Xbox 360 Exclusive ‘Dead Rising 2: Case West’ Announced

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Today at the Tokyo Game Show, Capcom revealed that everyone’s favorite photographer Frank West will be in Dead Rising 2… kinda. Capcom has announced upcoming downloadable content ‘Case West‘. Similar to how the ‘Case Zero’ DLC acted as a prologue to Dead Rising 2, Case West will act as an epilogue to the game, separate from the actual story.

As you may have guessed the game will allow you to play as Frank West or Chuck Greene side-by-side in co-op game play. Sadly, PS3 users are out of luck, because ‘Case West’ will be an Xbox 360 exclusive. It would seem that everyone was correct in suspecting that the hazy photo released by the Dead Rising 2 Blog was actually Frank West.

Seeing as the first DLC was received very well critically, including our own review, and has broken download records for Xbox Live, Case West will also likely do exceptionally well. Capcom has yet to announce if ‘Case West’ will cost the same five dollar price point as ‘Case Zero’, or whether or not if there will be a price at all.

This is great news for the people who were dissatisfied with the idea of co-op online play with just differently colored versions of Chuck Greene. Now, when you slaughter zombies in co-op mode, both you and your partner can be two separate identities instead of a clone. Now you and your buddy can be the dynamic duo of zombie killing.

Be sure to check out the official trailer that came with the announcement, it doesn’t give much in game play but it definitely sets the tone, and you get to see the two undead slayers next to each other:

Dead Rising 2 is set to be released on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on September 28, 2010. ‘Case West‘ will likely be released soon after.

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  • Matt Bowman

    Damn this Xbox exclusive crap. I am buying this game for PS3 because I have two friends who only have PS3s that are getting this and I plan on playing some co-op with those guys. I feel like I am missing out or an idiot when I buy these DLC packs and buy the game on another system. So Case Zero sold like 800,000 on XBLA. It probably would have sold that and then some if it was on PSN also.

  • Mustache9

    This looks kick-ass, dude. I really hope Frank has his voice from the first Dead Rising.

  • Christian Spicer

    So I am kind of thinking of just buying Case Zero and Case West and passing on the “main” game entirely. That is assuming Case West is 5 bucks too. I think between the two that will be all the DR action I really need.

    • Bad Idea

      If you enjoyed the first Dead Rising at all, then you really won’t want to miss out on this one, they really did an awesome job! Case Zero was just a warm up (only get to lvl 5, but it carries over to DR2) and I’m sure Case West will help solidify the ending!!

  • jason

    OMG another DLC and not for ps3 BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!