‘Castlevania: Harmony of Despair’ Coming to PSN this Summer

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Castlevania: Harmony Of Despair To PSN This Summer

The Castlevania series has gone through multiple changes over the many years of its existence. It started off as a traditional side-scroller back in the days of 8-bit and 16-bit greatness. Then, after a poor attempt to jump into the third dimension, they adopted a free-roaming 2D gameplay style, similar to the Metroid series – with some RPG elements added in.

As a result, RPG elements have now become the standard for most newer games, and Castlevania: Harmony of Despair further added to this by introducing multiplayer. However, it has remained an exclusive title on XBLA, but PS3 owners will be happy to hear that the title is heading their way soon.

The title will be going for approximately $15.00, but PSN users will have a pretty sweet deal from the looks of things. Perhaps as a way of apologizing for the wait, the PSN version of Castlevania: Harmony of Despair will have both Julius Belmont and Yoko Belnades as playable characters from the start – whereas they were downloadable content in the Xbox 360 version. Also, the Pyramid of Ruin level will be available at purchase as well.

To further add to the deal, in addition to the already usable six-player online co-op, PS3 users will have four-player local co-op included in their version of the game. This is certainly an interesting inclusion to the re-release, and it does set it apart from its Xbox counterpart. Whether or not it’s enough to get some multi-console owners to give the game another look remains to be seen.

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair - Pyramid Map

The only negative part of the news is that no official release date was given for the title, beyond “sometime this summer.” It would probably be safe to assume that the title will release on the one-year anniversary of the Xbox equivalent’s debut, around August 4th, but Konami has yet to unveil the full details.

Will you be purchasing the game whenever it releases? Is the promise of four-player local co-op enough to cause you to finally pick the game up?

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  • http://gamerant.com/author/hold/ Dwayne Holder

    Not sure if I’m going to get this. The original didn’t get great reviews on the Xbox, and personally I think the series went downhill a bit after Order of Ecclesia.

    • Cyryl

      There really wasn’t much Castlevania after Order of Ecclesia.

      The only one that actually comes to mind is Lords of Shadow… Which actually turned out to be an EXCELLENT game. (If any of you out there didn’t think so in the first few stages and quit playing as a result, go play the rest of it. It was just a slow start. Turned out to be a DAMN good game.)

      But Harmony of Despair is just NOT any kind of Castlevania title that I’d be proud to count among the series. It’s not much more than a shadow of other games in the franchise with puzzle-like elements. They may as well have just given this away as a bonus for pre-order on Lords of Shadow or something.

      Yeah… Even an old-school Castlevania fanatic such as myself is beside himself as to what to think of this game. I just don’t like it.

  • Middy

    The Castlevania series just needs to die. They keep reusing over and over the EXACT same sprites that were used in Symphony of the Night, the best game of the series, that came out… I dunno, like 15 years ago by the point. The characters look like crap on the LIVE version, and controls sucked, and the game itself isn’t worth the money they wanted.

    • Cyryl

      That’s interesting…

      …because I didn’t see a single sprite from CSotN in Lords of Shadow.

      You can’t hold it against the franchise that the characters ‘look like crap’ on the Xbox Live version. It was a port from one platform to another. The game’s native resolution is no longer native on the newer platforms when they have to stretch the image. You can’t show me any games from that era that really fared any better than CSotN did.

      If you liked it and wanted to play it… Buy an old PS1 and a copy of the game. (Ebay is your friend.) Otherwise you could always use your PC, a copy of the game and an emulator to run it. I have an emulator that you can adjust video filters with and it looks WAY better than it ever did on PS1. (Disclaimer: I own actual copies of my games, BTW. Just gonna put that out there. Emulation is a touchy subject in many forums/blogs.)

      There is also the PSP version that came with Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles. You can play the game to unlock yet another ported version of the CSotN. They did pretty well on it. Looks fine.

      There is no reason to kill off the series for the reasons that you stated. In fact, the series is alive and well for the time being. I never thought I’d hear myself say this but… The ‘reboot’ that Kojima did with Lords of Shadow actually accomplished exactly what they set out to do. They breathed new life into the Castlevania name. They took the series in a new direction and they actually ended up doing an outstanding job on it. Gabriel Belmont ( http://castlevania.wikia.com/wiki/Gabriel_Belmont ) ended up being an unexpectedly enduring character. (Play the game to find out why. If I say anything about it, it’ll ruin a lot for you. That link contains spoilers, BTW.)

      I was very surprised as I’m a die-hard, ‘don’t-mess-with-the-classics’ guy. I’m actually very excited for the next game that is currently in production. (Would LOVE to see a PC release… But we all know that won’t happen.)

      I will say that the N64 ‘3D’ Castlevania games were abysmal. Terrible. Moving on…

      The Nintendo GBA/DS releases were actually fun in their own right. I wasn’t a major fan of Portrait of Ruin… (The characters gave me a headache.) Soma Cruz ( http://castlevania.wikia.com/wiki/Soma_Cruz ) was…less than masculine in Aria of Sorrow and Dawn of Sorrow. (Alright. He was an emo little cry-baby.)

      The character from the GBA/DS releases that I appreciated the most was Juste Belmont. ( http://castlevania.wikia.com/wiki/Juste_Belmont ) Aesthetically speaking, the character was a little feminine… (He was descendant from the Belmont/Belnades lineage.) But Juste was still a total bad-ass and the Harmony of Dissonance game ended up being one of my favorites as it really took me back to the old school with the story, gameplay and an excellent soundtrack that had a pronounced vintage feel to it.

      There is still plenty of story that can be told in the Castlevania series. It’s just that the Castlevania universe is a fickle thing. It is it’s own monster with a horde of loyal followers since the 80’s. (Like ME, for example. LOL.) It takes the right person(s) to do it.