‘Dead Island’ Sells 1 Million; DLC Delayed to Focus on Bug Fixes

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Dead Island Sells 1 Million DLC Delayed to Focus on Bug Fixes

This morning Square Enix announced that Dead Island sold more than 1 million units in North America. That’s quite a feat but no surprise after all the hype the Dead Island teaser trailer created and the world’s current zombie obsession.

But many of those players are experiencing several different technical or game play issues resulting in mixed reviews from players and critics alike. Dead Island is a good game buried under enough bugs that it’s almost criminal that it was released in its current state.

It’s still possible to enjoy but bugs exist that cause mission progress or character development to be lost and those are unforgivable. Check out our Dead Island review for more details on gameplay and bugs players may encounter. It’s clear all Dead Island needed was a little more time in the oven including more gameplay testing and programming tweaks to become the game it should be.

Thankfully, Deep Silver is looking into fixes and updates across all platforms and, as a result, previously announced DLC will be delayed in order to focus on improving the core game experience. This comes as expected news after all the problems players have been experiencing, including faulty player connectivity issues, autosave issues and other quirky bugs or gameplay elements working in ways that the player may not expect. The game has a lot of potential so hopefully the improvements made in the patches expected in the next few days will let the great game concept underneath shine through – because as it stands now it’s a hot mess.

Sexist Code Left in Dead Island

With the ability to patch games over the internet post release, developers have started to release games in more and more unfinished states. Dead Island is a scary example of how a game can be rushed out the door and then patched at a later date without proper testing. It’s understandable that Techland is smaller developer but hopefully this doesn’t start a trend of games claiming to be complete and using their customers as beta testers – after they have already paid. If a beta to test is required to catch game breaking flaws or test multiplayer server scalability then it should be done. First impressions matter, and developers better remember that.

What bugs have you experienced? Are you disappointed the DLC is delayed?

Dead Island is currently available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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  • Jaysilvester

    I’ve had problems with the auto save feature, a few lost hours. It’s a Shame because under all the glitches there’s a great game

    • BFTE

      that was happening to me but it doesnt do it anymore idk why it just stopped my game works great now

  • Josh

    I really liked this game at first. Unfortunately this game relies on the fact that it can be four player co-op and I’m stuck at a scene that is 110% impossible to pass unless you have help. This game is fallout 3 with zombies, and almost anyone would agree. It contains all of the same mechanics that Fallout 3 had. Weapons can be found easily but are also broken easily. In short, this game needed some major fixes before it should have ever hit the shelf.

    • FiL

      I am 80% through the game and I’ve done all of it alone.

      Your percentage sounds made up.

    • Brandon

      Josh, I’ve played through the game twice now, with no help at all. The city is pretty tough at first, but the entire game can easily be done alone as long as you’re careful and know what you’re doing.

  • Tay

    Great game, deserves all this buzz it’s getting. I’ve only had one issue which was a glitch that spawned me far away from where I needed to be so my mission kept failing. But it was fixed easy, just invited my buddy and it spawned us together. So that was that. Also, you CAN definitely beat the game alone, creepier alone, alot more phone with a friend(s).

  • Pretty Obscure

    I went through the entire game, beating it one and a half times, got to Level 43, froze one time on me that’s about it. My friend’s Level 49 Purna save file won’t load and he’s fairly upset about that understandably… I guess what I’m getting at is these bugs aren’t happening to everybody, and they’re not as terrible as this article makes them seem, most of the bugs are minor, like NPC’s trying to run through walls and getting stuck during escort missions and sometime not being able to turn in items for “fetch” quests during multiplayer. There are some serious ones too, like the save corruption mentioned above… But over-all, I personally never had that much of an issue.
    (I only rented it, sadly. Definitely going to buy it later when I’m not so strapped for cash.)

  • MacKaiwer

    Greetings from Finland! In the begining of chapter 7 near first workbench my character walked into blurry graphics mess, game must be restarted and after that I was at level 1, no weapons, no money, no skills. Before that I was at level 20 with pistol and lots of modded weapons and skills. I’m really pissed of and thinking maybe not start from chapter 1 again. I can continue chapter 7 but it’s so annoying continue without anything…

  • BrimmStone

    I hopw they fixed the weapons dissapering glitch. During the escort mission where you take the guy to the sewers I died and all my weapons were lost and I could not use my fists, But for some reason the game decided to give me 3 lvl 3 weapons once I reloaded my game….. Like they knew that would happen. Anyways Just wanted to get the glitch out there so mabye they can fix it before I play the game again, Cause for now it’s sitting on the shelf.

  • TheOnlyImmortal

    I had to play 7 hours once because it would not autosave. I’ve had good weapons unequip themselves and vanish from inventory at random. Worst of all I had trouble with the locations achievement. I had 71/72 before the patch with 100% explored. When the patch came I had 72/72 but no achievement. I had to use a trick where I deleted the patch, had my profile on flashdrive, booted the game online and pulled the flashdrive, just to get everything reset. I had to go find all the locations again. In the Jungle I sometimes die and get respawned on the opposite end of the map, nowhere near where I died. For some reason on Sam B it will not let me open any doors in the prison level, so I am unable to advance unless co-op. This glitch happens again once I am on single player on just that save.