‘Dead Island’ Cover Art Revealed

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Dead Island Cover Art

There’s no doubt that Dead Island has been making waves ever since the release of a certain dramatic announcement trailer,which featured an emotionally disturbing backwards time-lapse of two parents and their daughter. With the spotlight suddenly on the studio, more reveals have been creeping out, including the first official trailer. Today, Deep Silver are bringing us an important image which we’ll see gracing store shelves in a few months time: the cover of the game.

The finalized cover image, which will be the same across all three platforms (PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3), depicts a pretty grizzly scene. The cover shows off – in the now-familiar art style of Deep Silver – several hapless resort visitors being overtaken by the, for lack of a better term, zombification process.

Nothing has been revealed on how the people in Dead Island became zombies, nor has it been mentioned if the game itself will reveal the answers to that question, so we’ll just have to sit back and enjoy our tiki-themed cover.

Take a look at the undeniably eye-catching cover art below:

Dead Island Cover Art Full

For those who may not know, Dead Island is an open world first-person zombie slasher with RPG elements. While it sounds like quite a mouthful, the game looks pretty simplified in the 12 minute gameplay trailer which was shown a few days ago.

When it comes down to it, surviving is the bottom line,and any handy object nearby is going to aid your objective. The game will feature four player co-op whether you’re playing locally or online, making it a fantastic sit-down game with friends in a literal sandbox environment.

The environment in the game looks gorgeous, which will no doubt remind Far Cry fans of certain tropical lands. Unlike other zombie games like Left 4 Dead or Dead Rising, Dead Island doesn’t crowd the screen with packs of zombies all too often – the combat is up-close, intense, and personal. The purpose of this is to make you really focus on each kill that you make, and notice the gritty details as you do the deed.

There’s no release date set for a demo version of the game, but a fresh breath on the zombie franchise means many gamers are no doubt waiting to take this iteration for a ride. In due time, boys and girls!

Do you think Deep Silver did a good job producing the cover art for Dead Island? Would you have made it any differently?

Dead Island is due for release on August 1st on the aforementioned systems – PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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  • jwalka

    after watching that 12 min preview/gameplay vid i’m hooked, the fact that you can explore the whole island, upgrade weps etc is insane, not to mention the graphics look pretty damn good (given the games size and attention to detail).

  • Mike

    I just hope they can find a way to make the melee combat stay fun for the entire game. Cause I know that type of gameplay got old pretty fast in Condemned.

    • jwalka

      multiple weapons, upgrades to said weps (like being able to electrocute zombies with your machete (as demonstrated in the 12min vid)) ability to create new weps (nail bat is an example). sound to me like there’s gonna be plenty of fun to be had with the hand… and if that doesn’t attract you, you can chop of limbs and cave heads in 😀

  • Tay

    Yes I am excited for this game, I need to kill some more zombies because L4D is getting stale (still fun at times) but I like this approach to killing zombies so far. Plus I’m very interested in the co-op aspect. O yeah and I’m diggin the cover art, definitely preordering this.