‘Destiny’ Scores First Gameplay Trailer

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Thus far, Bungie‘s new title, Destiny, has managed to gain the attention of many avid gamers for a myriad of reasons. Partially because it’s the first time in well over a decade that the developer has released a game on multiple consoles, but also because the information unveiled about the game so far has painted a very promising picture for fans. That said, the lack of actual gameplay that had been shown was cause for some to be concerned.

While the initial reveal of Destiny elaborated on the game’s basic premise and a handful of buzz-worthy features, it failed to give gamers a glimpse of what it would look like in action. Now that E3 2013 has finally arrived, Bungie and Activision have unveiled the first ever gameplay trailer for the upcoming blockbuster.

Destiny E3 Gameplay

Following a live demo during Sony’s E3 press conference, the newly released trailer provides an in-game look at the former Halo developer’s new IP. Based on the same location as the one shown during the PlayStation event, the entirety of the trailer is spent highlighting ‘Old Russia’, which features a massive wall and a number of alien hostiles.

Overall, Destiny appears to be on the right track, and the multiplayer functionality of the title is unlike any other game on the market. Whether you’re playing with friends or pairing up with randomly selected individuals online, Bungie has made its intention of once again revolutionizing the first-person shooter genre very clear.

Destiny is coming to Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4, but is currently without a release date.

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  • doc

    Still not entirely sure how this is played. Didn’t really see any free movement or free aiming, mmo’s tend to be rather restrictive in that regard.

    • Dovahkiin

      What do you mean? It looked just like a fps to me.

      • doc

        Not necessarily. The scenes were cut extremely quick, not much to form a definite judgement on. I’m sure there are action elements in there but the shooting might still depend on a lock-on mechanic.

        Might still be good but I’ll hold my applause until I’ve seen a few minutes of uninterrupted gameplay with a full HUD.

        • Chris

          Yep right now it could look like and other mmo with shooting and you need to press 1 2 3 4 to do “spells” with cooldowns or it could be like dust 514 with normal fps settings and not really being a “mmo”(using the context of WoW, GW, Neverwinter, ect player wise)

  • Martin

    Don’t look very Next gen to me :/