Catch the Mythical Pokemon Meloetta at GameStop

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One of the trademark portions of the Pokemon franchise is the premise of “catching ’em all” and completing the National Pokedex. Years have passed since the original 151 monsters debuted, but Nintendo has continued to add more and more creatures to the franchise — the grand total of which amounts to a baffling 649. It’s getting increasingly difficult to obtain all of these critters, and the arrival of Pokemon X and Y later this year certainly won’t make it any easier, but dedicated gamers will finally be able to check off one more previously unobtainable Pokemon from their hit list.

The legendary Pokemon Meloetta will finally be up for grabs later this March, but trainers will have to make a trip outside of their homes in order to add this melody-inspired monster to their arsenal. GameStop, a retailer often known to digitally distribute rare monsters to wannabe Pokemon Masters, will once again be handing out a previously uncatchable creature to consumers that enter one of its many brick-and-mortar gaming establishments.

All gamers need in order to download Meloetta is a Nintendo DS/3DS and copy of Pokemon Black 2, Pokemon White 2, or either of those games’ predecessors (Pokemon Black or White). Provided trainers have those in tow, they can then proceed to download the musical Pokemon, giving them access to the adorable little songstress. Best of all, the Pokemon actually comes equipped with a move that’ll allow it to transform into its Pirouette Forme; effectively changing its type from Psychic/Normal to Fighting/Normal.

Don’t go running to the nearest GameStop quite yet, though, because the promotion won’t begin until March 4th. There is currently no information regarding when this promotion will end, but players will want to go secure Meloetta sooner rather than later. More details on the character’s move set and stats are scheduled to be revealed in due time, but for now the promise of an opportunity to own the illusive Pocket Monster must sound like music to gamers’ ears.

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