‘Destiny’ May Require 40GB of Hard Drive Space; Bungie Answers Questions

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Destiny E3 Gameplay

It’s no secret that MMO-like Destiny represents a huge undertaking an even bigger risk for developer Bungie. After calling it quits on the Halo franchise, they have seemingly put all their eggs in a completely new basket – one that publisher Activision hopes will sustain a multi-billion dollar franchise for the next 10 years.

However, even though Bungie is betting big on Destiny, they never planned on fully “selling” the game before launch. Instead, the developer has tried its best to save the more intriguing elements of Destiny‘s puzzle for the game’s launch in early September.

For example, Bungie has confirmed that Destiny will include six-player raids, but they have shied away from explaining how exactly those will work. Similarly, they have kept endgame talk to a minimum, so as to preserve that ever-important sense of discovery.

Still, with less than a week until the game hits, Bungie’s Luke Smith has shared a few additional details about Destiny’s raids. He confirms that raid players will have access to unique, hand-crated loot, and that there will be both a ‘Normal’ and a ‘Hard’ difficulty available for players to test their mettle. Moreover, Smith reveals that raids will also save players’ progress at specific checkpoints, although that progress will reset every week.

 Because we store your progress in a given week, you don’t need to clear the activity in one-go.  Your group could simply make your way into the Vault and call it an evening, reconvene later in the week and pick up where you left off…However, your progress for the week is reset each Tuesday at the Weekly Reset.

While it’s not much to go off of, thankfully we won’t have to wait too long to see for ourselves just how unique Destiny‘s raids may be. In fact, some gamers have already got their hands on retail copies of the game, although it’s unlikely they did so by entirely legal means.

Even so, the retail copies of Destiny have revealed some interesting, heretofore unknown details about the game, specifically with regards to install sizes. Those who have already pre-loaded a copy of Destiny – on either PS4 or Xbox One – know that the install size for the base game clocks in somewhere around 18GB, but the retail box claims the game’s full breadth could reach as high as 40GB.

Of course, this is only a recommendation by Bungie and therefore not an accurate measurement of Destiny‘s girth. Most games give players a rough estimate as to how much free space they need, but few actually hit that threshold, and especially not at launch. However, with a December expansion already in the works for Destiny, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the game’s file size reach 30GB+ before the end of the year.

Are you looking forward to learning more about Destiny‘s raids at launch? Do you think that game install sizes are getting too big?

Destiny releases September 9, 2014 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie, Gamespresso

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  • COREY_1993

    can someone explain technically why this happens when you buy the disk? doesnt this kinda defeat the purpose of a retail copy?

    new gen is crazy with file sizes… i put in cod ghosts after not playing it for a while and i had to DL a nearly 2g patch file lol. probably gonna need to invest in a hard drive soon. i have like 70 ps3 games + some dlc and ive still got space on it

    • Ben

      This has been happening to PC for quite a few years now, disks are no longer play disks but rather just install disks. I think it primarily has to do with the speed of the data being faster from a HDD rather than streaming from a disk drive.

  • rccsr85

    is that only for new-fen systems, what about ps3

    • creep

      not for the 360 cause i haven never seen a game that needed to be installed for the 360

      PS3 most likely

      • Sentrix

        I Hope you’re right, but GTA V needed to be installed even for xbox 360.
        Again, I just hope you’re right because I only own a xbox 360 Arcade.

        • creep

          opps ( never bought Gta 5 for 360 )

          only looked at it on youtube

          going to get it for ps4 after i buy me a ps4 this December

          • FantaM1

            Do u know if theirs any other good bundle deals coming up for ps4? I want to buy one aswel

        • Nitescape

          It has already been reported that Destiny will not un on some XBOX 360’s or PS3’s due to the Hard Drive space required.


          • Sentrix

            This article related to the beta. I’m just curious if this also means that the final game will have the same hard drive requirement.

  • Yo mom

    That is bs that it requires 40GB of space. My Xbox 360 Slim holds only 5.0GB of space! They are letting Destiny come out for Xbox 360 but DANG, 40GB will cause me to have have to buy a freaking 130$ hardrive more or less. I hate new gen gaming, titanfall did the same thing. -Yo mom

  • Bungie

    Sorry bud, your just going to have to deal with it. All we are trying to do is make people pissed off. I think we succeded :D. -Bungie (ha suck my d**)

  • Ozone

    I am still looking forward to getting destiny even though i have to buy a hardrive.- Ozone

  • Spencer

    Why do you need a stupid HDD I bought it for 42 pounds