Cable & Death Join ‘Deadpool’ Game

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At Comic-Con last summer, Marvel made made a surprise announcement on the video games front, unveiling  Deadpool, the game based on every comic reader’s favorite Merc with a Mouth. Developed by High Moon Studios, the creative house behind the Transformers series of games for Activision, Activision hopes Deadpool can turn their Marvel fortunes around after the epic failure that was X-Men: Destiny.

In the months since the announcement, we’ve slowly learned of some of the supporting characters from Marvel Comics who will making appearances alongside Wade Wilson in the title, including Domino and now, their mutual “friend,” Cable.

Like Deadpool and Domino, Cable is a creation of comic book industry veteran Rob Liefeld. Cable and Deadpool had a 50-issue ongoing series from 2004 to 2008, where they split off into their own solo series after a major crossover event for the X-Men. In the upcoming Deadpool game releasing later this year, they meet up again.

The following images came from Liefeld himself who posted the following scans from Xbox Online Magazine:

The other interesting addition revealed in the images is the inclusion of Death, who’s personified into an actual character in the Marvel universe. Fans with a keen eye may have noticed the subtle reference to the character in the post-credits button at the end of The Avengers film where Thanos is revealed. Thanos has an obsession with Death and aims to please her in any way he can. Deadpool, who thanks to his mutant healing powers, has been able to elude her but they share an interesting connection.

Each character revealed thus far has a unique relationship with the protagonist, mostly because he’s crazy. Cable was able to work with him because he understands and can (mostly) manipulate him into doing what he wishes, whereas Death had Deadpool crushing for her at one point.

We’d love for this game to support co-op, where additional players could take on the supporting characters, but knowing High Moon Studios dropped co-op play in the campaign of the latest Transformers, it’s highly unlikely.

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Source: Xbox Online Magazine (via Rob Liefeld)

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  • Gallifreyanjedi

    I always assumed Cable would at least have a cameo in the game. but I forgot about Deadpools connection / infatuation with Death. This is excellent news though!

  • ATG

    I’m still not sold on this game.

  • Dante

    Ahh, Rob Liefeld, a true connoisseur of fine plagiarism. Seriously, that guy is such a joke, there are literally hundreds of his “pieces” that were directly copied from all sorts of other artists.

    He is truly a joke. I guess this game is the only hope he’s got now – DC won’t touch him, Marvel won’t either, the guy is a hack.

    I love how he is so tangentially related to the project that he has to scan a mag in order to post it.

    On a good note – High Moon will no doubt knock this game outta the park.

  • Jak Frost

    This game looks just..Awful

    • COREY_1993


      • Dante

        Jak Frost has poor taste – explained.

    • Jak Frost

      because its gameplay looks boring and I don’t like the graphics its probably not going to sell very well

      • Jak Frost

        And dead pools just not that cool to me

  • Rabbit93

    As a deadpool fan ibwill love this game. Hopefully. Maybe it will lead up to a deadpool movie finally!?

    • Dante

      I think they’re going full-on comic universe with the game Rabbit – but a Deadpool movie may happen sooner or later – hopefully later when Marvel gets their characters back from Sony & Fox.