This Is Why There Is No PC Version of ‘Destiny’

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Destiny Not Coming To PC

When Bungie parted ways with the Xbox-exclusive Halo brand for the chance to start a new franchise, it was the studio’s first opportunity to develop a triple-A video game that spans multiple platforms. Their concept, revealed last year to be Destiny, comes to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One all on the same day later this year. As for the PC version of the game, there’s been nothing but dodgy answers and ‘maybes.’

In truth, despite talk of the PS4 and Xbox One being easy to develop for compared to PCs – and certainly easier to port titles over – there is no PC version of Destiny in development. At least not yet. Bungie senior writer and head of community, Mark Osborne, wouldn’t confirm or deny, only explaining that “the more platforms [they] take on, the more work it ultimately becomes, and what [they] don’t want is to compromise the core experience on any platforms. ”

In the year since, questions raised about a PC version of the game have been danced around until a recent press event where Activision flew in media to Bungie HQ to answer these sorts of questions and get hands-on with the game. Here, design lead Lars Bakken told Eurogamer the cold, harsh truth that even if the game is developed and tested on PCs: “The truth is it’s not that simple.”

“The console SKUs are really important for us and that’s what we’re focusing on. We’re doing it all internally ourselves. That’s a huge endeavour. That’s not something we’ve ever done before.

“So when I’m playtesting and I’m trying to play PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3, that’s a lot of work. Adding another thing on there is just crazy. It’s crazy to think of right now.”

He did offer a little hope by reiterating that even though there are no plans for a PC version at the moment, that doesn’t mean there won’t be in the future. And if not, maybe for the sequels? Bungie COO Pete Parsons shared the same sentiment as Bakken, explaining his appreciation for PCs, but with the disclaimer that releasing four different versions of the game on the same day is quite a feat for the studio which has historically only developed its games for one platform at a time.

Destiny Screenshots - Sneak Attack

If Destiny were an offline game, that would make it easier for a PC version to be made alongside the consoles, but both developers explain that it’s more complicated than it sounds because of how each platform connects to the same “one central world.” It’s possible, but the 500-person Bungie studio can’t afford to spend time thinking and working on that with only a few months left until its September release date.

The title was designed from the outset with the consoles as the primary platform, but they do hear the fans and the talk, and just like they said a year ago, “look forward to future conversations around PC” – whatever that means. Destiny represents another major release that neglected the PC market, after the long-awaited Grand Theft Auto V skipped it in 2013 as well. Despite the recent news that the PC gaming just surpassed consoles in global video games revenue, most triple-A multiplatform titles see their best unit sales on consoles.

What platform will you be playing Destiny on or are you holding out for the chance of a future PC release?

Destiny releases September 9, 2014 for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.


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Source: Eurogamer

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  1. Maybe for the sequels? This game isn’t even out yet!

    As for sticking to the platforms, good luck. I guess I’ll be seeing it either eventually or never.

    • yeah, when this game was announced it was confirmed to have at least 3 games, and activision said they had faith in bungie ;)

      i am kind of sad its not coming out on PC as well even though i dont really game on PC. I never thought of Bungie as developing for 1 platform at a time before, so this really is a big feat.

    • As we saw during the release of Tombraider, some games are just not ported well to PC from console.

      Looks like a great game but honestly, don’t port it in the same off hand manner that Tombraider was. People will just get upset and it will damage your rapport with your customers.

      That said, as good as it looks, there is no way I am going out to buy a PS4 or any console just to play one game.

  2. see what they SHOULD have done is ditch last gen and just make destiny for next gen and pc. ah but no not everyone HAS an xbox one,ps4, or pc…damnit bungie….they lost my respect when they started favoring sony and offering extra content to playstation players

    • I agree because the PC gamers deserve a chance to play it too.

      • @Ryan

        “deserve”? Come on man, you act like this game is anything special. Just get Witcher 3 and be happy and forget about this game, seriously. Or wait until Cyberpunk 2077 comes out.

  3. NO offense to PC gamers, but i see so many Bigot PC supremacists taking the piss out of console players on EVERY SINGLE post i happen to look at on the internet.

    Not saying that its any of you, because im a PC gamer, but i like console aswell, and am fortunate to have both a high range rig and an XBO.

    But its nice to see some of the console players have something up on the PC fanboys for once… not that they really deserve it since they spend most their time ripping each others throats out anyway lol

    I would like to see it on PC at some point, i personally prefer shooters on consoles but i know im a minority in that department :)

    • They’ve always had one up’s. Sony has had several exclusive and so has Microsoft with their Xbox. It’s discriminatory. 90%(10% being MMO’s) of PC Games also come out for consoles. And half of that 90% that gets thrown on PC is just a console port.

      • Discriminatory? Really? Were you born with a PC attached to your body? Does the culture you hail from have a long history and tradition of playing PC games? Seriously, lighten up. I’m not crying because I own a PS4 and can’t play Titanfall. I chose my platform knowing that I wouldn’t be able to play everything that comes out. It’s part of life. Choices. You make them, and you live with them. Nobody is entitled to everything.

    • Creating a false divide is just one of the many ways gamers keep themselves separated and smaller. If there were no fanboys, the amount of crap publishers could foist on us as a group would probably be less. Alas, we like to spend more energy pretending that one of corporate techboxes is magically holier than the others.

    • No offense to you, but I see so many bigot xbox gamers talking about how console is supreme and pc is a grandpa machine. Look, there’s idiots everywhere, try not to use that as justification on why we shouldn’t get games. At least on PC Titanfall I’ve yet to be called gay and apparently no one has slept with my mother. Oh, and everyone with a mic has sounded to be at least a year or two past puberty.

      • Jeff – I am among the few that are still in puberty, and pretty early into it also. I still have four years until I am in college, and I spent all the money I had on a nice PC Rig, and even then I PC over console, even if I am called a “squeaker”, because I have yet to hear anything of the sort in the “I f***** your mum,” and so on. I prefer the PC gaming crowd over the standard console gaming crowd. Even when I had an x360 I never thought that the console was supreme, and I always thought that the PC could have so much more potential, and I was right.

  4. Here’s a crazy idea. Instead of saying how crazy it is to make and test it for 5 platforms, why not make it just 3? PS4, Xbox One, and PC?? Are they not confident enough in their game that it would help sell the consoles if they don’t release it on PS3 and Xbox 360??

    Anyway, I couldn’t care less about a PC release since I’m not at all interested in this game. But that excuse doesn’t make sense… They could make it on the PC, they simply CHOSE not to.

    • Maybe because the game is going to cost roughly 500 MILLION dollars to develop and they need as much return on their investment as possible? the people that own ps3′s and 360′s count in the hundreds of millions, their sales on the last gen consoles will be FAR greater than on the current gen, hardly any even owns current gen yet, compared to the last generation. that being said, if they don’t make a PC version then im just done with bungie, because they’re too incompetent to realize how substantial the PC gaming market is these days. the PC annual income SURPASSED console annual income just a few weeks ago, PC’s now make more money than consoles. how long that’ll last im not sure, but it just goes to show that PC’s alone are a huge competition vs. all the consoles combined.

  5. You know what? I’m done with consoles. I’ve bought every single Halo game since the first game. I’ve gotten the collector’s edition of all of them 1-4 and everything in between like Reach. Halo3 was cool with MC’s helmet. Hell, I was one of those people who was at Macworld when Halo was announced for the Mac back in the day. I’ve been loyal to Bungie. Bought an xbox just for that game. I still have my copy of Myth(Mac) on the CDs it came on. For those of you that don’t know Bunige was THE Mac gaming company. Yes Mac had/has games too, essentially they are PCs with a different OS. But you know what? Done. No more consoles. If they are going the console route permanently, I’m done with them. I don’t care how awesome their games are, like Naughty Dog with their games on PS. I’m just done with closed platforms. The console market had it’s time and it has ended.

    It’s done since you can’t continue to play the old games on new hardware you buy. Can I play Uncharted on PS4? Hell no I can’t. The fact that PS4 and XBone are essentially PC light platforms should give Bungie no excuse to develop for the PC market. There’s no reason why they can’t have this game for the PC market. None whatsoever. If they are going this route, they are doomed to limit their game to totally closed platforms. They MUST develop for Windows, Linux and maybe even Mac OS. The hardware can handle way more and you can even plug in your controllers to play as a “console.” NO reason to keep the PC market away from this game. Look at the market that PC has worldwide, it’s damn huge. It’s just stupid to disregard that. Just look at league of legends. People who are on PCs are totally loyal also. The graphics are better, the game-play is better, the multi-player is more rich, and the peripherals are more abundant.

    If this is the way Bungie is going, I’m gone.

    Wake me when you need me.

    • Dam right man Igf gotten every halo game to date from x box but I’ve just recentlystarted playing on pc n its way better the consoles make it so you can’t play older game so you have to buy new ones n how long is it gunna take them to come out witha new console, n have to buy everything all over again it just a big money grab for something that isn’t even that good I used to be somewhat of an ‘Xbox fanboy’ but now I say screw consoles pc is where I’m staying not gunna blow anymore money on something that’s gunna become outdated in a few years

  6. If they where not developing it for out date technology they would have the resources to make a PC version. Making a Xbox 360 and PS3 versions is just plain stupid! Next gen game next gen platform, XboxOne, PS4 ,PC. Something seriously wrong with the thinking in the company!

  7. I agree this should have been the other way around…
    Any MMOs should be made for the PC primarily with next gen consoles as the extras then the older consoles as the after thought…

    Well, at least they didn’t pull the “piracy card” on us… (I’m sure it would happen eventually… Bungie Offline Server Emulator for peeps with a lappy on the go)

  8. “We’re hardcore PC gamers” bull crap.

    I cancelled my preorder months ago because I was feeling this game was immensely over-hyped, and now I’m glad. Because that was back when it seemed they’d consider it if there was interest like Ubisoft did with The Division. And it’s not like Watch Dogs is being made for all the systems.

  9. when you say each platform connects to one central world, do you mean it will be cross platform?

    • I think that they mean that each platform will connect to one server. So if that is true I could see that they would have trouble running on PC, because PS4, PS3, XBone X360 all run on the same base type of code. While PC runs on a different less compact type of code.

  10. Of course it isnt coming out for PC. Game developers always lag it for some odd reason. Im sure its not that much harder. There arent aby good games coming out for PC anytime soon. Its annoying.

  11. I though the whole selling point of destiny was that it was a next gen fps, so why make it for the old xbox and ps3? Next gen surely would indicate ps4, Xbox one and pc, the later being the constant next gen platform seeing as it can be upgraded as new hardware is developed.
    I’m guessing, but i would assume it’s simply down to the coding for Xbox and Xbox one are similar and the same is possibly true of ps3 & ps4. As i said, that is purely a guess as i know very little about game coding.

  12. The only reason PC beat console on game sales is because of all the stupid crap kid games and the micro transactions. Before you post so called facts about PC game sales you should understand that its all pc games, from candy crush all the way up to big titles like CoD and WoW. Take popcap games and others like it out and PC game sales are nowhere near console game sales.

    Does anyone know what a mute button is? Its that easy to get rid of unwanted trash talkers and squeakers.

    In my opinion(from personal experience) consoles are superior to pc’s in one way….. Its harder to mod lobbies and get away with it.

    • Take away popcap games and you wouldn’t even dent the PC gaming revenue. The PC gaming community is 900 million strong, compared to consoles only at 257 million. If you take two large releases that were exclusive and compare the facts you can see the global market trend. It took “The Last of Us” 15 months to sell 6 million copies, where as Diablo 3 did that in a week. Now I know it isn’t fair to compare those two titles, it offers a glimpse at how essential the PC gaming community is.

      As far as consoles being harder to mod and get away with…thats fine by me, I’ll just sit in my dedicated server and have server admins regulate the gameplay.

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