‘Destiny’ Trailer Goes To The Moon; Beta Access with Pre-Order Confirmed

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While the premise for Destiny has thus far centred around the last human city on Earth, Bungie has expanded the universe just a little by taking gameplay to the Moon in a new trailer. Confirming Destiny isn’t going to be earthbound and that it will feature a little space travel, even if it is just to our closest neighbor, should be exciting for those who thought one city might have struggled to keep environments fresh. Although those people must have missed the previous gorgeous and varied concept art.

Looking into the premise further, it was known that the game would feature several enemy races. This trailer shows that even the Moon isn’t safe from alien hands. In fact, we learn that some of Earth’s enemies were “buried deep within the core of our moon.” That is a little close for comfort, as it seems humanity found out.

Take a further look in the ominous, dungeon-crawling, alien filled trailer below:

Destiny Game Questions

At the end of the trailer, it is also confirmed that those who pre-order early on will gain access to the Destiny beta. There had been previous rumors that this could be happening and it didn’t take long for Bungie and Activision to confirm their plans. The beta will be going live in early 2014 across all platforms – readying the game for release in Spring. While fans may have been hoping for an earlier taste of the action, the public trial will make sure that the beta is a fairly polished experience with hopefully only minor bugs to report – unlike the server crashes that accompanied the recent launch of Grand Theft Auto Online.

Some might resent the move of using a beta as a bargaining chip to secure an early purchase, but it does at least make sure it is used by fans for its intended purpose and not just by casual playing it as a demo. With an investment in the game already, it may assure that more players give Bungie and Activision useful feedback in order to revolutionize the shooter genre. At the very least, it is good that the companies aren’t forcing desperate players to buy another game altogether.


Destiny is due out in Spring 2014 on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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  • http://gamerant.com Rob Keyes

    Very excited for this. Still confused about PC availability…

    • HortenciaJHillyard

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  • Ken J

    Honestly not seeing what’s so special about this… When I watch it, it just looks exactly like how they were advertising Halo back when it was going to be a Mac exclusive. I’m not saying it will not be a good game, just to me the trailer seems a bit lackluster…

    • Shalkowski

      And Halo was awesome. Im not seeing the bad thing about advertising the same way they did with Halo.

      • Ken J


        To some, Halo bored me to death. WAY too repetitive…

        • dethfuse

          Isn’t every game repetitive in its own way? Cause I never found Halo to be repetitive.

          • Shalkowski


          • Ken J


            Well, there are definitely things about every game that remains fairly similar through out, like core game mechanics, but with Halo, I just found that things like the enemies would always come out in the exact same groups and configurations and moving through the levels and killing the same groups of enemies just felt like grinding after a while because I didn’t even notice what the main plot was after a little while… But that’s just me, I guess everyone likes different things or has different expectations from the games they play…

  • drew

    i hate activition they ruined halo by buying bungie to make this game they needed to leave halo alone never buying anything from activition agin

    • James

      You clearly haven’t researched what actually happened.

      Bungie is independent, but both Bungie and Activision made an agreement – as do many 3rd part developers do with publishers.

      Bungie decided to leave Halo for several reasons – mainly to break ties with Microsoft. Microsoft retained the intellecual property of Halo but this allowed Bungie to go independent and create new IP’s, grow as a studio (hired many more people)and move on.

      Activision Has nothing to do with Halo.

      In fact, Bungie and Activision have a 10 year publishing deal allowing Bungie to be able to retain any new Intellectual Property – All Activision is there for is the cash flow. That’s the short version.

  • Bob

    Actually u will be going far past the moon. As far as I know there is a whole galaxy to explore