‘Dead Island: Riptide’ Just Plain Announced

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Dead Island Riptide Announcement

With E3 in full swing, it’s hard for video game enthusiasts to keep up with all the exciting announcements coming down the pipeline. During this brief time that media coverage is fixating on gaming news, many developers take advantage of the exposure to promote new independent products, partnerships, and DLC. Unfortunately for Techland, this does not appear to be the case with its latest announcement, Dead Island: Riptide.

Techland made waves last September with the hybrid shooter-RPG Dead Island, and its success caught Hollywood’s attention shortly after release. Only two months later, speculation started to swell around a possible sequel, when it was discovered that Techland had registered the name Dead World — for what, however, we still don’t know.

Now it has been announced that a follow-up title is in development, but there are virtually no details yet, aside from the title and a logo. Dead Island: Riptide is currently described only as “a new entry to the Dead Island franchise,” and an “extensive reveal” is promised for “later this Summer,” according to the press release announcing the game.

Sadly, it all feels a bit vague, perhaps even careless, considering the potential for so much exposure during one of the few times of the year that the gaming world gets to go wild. On the other hand, it is certainly Techland’s prerogative with regards to the details it chooses to release, and the company simply might not want to divulge much else and risk spoiling the fun for us later on.

Whatever the reason, Techland’s announcement is certainly good news for fans of Dead Island, who will no doubt have their fingers crossed for more information to be released sooner than later.

What do you think, Ranters: has Techland slipped up by not taking advantage of E3 to promote the sequel to its GOTY title? Or is a logo enough to keep you satisfied until more word arrives?

Dead Island: Riptide is expected to release on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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  • ATG

    They should’ve released another CGI trailer with an artistic vibe like the 1st one, just not rewind again. Subtitled Riptide it sounds like a DLC or an expansion pack of sorts. Either way, excited to see what this is.

    Yes, Kyle, I agree. Just seems so careless…

  • Tay

    Logo is enough for me, can’t wait to see what’s in store. I’m just glad we are getting a sequel to a game that has much potential.

  • Baby

    After hearing 2 weeks ago that there will be no sequel (which I guess was a lie), I’m just happy as hell that they are making one, period. I am antsy to know where this will be held. Will it be in America, where Yerema wanted to go? Will Charon take her to another island? I’m sure the Island of Banoi isn’t going to be the location, as it’s pretty much survivorless rubble now. They may have even nuked it. The good thing out of all of this is, we won’t have to wait long. As they will go in to detail within a couple of months. It won’t be like one of those GTA V waits that’s going on right now.

  • jwalka

    the first one was pretty good, but started sucking towards the end (well from the jungle onwards). i could tell that they went full on for the first 2 acts and sort of lost interest on the second half of the game (the end area was a total joke).

    hopefully this is sort of like an expansion pack (like ARPG’s are known for) and not a full retail release.