Bungie’s ‘Destiny’ Deal Outed by Activision’s ‘Call of Duty’ Lawsuit

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Bungie Destiny Deal Activision

As part of the ongoing litigation between ex-Infinity Ward members Vince West & Frank Zampella and Activision a whole slew of information has begun to make its way into the public, most of which doesn’t directly involve the Call of Duty franchise. While we’ve already brought gamers details regarding Electronic Arts’ deal with West and Zampella’s new studio Respawn Entertainment that would see the development of a “Halo-killer,” another juicy piece of information has made its way onto the net that involves, ironically, former Halo developer Bungie.

According to a deal between Activision and Bungie — a deal that only came to light as result of this Call of Duty case — the publisher tasked Bungie with the development of four sci-fi shooter projects all with the code name Destiny. The first project in the ‘Destiny’ deal would be an Xbox 360 (or Xbox 720/Durango) exclusive, while the next three would launch on all three platforms.

Along with the development of these four games, Bungie would also be responsible for four DLC expansions to be released in the interim years between the main game launches.

The deal also limited Bungie’s involvement with Halo: Reach DLC and on Bungie.net, keeping them from becoming to attached to their former franchise. That forced detachment was also mitigated by an agreement that Bungie could work on a side project code-named Marathon. At first the developer could only place a limited number of staff to work on the project, but as certain economic milestones were hit that number could increase.

Obviously the release of these details throws a huge wrench into Bungie’s plans for developmental secrecy, but we already knew they were working on something called Destiny based off a trademark filing earlier this year. These additional tidbits do put to rest rumors that Destiny will be an MMO, but that doesn’t mean Marathon couldn’t be that rumored title. It might be bad for the developer but at least now gamers know that Bungie is working on a sci-fi shooter for Activision, and more importantly it should be hitting store shelves in the Fall of 2013.

Are you disappointed to learn that Bungie‘s first project outside of Microsoft will be an Xbox-exclusive? What do you hope to see from the developer in terms of this new franchise?

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  • Peter

    marathon was an old bungie game for apple computers, which was made before halo.

  • Shaun

    Why does a Halo Killer need to be developed? It’s CoD that needs to die. Heck, Battlefield is also topping Halo on the Xbox Live charts, and both series’ are multi-platform.

    • other andrew

      yes sir you win

    • Matt

      First, I don’t see how the fact that both Battlefield and Halo are multi-platform affects the sales of each series on the XBL charts. They’re not interdependent.

      Second, both series may be multi-platform, but Battlefield is available for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, whereas Halo is only available for PC and Xbox 360.

      • Slyko227

        only halo 1, 2 are for pc all others are exclusive for Xbox

        • Matt

          That further proves my point.

  • jwalka

    i bet kotich plans on forcing bungie to make the future FPS title once CoD dies (next year) b/c think about it:
    – they have all these legal issues going on in regards to loyalties b/c treyarc isn’t supposed to make modern or futuristic CoD games (that was held for infinity ward before everything went down)
    – infinity ward is basically dead (as seen with mw3 and its repetitive everything)
    – bungie has been signed on for 10 years meaning they have to plan for sequels etc
    – bungie was king of fps’ on 360 b/c of halo (which people claim revolutionised fps’ and sci-fi shooters) so it would make sense for kotich to try and hit that mark once again, but mostly for the cash
    – kotich knows that most s***head prebs only play shooters so what else would be get a renown studio to make ? (its the only thing holding the publisher up imo since most of activision’s others franchises aren’t mega sellers).

    summary – bungies new game for activsion might be the next fad b/c it seems like after this year CoD will be taking a steep decline (especially since people are becoming aware of the cycle and repetitive nature of the franchise).

    • charlietehcoder

      “most of activision’s other franchises aren’t mega sellers” really? how about Diablo, Prototype, WoW, and I’m pretty sure with them publishing NASCAR games now they’ll make loads off them too. Activision was the first ever 3rd party publisher, they don’t need one type of game to “hold the publisher up”.

  • MikePitcher

    jesus, can we just get ONE effing bungie game on ps3?

    • Slyko227

      you get the last 3 just not the first

  • Matt

    4 sci-fi shooters? Sounds like Activision is trying to make another popular, repetitive franchise.