Kevin Conroy Outs Another ‘Arkham’ Game, Won’t Be Voicing ‘Origins’ Batman

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Kevin Conroy Confirms Another Akrham Game

A few weeks ago, we reported on a story that said Kevin Conroy — the iconic voice of Batman — would not be returning for Warner Bros. Montreal’s Batman: Arkham Origins. Given that the game featured a much younger Bruce Wayne, the decision made sense, but disappointed fans nonetheless.

Then, just yesterday, came news that Kevin Conroy would be voicing The Dark Knight once again, as confirmed by the voice actor at Dallas Comic-Con. There was much rejoicing…for about 24 hours, until new previews of Arkham Origins went live — previews that specifically mentioned Roger Craig Smith as the voice of Batman.

Now, where does all the confusion come from? Are both Conroy and Smith voicing Batman at different stages of the game, or is Conroy narrating? As it turns out, the true nature of Conroy’s proclamation is much juicier than that.

Conroy took to Twitter (for the first time ever) earlier today, to reveal he is voicing Batman for a “new Arkham Game coming soon, not Arkham Origins coming this fall.” Yes, in his first tweet ever Conroy confirmed another Arkham game is in development in addition to Arkham Origins and Blackgate.

Unfortunately for Conroy, he soon learned that his message was more of a reveal than a clarification, and so he promptly deleted the tweet. But as we know, once it’s on the Internet, it can never go away.

While Conroy’s tweet isn’t all that surprising given that Arkham City developer Rocksteady Studios has already teased their next Batman game, it’s still exciting nonetheless. Whether or not the game will stick to the rumored “Silver Age” storyline is unclear, but speculation that Arkham will become an annual franchise seems stronger than ever now.

So, although gamers will have to adjust to a new voice for Batman in Arkham Origins they won’t have to wait too long to hear Conroy’s gruff delivery again. Mark Hamill’s Joker may be gone, but the voice of Batman will live on.

What do you make of this news Ranters? What are your hopes for this unannounced Arkham game?

Batman: Arkham Origins releases October 25, 2013 for the PC, Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii U.

Source: Kevin Conroy — Twitter (via Batman News)

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  • George

    Conroy derp.

  • breado the great

    Interesting, classic kevin. So Ezio is Batmans voice now? Not sure how i feel about that. I think it will be a good fit but i need to hear him speak as Bats

  • breado the great

    Interesting, classic kevin. So Ezio is Batmans voice now? Not sure how i feel about that. I think it will be a good fit but i need to hear him speak as Bats first.

  • LunoYoryiki

    …gosh im gonna hear chris, ezio, & sonic as batman….. (o.o )

  • Dopple

    Oh god please don’t make this amazing series annual!

  • Nick

    If there is one thing I could ask out of the few things I ask, is please GOD do NOT make this an annual release series! Don’t ruin it like they did Assassin’s Creed!

    What I want is just a clean Arkham trilogy, that by the time they hit the third one (After City, which I’m hoping is titled Ashes of Arkham or Arkham Ashes.), I want Rocksteady to tie a knot so goddamn tight, nobody would even THINK about making a prequel or sequel, spin-off, or whatever!

  • ATG

    I don’t think it’ll be annual. Arkham Origins is just a prequel. I think Rocksteady is just working on a next-gen batman and has been for quite some time. It won’t be annual.

  • shily12

    wow i just hope the repercussions for Conroy aren’t too severe with this “leak”

    • TheUncannyCranston

      What could they do? Fire him? Bah, no one fires the Bat.

  • Bootstrap

    I know this is far-fetched, but I’d love it if this was for a justice league game – if anyone can make Superman fun to play, it’s rocksteady

  • GaygameR

    buuuuuuuuuuut you just said last week Conroy was doing his voice. seriously GR….sometimes you really need to get your crap together.

    • ACW 007

      Everyone thought he was returning. Don’t pin this on them.