Crytek CEO: Gaming Consoles Will Never Outdo PCs

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When it comes to graphical capabilities, current gen consoles lag quite behind the capabilities of a modern gaming PC, thanks to the fact that the Xbox 360 released well over seven years ago. The graphical gap between the platforms has been growing wider in recent years and now, according to Crytek, consoles have no hope of catching up now or in the future.

With the visually impressive Crysis 3 – the third installment in a series that’s continually pushed the bounds of video game graphics – releasing today, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli shared his thoughts on consoles, stating that they will never be able to come close to the high spec performance of today’s or the future’s gaming PCs.

In an chatting with Eurogamer, Yerli explains:

“Without breaking NDAs that are in place, realistically, from purely a price point perspective, it is impossible. It’s impossible to package $2000-3000 into a mainstream, let’s say $500 console. I’m not saying they are $500 consoles. They may launch a console at $2000, but the consumer pricing is usually much lower than that. So, given consumer pricing, and given the cost of production of a gamer PC and the amount of watt of power it needs, which is like a fridge, it’s impossible.”

Rumors in January pointed towards a $400 price range for the next-gen consoles (further supported by this week’s rumor of a $400 PS4), putting them a little higher than the Deluxe Wii U bundle, but significantly lower than the PS3 and Xbox 360 launch prices.

“If you predict how hardware evolves at the current speed of evolution, and then take consumer pricing evolution, already two years ago you could see, whatever launches in 2013 or 2014 or 2015, will never beat a PC again.”

Yerli raises a good point about the price point of components being too high to realistically offer groundbreaking tech in a $400 package. It is entirely possible to build a competent PC for $400 but it wouldn’t be able to perform with the capabilities of next-gen consoles. You would need to spend far more than what the normal price range of a newly released console is to get comparably graphical quality. The consoles could be sold at a loss to recoup costs in software and service subscriptions, and there’s the obvious discounts in mass production, but the rumored price points do lend credence to the idea that gaming PCs will continue to lead the charge in game power, even if it is quite a bit more costly for the user.

CryEngine 3 graphics

Yerli also isn’t shy in admitting that Crysis 3 will be on par with next-gen consoles and that their in-house CryENGINE 3 is built for the next-gen.

“I made a joke at one point saying, ‘we’re going to melt PCs,’ and I think we are going to melt PCs again. People want that, and we’ll deliver that. With Crysis 2 we tried to make the spec available to as many PC gamers as possible. Then we heard back from the loudest group, which was enthusiast PC gamers, ‘our PCs are running this game at 200 frames. What the hell? We should be running at 30 frames.'”

“Crytek is probably the only company where you read forums and YouTube, people are excited if they can’t run the game. I don’t think it’s like that at any other game company… Our graphics programmers said, ‘we’re going to give them a game they can’t run any more.”

Though Yerli is under Non-Disclosure Agreement from both Microsoft and Sony regarding next-gen tech, he does drop some interesting points about the specs of next gen consoles and how they could (or maybe cannot) hold up. Sony’s press event is this Wednesday and we’ll be there. It won’t be long to wait and see what the future holds.

Do you think that it is truly “impossible” for consoles to catch up to PCs or will cloud gaming make such a notion obsolete? Will you be upgrading your PC or buying one of the new consoles? Let us know in the comments below!

Crysis 3 is now available in North America and out February 22 in Europe for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Source: Eurogamer

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  • Lykaon

    They might outdo them, though.

  • SnnigCircles

    I see it as a tall person and short person walking side by side. The tall 20 y/o knowledgeable PC walks with long strides. While the short teenage consoles walk with short ones and for every one step PC takes Console takes Two to match it. What I’m saying is that yes the PC is ahead of us until we reach the new generation, this has always been on repeat.

    • Jak Frost

      very good analogy

  • luke perry glover

    consoles all the way. i have to use a physical controller all the time and dont want to spend the initial $2000+ on a gaming pc.

    and no Lykaon, in terms of graphics capabilities it will be lower than pcs. but the nee consoles are rumoured to have pc like internals

    • Ken J


      I’ve NEVER spent $2000 on my gaming PC’s… Someone has no idea how to shop…

      • romXXII

        It’s not an issue of knowing where to shop, but whether you’re building for performance or for a limited budget. As the article stated, it’s possible to build a PC for $400, but that’ll only get you up to the same performance — maybe slightly better — than a current-gen console. If, on the other hand, you want a computer that can run Crysis 2 at over 60 frames per second on 3 high resolution monitors? Yeah, you’ll need more than $2000.

        • Ken J


          Here’s the quote from the guy I was responding to:

          “consoles all the way. i have to use a physical controller all the time and dont want to spend the initial $2000+ on a gaming pc.”

          Nowhere did he state that he needs a PC that will be 20 times the power of a console for him to consider. His statement suggests that he thinks it’ll cost $2000 to have a PC that will match a console in gaming power. And we all know that’s so far off it’s not even funny…

          • Jak Frost

            Your all wrong My friend only spent like a grand and he can run battlefield 3 with no problem.You want good deals go to

  • jwalka

    just b/c dude has stuck to a stupid and barbaric formula (f2p only) for his garbage studio doesn’t mean that the unit he plans on developing for is the best. i mean sure, pc’s make games look ultra good, but consoles come with less baggage and are more cost efficient for those that don’t have 2k to spend on some high end pc.

    i recently spent 1200 on a pc for study/work (3d modelling and animation) and have been playing games on and off and really, the visuals are the only thing that stands out from pc against consoles.

    people need to grow a pair and start acknowledging that both consoles and pc’s have their ups and downs, until then gamers are gonna remain little kids like the media makes us out to be >:(

    • Ken J


      Really? Do you want to start the PC’s cost more thing? Seriously? You’ve been on here long enough to know better bud…

      • jwalka

        i had to spend 1200 AU just to get a decent pc for 3d modelling and render, it definitely is not cheaper then a console which right out of the box can run games and stream media with the hassles that pcs have o go through.

        • Ken J


          Sorry bud, you got ripped off. You can buy a gaming LAPTOP, much less a desktop (which are cheaper) for $700-$900…

        • Ken J


          Also, I don’t know what hassles you have to go through with PC. I don’t have any issues with mine. As Apple would say, you’re doing something wrong, lol. 😀

          • jwalka

            my country (australia) as a whole gets f***ed left right and centre when it comes to imports, so there was no way around that. my poc isn’t just for gaming and laptops aren’t anywhere near as powerful or useful when it comes to 3d modelling, animating, rendering, visual effects etc.

            i didn’t mean i have problems (not all the time) with pcs, but common folk that just want ot game and don’t know a lot about tech don’t need to go to hell and back just top play something, hence why most people go for consoles b/c they’re straight forward, accessible and relatively cheap.

            steam might be cheap and all, but you cant take your steam game to a mates house and game on their system now can you ?

          • Ken J


            Yah I guess I didn’t consider that maybe Australia doesn’t have good deals on that stuff like we do.

            And about Steam, yes you can, just have to re download the game. But once you log in with your password, all of the games you have on steam is available to download and play… Doesn’t matter what computer you’re using.

  • luke perry glover

    i agree that pc vs console each have its ups and downs. i just cant afford the initial cost for pc gaming. and idk i just like having something that is specifically for gaming like a 3ds, vita, xbox, etc.

    • Ken J


      Reusing things like your case, power supply, optical drives, etc. you really only spend a few hundred dollars to upgrade your PC to be a gaming PC. Motherboard $80-$200, CPU ~$200, Memory $80, Video card ~$200. Take that initial cost, subtract the cost of a console, now consider that you don’t have to pay every month, or every year to play games online. A lot of DLC’s and add-on packs for PC games come free. PC games cost $20-$30 cheaper than console games, and many other things, you save tons of money in the end. At least I know I do. Compared to my friends on consoles, I spend HUNDREDS less than they do on games and gaming-related purchases every year… I got Dead Space for $3, Dead Space 2 for $5, LA Noire for $5, Max Payne 3 for $10, preordered Battlefield 3 for $43, preordered Batman: Arkham City for $35, preordered Hitman: Absolution Professional Edition for $35, Deus Ex: Human Revolution for $1, Bioshock for $10, Bioshock 2 for $5, and every other game I’ve bought for my PC have been DRASTICALLY cheaper than their console counterpart. Just these games alone that I’ve mentioned I’ve already saved probably over $200 just from the cost of the games alone… I won’t even factor in the fact that my friend had to buy another Xbox because his first one crapped out on him or how another friend has gone through 4 Xbox’s already…

  • Tratz

    It’s the cost prohibitive nature of PCs that pushed me toward consoles. I would love to run a premium PC gaming setup with all of the optimum requirements but spending that much money on a gaming system just isn’t a priority for me.

    • Ken J


      You’re doing something wrong then. Saving money is the reason why I stick to PC gaming. Perfect example, I literally JUST got peered pressured into buying a game for Xbox instead of PC because that’s what he has it on. I took his broken Xbox and fixed it just to play Forza 4… Well, now that I broke my rule to not buy any other game for the Xbox, I looked online and saw that same game on Steam for HALF THE PRICE… Great…

      Everyone has a PC, whether it’s for gaming or not, all you need to do is upgrade it. My PC is the exact same PC for probably 10 years or more on the outside… But the inside I upgrade some components right around every 4-5 years. Each time I don’t spend more than $500 in upgrades, and I end up saving much more than that in games in that same amount of time… And on top of saving the money, I get to play games in much higher resolutions with better geometry and higher quality textures. Also I have the precision movements of the mouse to help my movements and aiming in games… Compromise elsewhere…

  • suspicious gamer

    Consoles are like a kid that kicks a ball in anger, only to have it bounce off a wall and smash them in the face.

    • jwalka

      you cant accept that fact that both forms of gaming are essentially equal in terms of pros and cons.

      • Altair

        Chill out on the name calling. I do agree with you though, the only thing PC users have above console uers is some more memory, MAYBE Steam, and better graphics. For what it’s worth, it’s more cost efficient just to buy a console unless you have no life and you care about the last 400 or so pixels the PCs can render.

        • jwalka

          at like 25% of the cost of a decent pc consoles are a worth it, plus with all the new media streaming bs both jokes are adding to their services, you get not just a gaming console but a media unit. all pc users get is steam, programs running in the background that slow things down, installation problems, DRM… the list goes on, yet they arrogantly act like those aren’t problems 😛

          • Hunter

            So your saying you can’t have every single media service you get ona console on a PC? That is a flat lie. If we are talking features and versatility the PC wins hands down. Not that either is more or less valid than the other, but suggesting you can do mroe with an Xbox/PS than a Pc is very not true. Real browser, netflix, video/audio editing, word processors, power points, other office programs, music streaming, and infinite more things are possible with a gaming PC.

          • Ken J


            Come on now, how dare you bring facts to a console vs PC comparison??? Shame on you!!

          • Ken J


            Yah, those are PC problems… IF YOU’RE STUPID…

            My PC practially never turns off, I’m always on it, I do everything with it, it’s even my Blu-Ray/HD-DVD/DVD player since I have the combo drive and it’s hooked up to my HDTV via HDMI cable. Yet, I don’t have any of those problems because I don’t just install every thing I see, click yes to everything without reading it, go to sites you shouldn’t go to, etc. etc…

            My friend is like me with his PC, and he also doesn’t have those issues. I guess the difference is we actually have some common sense. If you don’t, and cannot resist the ADHD to just click yes to everything you see, then it definitely is a better idea to stick with a console…

        • Ken J


          Wrong, I’m broke as hell, and that’s why I stick with PC gaming, to save money. And I save tons of money compared to my console friends who have to pay every month to play games online, pay $20-$30 more for every game they buy. Actually, the way I buy games, I save $50 or more sometimes on a single game… It’s not hard to find sales on PC games, especially digital download versions, for $5 or less for big games. I listed some of the prices I’ve paid for PC games a few messages up… My friend was all freaking out that Borderlands 2 is “only” $40 in Target right now for Xbox… Well, it’s $20 on PC digital download… HALF the price…

          The big exception is Guild Wars 2, the price for that game NEVER goes down…

  • jago

    Well from what I’ve noticed you don’t have to have a $2000+ gaming rig to match what a console does and with certain pc’s and accessories you can use the Xbox or PlayStation control. So to me it really just boils down to the games and personal preference. I play certain FPS’s And indie games on the PC, sports titles on Xbox, multiplatform ones on the ps3 (because I like the ps3 controller far more than the Xbox) and whatever is left on the Wii. So again it’s more about the games and personal preference. I would personally love it if I could have it all on my computer… LEGALLY but that’s not happening so we all choose and by all these different things if we want to play them. Just my opinion though

    • Ken J


      Wow, thanks for being the only level-headed person on here so far…

      I agree, different types of games excel on different platforms. Platformer games seem to work best on console. Fighting games also. Well, not really console as much as the controller. But you can use controllers for PC’s as well. They sell the Xbox for Windows controller, but I know you just said you dislike the Xbox’s controller. But first-person shooters is definitely best on PC’s control scheme…

      Racing games, unless you have a wheel, is better with controllers as well with the analog joystick for steering. However, if you have a wheel, then the controls is no longer an issue… I have a wheel but no space to keep it out, so it just collects dust in the closet unfortunately… But the only racing game I really like right now is Forza, and that’s only on the Xbox anyway…

      • jago

        Lol, well I already knew that you were going to jump in to defend the pc as soon as I read the title but you are right though. Gaming on pc is cheaper, looks better, etc but not everyone knows that. They just assume what electronic stores tell them what to buy and when they add up the amount it’s over $2000 but what people forget is that these guys aren’t trying to get you to buy the cheapest thing there lol.

        Also you brought up another good point, you bought a game because your friend had it on that console. To me that’s one of the bigger reasons why people buy consoles and certain games because a friend had it and he wanted to play with that person.

        Not many people are used to playing an FPS on a pc but it is the easiest lol. I was going to get crysis 3 for it but I’ll wait till the price comes down on steam lol. Day one purchase for me on pc will be bioshock infinite and maybe cyberpunk 2077 depending on how it looks. Oh and I can use my PlayStation controller on the Pc. I have this adapter thing I connect it to and voila lol.

        • Ken J


          I HAVE to. It seems like the misconceptions and myths are actually the prevalent accepted truths out there. You hear the same myths over and over and over. I HAVE to point out just how wrong they are… PC gaming is really getting the shaft big time because of this widespread misconception and the resulting decrease in demand for quality PC titles. Now it seems most games are just mediocre… :'(

          I really do want to see more on Cyberpunk 2077. The concept alone and that CG teaser actually has me pretty intrigued. I know it’s all CG, I’m not talking about the graphics, but if the game has that mood and that Blade Runner vibe, I’m definitely interested…

  • UnholyFrost

    jwalka, i see you haven’t read about the next-gen to well. They ARE implementing DRM on all next-gen games, and that is (sadly) likely going to be the delivery model of choice for all future console-based games.

    • jwalka

      that’s all talk at the moment, until i see it all with my own eyes i don’t even pay attention to stupid conspiracy theories.

  • jwalka

    @ hunter

    when the hell did i say a console was more capable then a pc ? i was saying the console is a media unit SPECIFICALLY MADE FOR MEDIA hence you don’t have ot worry about behind the scenes garbage or anti-virus etc

    read between the lines before trying to put words in my mouth next time

  • Branden

    I spent $900 on my rig and it still runs games on the highest resolution and 3x the render of them. This PC has the power of both Xbox and PS3 put together. Consoles will always be in the far back trying to weed through all of the new video cards in front of them for PC in the race. Different strokes for different folks, if you want to use a controller for a PC game just go out and buy one of the wired models or get Microsoft’s Xbox Controller for PC. My wife plays the fallout games and Skyrim with an xbox controller so you have it made right here. 3x the rendering power, perhaps more and the ability to use controllers for your games. I will always be a PC fan because of customization and I don’t believe in this obsolete junk that people keep going back too. Yeah, Video Cards and other parts become dated but I have friends who can still play Battlefield 3 on the Highest quality using an NVIDIA GTX 460.

    Crytek is one of the better development studios out there, just because someone doesn’t like Crysis gives them no reason to hate on the company for their opinions it’s just wrong. I think the Crysis series will continue to be strong and Crytek will remain in my top 5 list for development companies.

    • Branden

      3x times the render of consoles.

    • Ken J


      I agree with you man. I laugh every time someone brings up that stupid myth that you “need” to upgrade your PC every year or few months… Yah, because console hardware is magically improving over time? If a PC was EVER faster than a console, it’ll ALWAYS be faster than that console no matter how many years have passed. You only “need” to upgrade if you want to keep up with what is the latest and greatest, but if you just want to play all of the games with good graphics, you can stick with your hardware for several years no problem. I upgrade every 4-5 years or so and so far never had a problem with any of the games…

      Honestly, all of the “latest” generation of PC hardware is overpriced and overrated. Most games don’t require the TOP END. There are plenty of affordable video cards that are a few tiers below the “top of the line” that will run all current games perfectly fine…

  • Chris

    I recently bought myself a new computer in anticipation for Rome 2: Total War. I spent £460 (£540 if you include windows)and now have a computer that plays Skyrim, Shogun 2 both at ultra level graphics.

    @ the guy moaning about PC’s crashes. What crashes? I get more problems with the xbox overheating, crashing and generally freezing than i do on my PC, so thats an argument not properly thought out im sure.

    I have both an xbox and now a pc. Xbox for me is best for social, casual games (cod, racing games etc) where as games that i play pretty hard (Skyrim, Shogun) are best off on PC.

    Xbox has its advantages yes, but at the moments its dated and has been outdone, in my case, by a slightly above average PC.

    • Ken J

      I think they should just call Cevat Yerli Captain Obvious… 😀

  • ios

    Gaming Consoles Will Never Outdo PCs …but they do !
    Gaming Consoles hold PC games back ! People do not make heir games look much better for PC,if the Console market is what matters !

    All PC games are just a shadow of what they could really be if the dev would just focus on the PC hardware !

    • Chris

      This makes sense, on the plus side, it allows a reasonably average to good pc handle games which would otherwise be unplayable, so while console games are ‘downgraded’ graphically, PC games will never be at their max as the consumer audience does not own the very best PC’s.

    • ATG

      Not everyone owns a high end PC. Or maybe the developers just aren’t paid enough to spend the time or grind trying to optimize their games for everyone’s build.

      The PC market gives US more bang for our buck, but developers don’t see much in return. Console is just a bigger market, it’s mainstreamed. That’s why we still have developers that care about PC gaming: Bethesda, CD Projekt, to name a few.

      I own a single 6850, and you’d be surprised how much it can’t handle. Quad core CPU too. I’m going Nvidia when I upgrade, will spend upwards of $500 for sure.

  • ATG

    Of course consoles will never match PC, consoles are basically mainstreamed PCs made affordable. Why do people act like it’s a competition? PC parts are upgraded and released annually. Consoles release every 5-7 years. It’s not even fair to compare them.

    Sorry Ken J: I don’t care what anyone says, the initial cost of a PC is much higher than a console. I own a PC which I bought and then upgraded, can’t lie, I LOVE it. I also own a console. My PC outweighs my PS3 in every way but I don’t want to go PC exclusive. And not everyone can hook their PC up to a TV, I have a family that doesn’t want to see that lol. So I had to buy an additional monitor, speakers, but I got a Xbox 360 game pad for free. As far as upgrades, depending on what you’re upgrading and HOW MUCH YOU VALUE YOUR GAMING determines your cost. PS3/Xbox 360 released 2006/2005, so don’t give me specs of a PC you can build that will match or outmatch current consoles at the same price TODAY. Not everyone is willing to build a computer or shell out another $100 for a small bump in performance.

    Some games I prefer on console, some on PC. Just depends on how much of a marginal difference there is.

    • Ken J


      The initial cost is only more if you compare it directly, but be realistic. Everyone with consoles also has a PC. But they just don’t have a gaming PC. But even that crappy PC costs money right? You can’t just say the cost of a gaming PC costs X and X > Y which is the cost of a console. That gaming PC will take the place of the crappy non-gaming PC they would have bought. So really, the cost is X – Z (the would be price of a non-gaming PC they would have bought otherwise). Basically, if you want to compare initial costs, you have to compare the cost of a console to the ADDITIONAL cost a gaming PC would be on top of how much non-gaming PC’s sell for.

      I see regular “casual user” PC’s selling anywhere from $350 – $500. Right now you can buy a pretty good gaming rig for $700 – $900. All of these people paying $1500 – $2000 are probably going to Best Buy or some other rip-off store like that… So really, the initial cost of a gaming PC is anywhere from $200 – $650 depending on what kind of deal you find on a gaming PC and what non-gaming PC you would have bought instead if you decided to just game on console…

  • gaygamer22

    Crytek CEO: Gaming Consoles Will Never Outdo PCs

    no $hit

  • JT

    Well… Looks like Ken has all PC points down.

  • Adrian

    The discussion here over whether gaming consoles will ever outdo PCs is an interesting one, but seems to have veered into a price war as its central theme. There are a few other points to consider:

    1) Crytek, like its competitors, specialize in gaming and graphic engines that continue to advance technology due to pride and the love of their art. A console provider that changes hardware once every 8-10 years will likely cause programmers and designers some frustration that they are limited to these specifications.

    2) PCs will always be more advanced than consoles since PCs are comprised of components that can be replaced and upgraded. These components are sold individually allowing competing manufacturers to continually advance the technology whilst reducing the price.

    3) Imagine PCs and Consoles being metaphorically equivalent to booking a holiday. With a PC you can choose a package deal, or create your own (similar to picking the flight, hotel and car hire). Consoles are a package deal only, that offer the consumer simplicity in choice, and some cost benefits, but you’ll be stuck with the activity coordinator throughout the duration of your visit.

    4) Not everyone is technology savvy, not everyone has a limited budget, and not everyone is a prolific gamer. Some people just want to walk into a shop, buy a black box, plug it in at home, play some games occasionally, and that is the extent of their involvement. Everyone is different, we all have different requirements, whether its high end gaming, or casual fun. Consoles may not be as cutting edge in some respects, but there’s obviously a market for them to exist.

    5) Not everyone wants a PC, some use an Apple Mac and use a Console as a supplement.

    6) Game developers, programmers and artists generally use computers to create their games first and foremost before testing and transfer to consoles, so it stands to reason that computer technology is more advanced.

    • ATG



    • Ken J


      I completely agree with you. I never claimed consoles should not exist. Obviously not everyone knows how to buys PC components cheap and assemble their PC or know where to buy affordable gaming rigs. The reason I jump in is because console gamers, instead of just admitting that they don’t know enough about PC gaming to want to go that route, claim that console gaming is somehow “better” than PC gaming, or that PC gamers are “wasting” their money on gaming PC’s that supposedly costs over $2000 each… I am just clearing the air of these stupid myths about PC gaming. Like I’ve said, I have consoles and have had consoles in the past. I’ve had a NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Wii, and Xbox 360 (for Forza 4). So I never said people should stop buying consoles or console games, justw anted to make it crystal clear that you can save money being a PC gamer and get many benefits including a more customizable control scheme, mods, free online play, and better graphics.

  • jayspadez

    i use to be a heavy coonsole player til i got a great job and lots of cash to burn, now i play almost everything on my 1000 computer, id say that i actually spend about 60 every two months on games on the pc…unless its a new release ive beeb waitin on then its like 80….but really u dont have to pay anything with a pc unless you want to there are 1000 of games u can just download and play…and in all seriousness i was watching the playstation 4 press conference this week and was a little saddened by the trailers, there great and all. but the are nothing but lies, my graphic card is 4x stronger then the one they are putting in the playstation and my pc is a almost a year and a half essentially next gen has always been here and in fact has been on the pc 3 years ago…consoles can never out do pc’s because pc’s are modular and will always have an edge in performace, graphics, and software…i dont even play my xbox anymore and i will only get a console for the exclusives…bottom line..if its on pc then whats the point of buying it on a console, and further more you can make up the initial cost difference fairly quickly, to the point that the pc becomes way cheaper in the long run. and i over paid for my high end pc because i wanted it prebuilt and didnt want to modify my pc this go around. i couldve made the same rig for about 750 with is about 150 more than when the ps3 first came out…and its at least 10x stronger

  • http://N/A PHYSC

    One laughable comment you always here from these guys who are obsessed with saying consoles are better graphics than a pc wether they are talking about the new next gen or the current gen consoles beating pc graphics,they need to think about what they are saying, as it’s impossible for a console to beat the higher end gaming pc’s graphics as those games were created on ahigh end pc to begin with any way! So in theory a pc will always always be superior graphicaly to every single console as something more capable and more graphicaly powerful than one is required to make games for it in the 1st place.Whatever console game is made it is made on something other than the console it self and that other machine be it mac or pc or maybe one day an android pc is still more graphicaly superior for the demand of the game creation process any way.So short answer to are consoles better grapghics than a pc is no not all pc’s only some as the top end 1000’s of £’s machines are 1000’s of £’s for a good reason because they have the best components in them which if a console is eg. £429 how is it going to match a eg.£1500 dual graphics gaming rig?