Cliffy B’s Mysterious Game Is An ‘Arena Shooter’ For PC

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Cliff Bleszinski New FPS Game

In an industry that isn’t known for putting public faces on developers, Cliff Bleszinski is one of the exceptions to that rule.  The ex-Epic Games developer and creator behind the Gear of War series, is one of the most divisive personalities in gaming both because of  his games and his out-spoken opinions. In 2012 he left Epic Games, the company he had become synonymous with and since then, fans have been sitting tight to see what his next project is.

So far, the only look that gamers have gotten of Bleszinski’s next project are a few pieces of concept art that paint a rather confusing picture. One piece of art was a picturesque valley, the next an indoor futuristic sport rink and a final one showing the destruction of a city. The link between all three isn’t directly apparent, although that only serves to make the project more interesting.


The concept art also didn’t lend much in the way of revealing what kind of game it would end up being, with no indication of player perspective or protagonists. Although, thanks to recent comments from Bleszinski himself, it finally appears that the game might slowly be coming into focus. Talking on the Pointless podcast (via Polygon), Bleszinski gave up a few details about the his next project explaining that he is hoping to go back to of his roots.

“It will be a PC experience that will hearken back to a certain type of game that we cut our teeth on, if you know what I’m saying.”

Cliff Blezinski New Game Arena Shooter

He continued to elaborate on the idea saying that younger gamers who grew up with stuff like Call of Duty aren’t that familiar with “arena shooters’. This all suggests that Bleszinski’s new game is likely to be an FPS with linage traced back to Unreal Tournament, another series that he helped develop.

While Bleszinski has a pitch, concept art and “pretty much knows what he wants to do,” fans should get ready for a pretty long wait. The project doesn’t even have a development team yet, although he notes that the games likely won’t need a massive one. He also doesn’t want to get involved with a major publisher and even though he will entertain them, he doesn’t expect the game to be made under the pressures that come with working with an EA, Ubisoft or Activision.

I’ll talk to them, have meetings. But the last thing I need is some mid-level marketing guy telling me that ‘well, traditionally, this doesn’t sell well, so we’re concerned,’ and all that. Because they’re all rearward-looking, and it just drives me f*cking batsh*t.

What do you think about Bleszinski’s new game? Would you want a new first person shooter of the Unreal Tournament or Quake kind? Let us know below.


Source: Pointless, Polygon

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  1. so i guess it isnt Unreal then?

    • no i want UNREAL TOURNAMENT not a game LIKE it.

      • Well, unfortunately Cliffy can’t do anything like that anymore because he’s not with Epic. If you see another Unreal Tournament, expect it to be a fair amount different from the previous ones.

        You don’t trust that the creator behind both Unreal and Gears can come up with something better?

        • it isnt that i just would REAAAAAAAAAALLY like a new Unreal game.

      • Do you really want another UT game ?
        UT99 was the best in the series. When UT03/04 was released, Unreal Tournament was still pretty awesome but not as good as the first game. Then UT3 happened and while the story mode was quite impressive, the traditional UT-style gameplay wasn’t half as good as the previous Unreal games.

        I believe it’s better for CliffyB to start fresh on a brand new project. That would allow his project to rise and slap both CoD and BF in the face instead of reviving a series that could have done that a decade ago, but didn’t.

        If you really want another Unreal game, though… In my opinion, the best thing one could do with Unreal is a story FPS centered around Malcolm.

  2. You lost me at “PC”.
    What the hell is that?

    Another type of tablet, smartphone, smartwatch?

    Would be refreshing to put this out on console.

    • PC

      you know………….Personal Computer…….

      where video games started……..

    • ^Obvious troll comment.

      However, I think Cliffy B means it in reference to the arena shooters of yore, which were all PC based. There’s no way of knowing this early that it’ll be a PC “exclusive” I’m sure it’ll hit PS4 and XBone….

      ….when it’s released in 2020 :P

      • Well then PC will finally at least have one good decent exclusive.

    • The fast paced action of the arena shooters just ain’t fit for the slow and clumsy controls of a console. Would ruin the pace and feel of the shooter to have it on a console.

      • Slow and clumsy controls lol. Just because you are terrible with them, doesn’t mean anything. If it’s fast paced shooter the controller is extremely superior. M+KB is better for slow paced shooters.

        • Wow! Mouse + Keyboard is better than the controller in every category.

  3. I hope for the love of all things holy that it doesn’t go to consoles. it will only slow it down. I want a proper arena fps again. you console kiddies can have your cod and halos

    • Ummm halo is a proper arena shoot…and the best one of all time too

    • Shows what you know. Tighter controls and actually having triggers clearly isn’t good in an “arena” shooter…

  4. Played Unreal Tournament 99 a few days ago, REALLY want a new one. Ofc, it can hardly be named UT as Epic games have the IP but something similar.

    No big story to puzzle together, just the “there’s a tournament, prove you’re the best” and the fast paced gaming of the arena shooters.

  5. Quake / UT-like arena shooter… with emphasis on at least 120 frames per second on decent machines.

    I pity those who’ve never experienced a game at 120+ frames per second. It’s intoxicating.


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