‘Dead Space 3′ Demo Launching in January; Trailer Recaps the “Story So Far”

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After its reveal as a co-op-centric shooter during E3 2012, Dead Space 3 — despite being the next sequel in one of the best-received survival horror franchises of this generation — has quite a bit to prove when it releases on Feburary 5. The mechanic adds a whole new layer to Dead Space’s gameplay — one that some fans have argued contradicts an axiom so fundamental to its genre: isolation.

Fortunately, however, skeptics and believers alike will be able to get a taste for the experience early. In addition to bestowing us with the Dead Space 3 “Story-So-Far” trailer above, Electronic Arts and developer Visceral Games have announced that a Dead Space 3 demo will release January 22 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Xbox 360-owning Necromorph meat can earn a week-early access code by signing up at demo.deadspace.com, although EA cautions that quantities are limited.

Dead Space 3 Demo Co-op

While Dead Space 3 will always give players the option of playing through the campaign alone, the demo itself appears to emphasize co-op. Electronic Arts was sparse with the mission specifics in their press release, but promises “deep space terror when unwilling hero — Isaac Clarke — and all-new co-op companion — Sergeant John Carver — crash land on Tau Volantis, an unforgiving ice planet teeming with Necromorphs.”

Whether or not that means players will be precluded from flying solo remains unclear — but in the case of Dead Space 3 testing out cooperative play seems like a borderline necessity. With EA already confirming that it contains exclusive gameplay sequences, gameplay mechanics, story details, and even Kinect voice commands (not to mention the self-aware but ardent praise of the mode from EA executives), there’s no doubt that co-op will be crucial to the atmosphere and narrative the game attempts to convey. If the demo provides even a small feel for how Issac Clarke and John Carver, horror-hardened engineer and battle-scarred sergeant, survive the new open-world ice planet of Tau Volantis, Dead Space 3 could further solidify its position as one our most anticipated games of 2013.

Dead Space 3 Demo Date Details

For an extended look at both facets of Dead Space 3’s campaign, be sure to check the 20-minute-long Dead Space 3 gameplay footage that surfaced out of E3 2012.

Dead Space 3 releases on February 5 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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  • Varteras

    I’m trying to keep an optimistic approach to this game but I can’t help but feel this may end up being a poor sequel thanks to the co-operative basis of it. After speaking to my friend, who plans on getting it as well, we agreed that it may be fun to both be helping each other at certain points but then find ourselves cut off and unable to help the other one the rest of the time.

    However, that is assuming that the game gives us stretches of gameplay where we are alone instead of ‘moments’ such as what Resident Evil 5 did. If I’m with a human or AI partner a majority of the time I can’t see this game giving me the same feel as the first two. As many people have already said, what really helps make Dead Space and indeed the survival horror subgenre in general so successful is the sense of isolation. You’re pretty much alone versus certain death. Taking that away really just makes it feel like an action game. Without that vibe or atmosphere a survival horror game is really just another action/adventure game.

    Now this game could really surprise me by taking a co-op approach and still making me jumpy but seeing the recent trend of Resident Evil and what that did for me I’m approaching this game with only a sliver of cautious optimism.