Crytek: ‘Crysis 3′ Experience Unchanged Between PC and Console

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Crysis 3 Experience Unchanged on Consoles

While generally Crytek products, like the forthcoming Crysis 3, tend to speak for themselves, it’s best sometimes to get insight into how the magic the developer is able to achieve is accomplished. Some developers maximize certain features like lighting over other elements in order to keep the different iterations of their game uniform, but Crytek’s method is a little bit simpler: their developers are capable of doing things that have never before been done on a console.

According to Director of Creative Development on Crysis 3, Rasmus Højengaard, the most important thing about making a multi-platform game is that “the experience doesn’t change between PC and consoles.” While that concept sounds extremely simple, it’s also extremely difficult to achieve — just look at the fan backlash waged toward Battlefield 3 for its console inferiority.

Højengaard says that the console quality of Crysis 3 is due in no small part to the “brilliant R&D guys” over at Crytek. He acknowledges that there are inherent limitations involved with the Xbox 360 or the PS3, but somehow the Crytek team is able to push the Xbox 360 and PS3 to their limits and accomplish feats that no other developer is capable of.

These proclamations would be all well and good, and might actually be fairly convincing, but seeing CryENGINE 3 in action makes these statements all the more valid. Even Crysis 2 on the console seemed too good to be true, rivaling even the visual quality of some PC-only titles.

There’s no doubt in our mind that Crysis 3 will be a stunning game — it’s almost an assumption that comes with any Crytek project — but now Højengaard has set he and his team up for some serious scrutiny when console footage starts releasing. Visit any popular article on N4G and you’ll find a ton of console vs. console or PC vs. console comparisons, so Crytek better be ready for the comparison videos that are surely headed their way.

Do you think that Crysis 3 will look just as good on the consoles as it will on the PC? Which multiplatform title has closely resembled its PC release?

Crysis 3 is slated for a Q2 2013 release for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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  • ATG

    If a multi-platform title has the console counter part identical to the PC, its because they intended it too. I’m sure the console versions will look great, but after playing PC games maxed out, going back to current consoles is difficult.

    To be honest, even the PC only titles don’t seem to take advantage of high-end PCs so that argument of “consoles bottlenecking PC development” is SOMEWHAT void. Why take complete advantage of high-end PCs and leave the people with cheap/budget builds alienated? Gamers will complain either way, devs try to be fair and within their budget I suppose.

    • Spider-Abu

      ^^ That’s the problem, many PC gamers call stuff like ME3 and Skyrim and Minecraft GOTY and etc which makes the devs think as long as the gameplay and etc is good on the game, it’s OK to have at LEAST subpar graphics/animations(look Skyrim n ME series -_-). If only more PC gamers get their voice out that we buy these upgrades because we want a great looking game, besides a great gameplay, and that crappy looking graphics on the PC should be a big NONO as there’s no excuse to be lazy and not use the full potential of what the PC can do. This is why most, formerly, split screen games such as NFS and SSX are 1. Console ports, 2. Devs complain the consoles can’t handle splitscreen due to lag and bad frame rate already for a single player, and 3. they’d jsut copy paste that shiz to the PC without even using the potential..I mean imagine 4 player split screen on NFS on the PC with multiple controllers on a high resolution! And they even repent from making a PC version at all!(SSX -_-) I mean BLUR had 4 player split-screen support on the PC! Though terrible PC optimization, at least it included it. Why do devs got to be so lazy. -_-

  • DrSamBeckett

    Who still plays games on a PC? in fact who still even has a PC lol?

    • ATG

      Oh no! You pissed off the Elitist PC gamers!!! Duck! Lol

    • Ken J

      Only smart people Sam. 😉

    • Freak

      Apparently you haven’t played World of Tanks, World of Warcraft, EVE Online, or any of those huge PC-only MMO’s.

      Just saying.

  • Ken J

    So what I just read is that they’ve optimized this game for consoles and it’ll only use 50% of a gaming PC’s capabilities, lol. I haven’t finished any of the Crysis games anyway, so I guess the only way I’ll play this is if they release some collection that has all three, but not sure if I’m too terribly interested, but we’ll see…

    • Spider-Abu

      ^ That’s what I’m thinking too..