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It’s official, everyone’s favorite hitman will be given a video game all his own. We’re not talking about Hit Monkey, sadly, but the only super…assassin capable of  making a ‘meat suit’ actually look good: Deadpool.

The announcement trailer released today shows that the Merc with a Mouth’s sense of humor – yellow thought boxes and all – will certainly be captured, and that the game will absolutely be what we’d call ‘graphic.’

At Marvel’s Comic-Con panel today, the project was confirmed after being publicly teased outside the convention itself. The Deadpool game will be developed by current makers of the Transformers franchise, High Moon Studios, for an expected release in 2013. A costumed Deadpool was on hand to work the crowd and crack jokes, further proving that there is just no one like the masked hitman.

The announcement may come as a bit of a disappointment for those still holding out hope for an Avengers video game, but comic book fans will immediately recognize the potential for a game based around Wade Wilson. We’ve explained our reasons for wanting to see a Deadpool game become a reality, and while it doesn’t seem quite as dark or mature as we might have hoped, the fundamentals are there.

Deadpool Game Trailer

A third-person action title with guns and bladed weaponry is a recipe for success – forgetting Too Human for a moment – and Activision‘s most recent Marvel property, The Amazing Spider-Man is a good indicator of what’s possible when the competition is mimicked. Unabashedly taking what worked about Batman: Arkham City‘s combat engine and adjusting it to the webslinger was a wise choice, and Deadpool would benefit from any influences along the same lines.

A bit more information will be required to get an idea of the story and style, but the trailer confirms that the developers are at least willing to get as off-the-wall with the character as the comics do. Shouting ‘pew-pew-pew-bang-bang’ every time a gun is fired might get a bit annoying after a while, but…oh, who are we kidding? That’s the kind of game design we can get behind.

What are your reactions to the first trailer? Think the developer and the material is a perfect match, or does something seem off? Leave us your reactions in the comments.

Deadpool is scheduled for a 2013 release.

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  • Matt

    Pretty funny and awesome trailer! Though I could’ve done without the Wilhelm scream (it’s been used a billion times and it doesn’t even sound real), and the blood isn’t very realistic at all.

    My only question is: Where does this leave Hit Monkey? Not that I care too much about it.

  • Eric

    Holy DP! This game looks freakin sweet! Just put some chimichangas and surprise guest cameos and you’ve got a winner

  • venom42

    WOW!i loved the trailer!!!i bet its rated M(its obvious).went to the website,just two platforms:Xbox360 and PS3.i hope they also put DP characters in the game not just killing enemies for no reason like a petri dish or something.and the villains,dont forget about the villains!whose the antagonist,whats the story,and more!i hope the game’s worth it too.