo. Halo is console gamers’ idea of a great FPS because they missed the Half-life boat. They’re development is forever stunted. It’s like people who never heard of Led Zeppelin saying Nickelback is the best band ever.

    • LOL, pretty much… I’ve played the Halo games. Not all of them, but I’ve played several of them, and they are SOOO boring… I honestly cannot think of what makes them so special to the people who are obsessed with them…

    • only “people” who divide whatever-gamers are the jealous delusional pc gayhmerz.

  13. this is nonsense. why do people always turn a discussion into a childish argument? stay focused on the topic and stop proving how badly humanity can behave.

  14. Right, its been a while since I posted, and they still dodo not have a PC version of the game. I am enjoying Warframe, and i spent money buying the Nova Prime, which actually would cost more than this game… Now that I am so involved in Warframe … and when they do release a PC version…. I don’t think I would get it, because I am loving Warframe.

  15. It’s about money; less competition and bigger profit margins on the consoles. End of story.

  16. Yeah bro if PC gaming is dead….. Then why did Mojang make so much money off of one game? And why is that game popular? PC gaming is not dead….it is very much alive.

  17. And yes max your right. We get into petty arguements cause someone has their own opinion on something and not everyone’s opinion is the same. We as humans are by far one the most imperfect things in the universe we go to war with other countries, kids fight in schools over a little joke, and one thing there shouldn’t be…. A murder capital. Like wtf that should not exist. These are all examples of how imperfect we are as humans.

  18. Newsflash guys….nobody’s perfect.

  19. After watching what a screw up they had launching Destiny I really could care less about the game or Bungle er I mean Bungie. With all the money they spent on the advertising build up really all the game is, is PVP shooter. Um yea ok you console people can enjoy it and all the multitude of expansions they area going to stick you with. I could be wrong but I do seem to remember most all games are made on PC’s. A couple on apples. Most all 3d programs used to make said games run on PCs or macs. I don’t expect them to make a pc version because like other games they have to keep pc gamers that use mouse and KB separate from the consoles. That would be an additional cost. I do agree with the one poster on warframe I enjoy being able to play with my friends in coop. The game is out not just for pc but consoles also. The Devs keep open communication with the players and are continually adding more things to the game. And the game is free. I’ve been playing it for a couple of years now and I have spent more money in it than the price of a number of AAA games. Bungie really never did PC games mostly Mac games until Microsoft bought them out. Bungie-microsft spent 500 million dollars on this. Microsoft was hoping Destiny would be for its new console like Halo was for its older one. I don’t think it got its moneys worth.

  20. I wanted to play destiny so bad when I first heard about it, but than I hear it’s a game that you need to play online at all times [like World of Warcraft] and so I decided to wait for a pc port and took all my money off of the system port.
    I keep seeing all over that there will never be a pc port for this game.

    well, destiny will be short lived like that game that lasted few weeks on systems. cough cough “defiance” cough cough.

    games like THAT only work for pc. I thought people learned their lesson about that.

    I recommend NOT buying destiny until it has a pc port…or when you have a few months left to live due to cancer and you don’t have the time to wait for a pc release.

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