Deep Silver Reveals, Apologizes for ‘Dead Island: Riptide Zombie Bait Edition’

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Dead Island Zombie Bait Edition

After exploding onto the scene with one of the best game trailers of 2012, developer Techland is pushing to make itself a bigger name in the gaming industry. A great looking cinematic trailer and a reasonable price for its new game, Dead Island: Riptide, can only help. Techland’s publisher, Deep Silver, has just announced two different limited edition bundles for Dead Island: Riptide, but gamers in the UK are soon to discover that their edition is a little controversial.

The first Dead Island already caused enough controversy when some misogynistic code was uncovered by apt Steam users. Purna, a female character from the game, has a skill entitled Gender Wars which gains her bonus damage against men. In the code for this, however, this skill is called “FeministWhorePurna,” which is just about as offensive as gender-related purgatory can get.

You’d think that Deep Silver would be more careful after sexist ideology accidentally trickled out of one of its studios (even if it was limited to just one programmer), but apparently releasing a bust of a bikini-clad women’s torso as part of the UK limited edition of Dead Island: Riptide strikes the publisher as a good idea. The statue is an impressively-sized 31 by 18 centimeters and is supposed to represent a “grotesque take on an iconic Roman marble torso sculpture,” but we’re not sure that a beaten, bloody, bikini-clad midriff is something most gamers would want on their shelves. The questionably titled Zombie Bait edition of Riptide, which contains the statue, is limited to the United Kingdom and will retail for around $160. It also includes a steel bookcase for the game, a series of weapon mods, and collectible artwork cards.

Mere hours after revealing the Zombie Bait package, Deep Silver apologized for the statue, stating through Twitter that it deeply regrets the choice, and is committed to ensuring that this kind of thing doesn’t happen again. The publisher hasn’t stated whether the Zombie Bait Limited Edition will still be released, but it’s good to know Deep Silver is listening to fans across the globe.

Dead Island Riptide Rigor Mortis Edition

On a less-offensive note, Deep Silver has also revealed a less controversial Dead Island: Riptide limited edition bundle which will come to North and Latin America. The objects included in the bundle are all community-voted, with only the most-wanted items included. It’s a great idea in concept and seems to be the polar opposite of the game’s UK edition – favoring many collectible items instead of one giant bust. Included in the plainly-titled Rigor Mortis Edition are the following objects:

  • Bloody Zombie Arm Bottle Opener Magnet
  • Bungalow Key (with branded wood keychain)
  • Zombie Hula Girl Bobble Figurine
  • Dead Island: Riptide Special Edition (with extra DLC)
  • Dead Island Replica Suitcase

Impressively, even with all the extra physical content, the Rigor Mortis Edition will only run gamers $80, which is exactly half of what they’d be paying for the Zombie Bait edition in the UK.

What do you think, Ranters? Which edition would you rather have? What are your thoughts on the mauled bikini-torso?

Dead Island: Riptide releases April 23rd, 2013, in North America, April 26th in the United Kingdom, for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Sources: Rock Paper Shotgun, Twitter

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  • The_Philosopher

    Misogyny at it’s best. This is probably the most explicit example why gamers are wrongfully prejudged to be homicidal sexist maniacs.

    However, I will say that this piece does look like the kind of imagery used in mental conditioning to desensitize people, reducing their empathy overall.

  • Dante

    I love how the boobs somehow managed to escape harm…while the body was de-limbed and decapitated and chewed on by zombies…the boobs – nope – untouched.

    • lifer

      HAHAHA!! So true so true. Even zombies can appreciate awesome boobage!

    • SV

      Lol didn’t even realize that! Good call haha

  • Kaero

    Honestly, neither. I’m not in the UK so that bust one is completely out of the question, and paying $30 for a bobblehead, a bottle opener, a useless key on a slightly more useful keychain, and a replica suitcase isn’t in my best interest.

  • xmisfit666s

    i dont see the problem…id love to have that statue….but, im not in the uk so i guess its out of the question for me, seeing also as i wouldnt pay that much either lol

  • MJAussie360

    Pfft, this is blown out of proportion completely.
    I’d still buy the Zombie Bait edition.
    I doubt it will be released here in Australia, but if they continue to allow it, I’d preorder and import one from the UK.

    All we need is over sensitive so called gamers to screw everything over. Get over it and buy the kiddue friendly version if you dont like it. Others should have a choice

    • lifer

      No shit man. I’m completely on the same page with you on this. Even my Fiance thought it was cool! Just too many anal pricks telling us what we can and cannot watch/own/play/drive/work/etc,etc,etc Welcome to America’s order of the pig dookie politicians. Even in video games and the paid off spinless video game journalists.

      • MJAussie360


  • The_Philosopher

    This wouldn’t be an issue if the statue had a zombified head (instead of no head). They should have based it on The Venus de Milo. That would have been funny.

    But instead…

    They made a sexualized corpse…
    It’s distasteful because there are people who get off doing this (torture, dismember, decapitate) to real people.

    These people are what come to mind when I see this statue. And it would appear that Deep Silver is encouraging that mind set by feeding this type of necrophiliac imagery to their fan base.

    • MJAussie360

      Dude, you don’t like it, we get it. Stop coming back and trying to continue with a discussion no one seem to care about.

      Go crawl back under that rock your living under and stop spewing your nonsense at people. Freakin worse than bible bashers

      • r-AV-en

        Dude, you don’t like opinions, we get it. Stop trolling people who simply have a different opinion than you.

  • boogoo

    I can see a lot of horror movie/game buffs loving that statue. I can’t say I’d want it sitting on my shelf though!

  • Matt

    I’m definitely getting the Rigor Mortis Edition! What a deal!

    • John Jacques

      I think the iconic Dead Island suitcase containing everything is a solid idea. I wish more companies would poll fans on what they want in a Collector’s edition.