New ‘Deadpool’ Trailer: More Gameplay, Jokes, and Cable

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A new trailer for High Moon Studios’ forthcoming Deadpool game has arrived, and unlike the announcement trailer it’s filled with plenty of exciting gameplay. It’s also narrated by the “merc with the mouth” himself, who in the game is voiced by Nolan North.

We’ve seen plenty of superhero games released over the past decade — many of them complete failures — but it’s fairly safe to say Deadpool will be something unique. From a gameplay perspective there aren’t too many differences between Deadpool and a character like Dante from Devil May Cry, for example, but that’s purely from an observational standpoint.

As the trailer above shows, Deadpool will do its best job to preserve the spirit of the comic book, while still being an entertaining video game. That means plenty of meta commentary, tomfoolery, and all-out bombastic sequences, and little touches like the speech balloons, all courtesy of the game’s writer Daniel Way. The trailer is comprised mostly of action shots, mind you, but what is on display looks pretty awesome.

Deadpool Trailer

Knowing that Nolan North voices Deadpool, and the constant joking might rub some gamers the wrong way, but hopefully most of that is part of the trailer’s editing and not necessarily indicative of the final product. It might just be the oversaturation of Nolan North vocal performances, or the rapid-fire nature of the trailer, but it’s possible to imagine some gamers being instantly turned off by Deadpool.

On the other hand, the character ranks very high on our list of superheroes deserved of their own game, so we’re happy High Moon Studios finally stepped up to the plate. They did a fantastic job adapting the Transformers franchise to an interactive medium — way better than Michael Bay ever could — so we have faith that they can do the same here.

As far as big reveals go, all the trailer showcases, aside from Deadpool, is Cable — a character we knew was already part of the game. Hopes are high that more of Deadpool’s regular foils will make an appearance, but thus far only Cable, Death, and Domino have been confirmed.

What do you think of the new trailer for Deadpool? Do you like High Moon Studios’ approach to the character?

Deadpool is targeting a Summer 2013 release on the Xbox 360 and PS3.


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  • HelghastUser

    Looks fun actually. They got the character down pretty well I must say. Hes always been an over the top character and for some reason I think that’s why some may be turned off towards this game..

  • ios

    Makes me really wonder how does he eat that Banana or Pizza like on the other pic with no mouth opening in the suit ??????

    If all details of the game are so mindless,god…this will suck big time !

    • Dante

      Yes, because how he eats is so very integral to the game.

      My gosh, how does he do it, it’s not like he could remove the mask from over his mouth or something…it’s got to be magic, or some high tech mask that allows solids through.

      Good catch, now I know to avoid this game at all costs.

      • Tremeos

        Ha ha! Sarcasm…

  • YourColourTelevision

    Oh my god, High Moon strikes again.
    High Moon has been my favourite developer this gen with Transformers: War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron. Their game design is genious. Cinematic, but not taking the control from you like in other “cinematic” games. (AC3, Call of Duty, Homefront). Fun when it needs to be, serious when it needs to be.

    I even got unreleased tracks from the soundtrack from Tyler Bates.
    I’m excited for this.

    • YourColourTelevision

      War for Cybertron Soundtrack.*
      Edit Button pwease? xD

  • FatJesus

    That was the Boss Hog right there. I just hope for Bob, Agent of HYDRA to come in though.

  • Atomic Gumshoe

    This looks bad, I understand if you are a fan of the comics this might appeal to you, but from a strictly gameplay perspective this looks bad.

  • smittyy

    this game looks stupid

  • shycat

    Will watch tralier sometime later but if they are going to target a summer release date this year then that is all I wanted to here for I am ready for it.

  • grey_lantern

    I’m still kinda confused as to why so many people think this looks like a bad game.

    • Dante

      Ever see Troll Hunter? They’re hiding in plain sight.

  • Dante

    Deadpool – Check
    Studio with Pedigree for great gaming – Check
    Burritos – Check

    Yes, yes I will buy this game.

  • Batman

    “In fact, Marvel hired the best developers in the world to make an expensive-ass trailer for my new game. Instead, we pocketed the money and made this.”

    This line alone has sold the game to me.

  • eli53

    This looks awesome

  • Jak Frost

    This game looks like a flop