‘Dead Island’ Ryder White DLC Gets New Trailer

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Dead Island Ryder White DLC Trailer

Villains get a bad rap, it’s an unfortunate result of their role as the villain, but typically they are down right evil. Take for example The Joker, he is evil and Batman must stop him. Other times, the villain’s role isn’t so clean cut.

Though the antagonist of Dead Island, Ryder White, revealed himself to be a significantly selfish individual, there was always the assumption that something about his story was missing. A man bent on healing his wife, White’s situation before coming into contact with the main game’s survivors was completely a mystery, and extremely intriguing.

Following hot on the heels of Raam’s Shadow, the Ryder White DLC for Dead Island allows players to gain a new perspective on the game’s events, as seen through the eyes of its main villain. Obviously, Ryder White doesn’t start out a villain, as a new trailer released for the DLC reveals, he was actually sent to Banoi Island under false pretenses — with the intention of finding his wife and curing her.

Along the way White will have all of the same weapon customization options at his finger tips, along with two new weapon blueprints that will be unique to this DLC. Aside from that, it’s up to the unique scenarios in the game, which appear to include a pretty stunning helicopter crash, to help this DLC stand out.

Check out the trailer:

Obviously, if you’re interested in checking out the Ryder White DLC, it’s recommend first playing through Techland‘s main game. While not exactly as memorable as the initial teaser trailer for the game, the end product delivered some fairly satisfying thrills and unique opportunities to take down some zombies.

And then, once your journey through the contrastingly beautiful yet terrifying Banoi Island is over, you can pick up the DLC, which is available on the first of February for all three platforms (PC, PS3, and Xbox 360).

Would you like to gain this new perspective on Ryder White through the first Dead Island DLC? What other types of DLC storylines would you like to see Techland explore?

Dead Island‘s Ryder White DLC releases February 1, 2012 for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. The DLC will run 800 MS Points or $9.99 on Steam and the PSN.


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  • Tay

    Finally!!!! Lol. But yes I can’t wait for this DLC, the story seems like it’ll be more interesting than the main campaign. Though I loved Dead Island I have to admit the story was “meh” but it was loads of fun and I don’t think this will be any different.
    As far as other DLC’s I guess Sinamow’s story could be interesting but at the same time not really lol. After this I think they should just focus on the sequel Dead World and take their time with it so we don’t go through all that mess again. With all the money the game made they should release a way better quality product next time.

  • matt

    I jsut want a better ending -.-

    • Sean “BlackJoker” P.

      It was a pretty overly used ending for almost any game “Escape on a flying something” But Dead Island ending was pretty sad. I think thats what they were trying to go for the whole time. Still I didn’t feel sad half to the entire game besides the end lol.

      • Tay

        yeah they tried to throw the little twist in there lol but I realt could have cared less for Jin, I hated her!