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Fans of the buggy, yet unique DayZ zombacolypse mod were excited for jumping into the standalone game before the holidays, but that estimated date was entirely realistic. It’s now February with the game still unreleased and still without any deadlines for public testing. The trade-off for the worthwhile delay, is that DayZ is poised to offer a legitimately improved standalone experience.

Dean “Rocket” Hall and Matt Lightfoot of Bohemia Interactive’s DayZ standalone game dev team shared a 15-minute gameplay video yesterday to showcase a few major changes from the ARMA 2 mod, from the user interface and improved gameplay mechanics, but keep mum on many of the game’s basics.

They stress this is a very early and many of the features are intentionally disabled for this video blog entry so Hall can showcase some of DayZ’s basic features.

  • Player avatar and equipment visual maintained from last server they were on – they see this on main menu
  • Focus is to make player character an important part of gameplay – there will eventually be viewable stats for that character
  • From the menu players and switch between servers.
  • Over 100 clothing items with plenty of variants. There’s a focus on functional items first, more cosmetic personalization stuff will come later.
  • Maps include new types of terrain not seen before in Chernarus – the game’s fictional world. The example in the video highlights beautiful countryside lands and a swamp.
  • New loot spawning mechanic replaces piles of loot from the mod. Specific items will spawn, often in partially hidden areas within buildings and such. It will force players to be observant and take their time to scavenge.
  • Settlement ruins have been increasingly varied and provide more opportunities for hidden loot.

With the amount they’re not showing in the video, it’s rather evident that the game is far behind schedule and won’t be ready for sale anytime soon. The main reasons is because of the redesigned engine and focus on improving not just all of the game’s systems, but the art work as well. When will it release? Hall says:

“We don’t know. We’re going to take our time. I feel fantastic about the situation, more than ever I feel like we’re doing something really interesting with this development. Now is not the time to rush things, but we do need to ensure our pace is kept up. Our development blog and getting players in and testing as soon as possible will be key in ensuring we succeed in making this a great game.”

What is promising is that they’ve begun closed testing by working with Valve and their Steam infrastructure. From this first look at gameplay development however, players will note the obviously vastly improved graphics and animations, from the more detailed and varied open-world environment to the characters’ clothing options (and head movements). The new inventory screens however were hidden from viewers, likely saved to generate more buzz among dedicated fans and the media as future blog entries are released. Free publicity!

It looks great and we at Game Rant want to walk around in Chernarus as soon as possible, but where are the zombies, the weapons, etc.? And what’s next?

“We’re working very hard on the inventory system even more, and it looks like the crafting system is close in next in our development. It would be fair to say that inventory and crafting are the key development objective currently, second only to the client/server architecture (makes DayZ more like an MMO), and new zombie AI mechanics (an ongoing task).”

Head to the official DayZ blog for more detailed updates.

DayZ will release for PC at some point in the future. If it’s a hit, it could eventually hit consoles since it won’t be supporting mods at launch.

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Source: Bohemia Interactive

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  • dethfuse

    14 minutes of walking around… awesome…

  • Ken J

    I really hate when people spend WAY too much time explaining something that’s REALLY simple. I mean, how many times do they have to repeat and give examples of their concept of spawning items in houses scattered around so you’ll have to look around instead of just seeing a pile of stuff. Literally, they spent like 10 minutes going on and on about that. And before that they spent 10 minutes explaining that there will be different clothes with different properties. Seriously, what I just said in that one sentence is as much information as it took them 10 minutes to say… I appreciate them paying attention to detail, but seriously, just get to the point and get more info out, not just repeat the same thing 20 different ways.

    And funny thing, the thing I was actually interested in, they just mention it briefly and don’t give any additional info on it. They say they added a swamp, how about give us an example of how that will change up the gameplay. I mean, they have planks, so it’s not like they hinder your movement, so the addition seems to be purely aesthetics at the moment. I mean, it would be a lot more important of a factor if let’s say, you are forced to go through swamp areas to get to certain parts of the map, and maybe your clothes can get wet and it’ll slow down your movement, or zombies can be laying dormant in the water or something like that, something that affects gameplay. The swamp they showed, there are dry parts and planks so you can easily walk through the entire thing without any trouble, not to mention you can simply walk around it as well.

    So I really don’t see how that’s important, and they didn’t bother to explain why they think it’s important. But showing us they can take off and put on clothes deserves 10 minutes of explanation…

    • jwalka

      that’s what happens when you get some amateur to promote their work rather then having a PR team step in. just look at mw3, it was the biggest load of bs and everyone knew it so activions PR tea stepped in and sold it to the crowds of sheep.

      the game is horrible from what i’ve seen, everything from the shooting mechanics all the way down to the old school looking animation make this look like one of many overrated loads of garbage people swarm to just b/c some junkie on youtube likes it.

      the concepts and ideas in this are ok, but without a proper team, planning and structure, this will be no greater then what it originally was (and should remain – a mod.

    • Rob Keyes

      I personally don’t mind them playing the game naturally and unscripted an showing us bits of it – that feels more authentic and legit.

      But you’re right on the other stuff and I was hoping to see more details.

  • V3XED

    Awesome. Anyone who played the mod will understand how big these improvements are.

    • Ken J


      No doubt they are great improvements, and they definitely need to advertise that fact, but it doesn’t take 10 minutes of babbling and repeating the same facts and aspects 20 times in different ways for us to get the point…

  • LukePerryGlover

    wow, yeah what a fail. i thought he was going to show stuff like killing a zombie…not getting dressed, staring at beans and walls.

  • Yea