‘Dead Space 2′ DLC Adds New Suits And Weapons

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Dead Space 2 DLC Weapons Suits

Following on the heels of the announcement of Dead Space 2’s first additional chapters in the form of Dead Space 2: Severed comes news of DLC that is available for download right now on Xbox Live Arcade. They may not be as inventive as the unlockable foam finger, but a wide variety of suits and weapons have been bundled together in three unique upgrade packs that can be downloaded for 400 MS points ($5) each.

The availability of content like this so shortly after the release of the game begs the question, why wasn’t it just included in the retail edition? At $15 for the whole set, the DLC has a rather steep price tag, which may indicate that EA and Visceral Games are testing the waters to see just what people will pay for this kind of content.

Regardless, the Supernova Pack, Hazard Pack, and Martial Law Pack all provide a wide variety of upgraded suits and weapons for gamers to play around with. The content included in each pack and the bonuses provided by the various suits and weapons are linked below:

Supernova Pack (400 MS Points)

Forged Bundle:

  • Forged Engineering Suit (15% medpack bonus)
  • Forged Plasma Cutter (increases damage 10%, reload speed 5%)
  • Forged Line Gun (increases firing speed 5%, alt-fire damage 10%)
  • Forged Ripper (primary fire lasts one second longer, increases alt-fire damage 10%)

Heavy-Duty Bundle:

  • Heavy-Duty Vintage Suit (increases damage 5% for Line Gun, Detonator, Contact Beam)
  • Heavy-Duty Line Gun (increases reload speed 10%, damage 5%)
  • Heavy-Duty Contact Beam (primary fire charge reduced by 0.1 seconds, damage increase 5%)
  • Heavy-Duty Detonator (increases reload speed 10%, damage 5%)

Agility Bundle:

  • Agility Advanced Suit (10% increases to Stasis duration)
  • Agility Rivet Gun (increases reload speed 5%, firing speed 5%)
  • Agility Plasma Cutter (increases reload speed 5%, firing speed 5%)
  • Agility Pulse Rifle (increases reload speed 5%, firing speed 5%)

Hazard Pack (400 MS Points):

Hazard Bundle:

  • Hazard Suit (5% increase to Stasis duration
  • Hazard Line Gun (increases alt-fire damage 5%, reload speed 5%)

Triage Bundle:

  • Triage Suit (10% medpack bonus)
  • Triage Javelin Gun (increases damage 10%, reload speed 5%)

Shockpoint Bundle:

  • Shockpoint Suit (decreases Stasis recharge 5%)
  • Shockpoint Ripper (primary fire lasts one second longer, increases reload speed 5%)

Martial Law Pack (400 MS Points)

EarthGov Bundle

  • EarthGov Security Suit (increases damage 5% for detonator, Seeker Rifle, Pulse Rifle)
  • EarthGov Pulse Rifle (increases alt-fire damage 5%, reload speed 10%)
  • EarthGov Seeker Rifle (increases damage 5%, firing speed 5%)
  • EarthGov Detonator (increases damage 5%, firing speed 5%)

Bloody Bundle

  • Bloody Vintage Suit (increases damage 5% for Flamethrower, Javelin Gun, Force Gun)
  • Bloody Flamethrower (increases damage 5%, reload speed 10%)
  • Bloody Javelin Gun (increases alt-fire damage 5%, reload speed 5%)
  • Bloody Force Gun (increases alt-fire damage 5%, firing speed 5%)

If you’re not yet familiar with Dead Space 2 or on the fence about getting the game, it would be a great idea to check out our first impressions of the game to help you decide if its right for you. This DLC may come at a steep cost, but as always you don’t have to buy it if you don’t want to — unless you’re an obsessive compulsive completionist, in which case you may feel utterly compelled to do so.

Do you think $5 a piece for each of these DLC packs is too much, or just right?

Dead Space 2 is available now for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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  • Marcus

    At the current moment, I am playing “Dragon Age: Origins”. Electronic Arts has to get away from the whole download content approach.

  • http://www.GameRant.com Steve Pendlebury

    If anyone is looking at this DLC in the hopes of Getting the classic Dead Space suit, go for the Supernova pack. It features a classy grey and silver classic Isaac suit.

  • http://gamerant.com Anthony Taormina

    I wish I had pictures of the suits to make my decision, right now I am leaning towards Supernova because of the 10% damage plasma cutter.

    Other question is if my node upgrades will carry over.

    • Tayphlosion

      You can find a video of it on Youtube, under Dead Space 2 dlc/suits. I wish I had the link for you. I’m just hoping the suits work on multi-player aswell. Do the necromorphs get any different costumes? I know there are different variants of enemies and it wouldn’t be fair if they didn’t.

  • makavillian 209

    I think all of this should be bundeled together for $10.

    • JW

      EA: (in Cartman’s whiney voice) But we liiiiiiiiiiike moooooooooooooooooooonnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    • http://gamerant.com Rob Keyes

      I think it should all be included in the game since it was built into the game and intentionally separated to make the actual full retail an additional $15.

      Bad precedent for the industry.

      • http://gamerant.com Sebastian Gaweda

        Let’s just hope consumers don’t support it too readily.

  • elijah

    Let them make their money, it’s fine by me. I don’t want to be a hypocrite and say if i created a successful franchise game, then i wouldn’t offer dlc for $$$, cause i would. In a Hearbeat.

  • randy

    I think Im getting the supernova pack, and because its just what they planned.

    hardcore mode is Ridiculous, so they released these saying “Suckers who wanna beat it will prolly buy these durr hurr” and i will.

    Not happy about it, but not wasting 15$

  • Wulf


  • Nate

    i think i could find more productive things to spend my $15 on than something that should have been included in the game originally. We already shovel out $60 for the software. EA is being blatantly greedy and I will not support it… Just remember games used to be $50 with all the special bells and whistles.

  • Brandon

    I bought all 3 of the dlc and will buy anymore they offer cause they are by far my favorite game company and i company without money cant make more games so i am always willing to fork over money to EA and Visceral games

    • http://gamerant.com Sebastian Gaweda

      I suppose you could always make a donation to EA instead. Your point is still valid, and this is certainly a great way to support a company who’s product you love.

  • Mike

    I don’t think 5 bucks is too much, considering how much stuff your getting. But I would don’t get all 3, maybe 2 bur not 3.

  • Chaos

    Dead space 1 and Dead space 2. What can I say? Best survival horror games since the old resident evil games? I think so. I am more then willing to dish out a little more money for extra content. All of you saying it should have been in the original game and blah blah blah. Think about it. It is a priviledge these days that we get content that would have not been included in the full release. Without so much online implementation we would not be getting this AT ALL. Back in the old days dont you think we all would have loved more resident evil, parasite eve, dino crisis add ons during the ps1 era? I know I would have. If the game is this good I am more then willing to dish out some extra money so they can make more quality games. This games replay value is like strapping any 5 other games together on one disc. Im In. My input on this topic is that I WILL not be bothered by additional DLC for games that are simply amazing. I dont care when they announce it or when we can get our hands on it, its like giving more candy to people that love candy. I want more dead space. Keep it coming. BTW everyone complaining about dlc costing 15 bucks… Visceral including dead space extraction with all of your limited edition copies. You got a free game anyway. Well ps3 anyway. Sorry xbox guys = (

  • Sage

    I know this is late but– these packs are really to make te game easier for your first playthrough. Normally I’d condemn this kind of thing but the inclusion of the hardcore mode and “hard to the core” achievement makes ones of these $5 packs enticing as they allow you to get a jump on one of the most difficult obstacles in the game.

  • nova brain

    i think it a waste of money personally to spend money on game suites and 10 percent increase to damage on some weapons, this stuff should be unlockable after you beat the game at least once, it’s a rip to have to buy it it’s not worth it.

  • A Normal person

    extraction was a wii game and therefore not a game at all

  • officialkaashii

    i just bought dead space 2 and it is awsome but i didnt have that many weapons at the moment so i downloaded some from the store on the main menu(xbox live marketplace) and when i went to go check there wasnt any thing there and i wasted 10$, its really pissing me off cuz i hate wasting good money that i can use on other things

  • alan2195

    which two would you get? i only have enough for 2 of them??

  • Andrewfreak

    Yeah I’m not paying frigging 5 bucks for 1 pack I mean seriously that’s a rip off!!!

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