Marvel at Brand New ‘Deadpool’ Screenshots and Concept Art

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No one loves Deadpool more than Deadpool, so as Deadpool, the game, draws nearer to its forecasted 2013 release, expect to see the swaggering superhero eat up Activision’s publication material for the title like a hearty chimichanga.

We’ve already been treated to the Deadpool premier trailer at July’s San Diego Comic-Con (introduced, of course, by the protagonist himself), and this week’s Gamescom saw the publisher unload a batch of screenshots and concept art to stoke our anticipation of  where the game might be headed.Each of the screenshots stem from the Deadpool trailer – bouncy-bouncy’s and enemy grunts alike are at the mercy of Deapool’s “itch” for awesome. The newly-released concept art, however, conveys a bit more about the scale High Moon Studios could be working with.

Deadpool GamesCom Concept Art

We know that Deadpool is a highly mobile mercenary, a vast collection of guns, cutlery, and explosives rounding out his acrobatic agility and mental instability. What High Moon needs to prove to action gaming fans is how well they can implement these traits into the third-person superhero genre – how will it stack up to the ridiculously high bar set by another comic book adaptation: Batman: Arkham City? The trailer was a bloody and bawdy showcase of the up-close-and-personal, and if artwork like the “Death Metal” move depicted above (with Deadpool appearing to rocket past enemies in a severed sentinel head, shooting as he goes) is representative of an ordinary combat sequence, we could be in for a well-versed style of gameplay.

But with Deadpool’s erratic personality, so many avenues exist for exploring new methods of interactive entertainment within the superhero genre. Series comic-book writer Daniel Way is the writing game, and is certain to have a profound grasping of the character’s abilities and compelling backstory; meanwhile, voice-acting go-to guy Nolan North should keep us entertained with Deadpool’s wanton immorality and fourth wall-breaking disposition.

The game is still a long way off (perhaps Hit Monkey even enters the picture at some point), but right now hopes are riding high for High Moon and their wildly popular new star.

Ranters, how would you like to see the Deadpool game transpire as development hits full swing?

Deadpool is scheduled for release in 2013 on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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  • mjjrussell

    Batman is dc not marvel

  • alexander von rethrix

    it is a sentinel head. :)

  • The Dark Knight

    EPIC FAIL right here ->Marvel comics adaptation Batman: Arkham City, everyone knows Batman is from DC comics.

    • Digimass

      They said comic book adaption, nothing about marvel. Read more

      • mjjrussell

        I suggest you read all the comments before you post. The publisher of the article acknowledged and edited that part.

  • jakob997

    This why we EDIT things, people. So that Batman isn’t called a Marvel character.

  • jwalka

    we get it, he screwed up, no need to repeat the same thing 400 times. do people not read posts anymore and immediately assume their stating of the obvious is the most important thing in life and that if a typo goes wrong the world will end… f***ing downers.

    • ATG

      What he said…

  • Brian Sipple

    The error has been fixed. It was a simple brain lapse but it should have been caught.

    I’m going back to playing Batman: Arkham Warfare now :)

    • The Dark Knight

      Don’t take it personal Brian we know we all make mistakes at one time or another. If my comment offended you in any way I apologize.

  • mjjrussell

    The only reason i did was i read it before there were any comments. Mistakes happen. Special since marvel was on the mind. Your brain types things sometimes that you dont mean to.

  • Ethan

    I hope they don’t try to copy the arkham games fighting style like the spiderman game did. That can only lead to disaster.