Capcom: DLC And Disc-Locked Content Are The Same

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Capcom Street Fighter X Tekken DLC

BioWare isn’t the only developer who have experienced a backlash over locking content onto discs. As was the case with Mass Effect 3, Capcom utilized the same formula of instilling on-disc DLC with Street Fighter X Tekken. This prompted immediate scrutiny, including disgruntled consumers lodging complaints to the Better Business Bureau.

Capcom has responded to the complaints filed with the BBB by stating that, to them, there is no distinction between downloadable content and disc-locked content.

The firm’s response to the implementation of downloadable content present on Street Fighter X Tekken‘s disc is that offering add-on content is best carried out by integrating it within the game’s disc. Numerous complaints by consumers pressed Capcom to, according to Cinema Blend, deliver the following statement:

“At Capcom, we value our customers and make every effort to resolve customer complaints. We are sorry to hear that [censored] was so disappointed with the Street Fighter x Tekken game (”SFxT”), and would like to respond to his complaints.

While Capcom is sorry that some of its fans are not happy about the chosen method of delivery for the DLC, we believe that this method will provide more flexible and efficient gameplay throughout the game’s lifecycle.

There is effectively no distinction between the DLC being ”locked” behind the disc and available for unlocking at a later date, or being available through a full download at a later date, other than delivery mechanism.”

A day before Street Fighter X Tekken‘s release earlier in March, Capcom admitted that an accumulative of 12 characters, who were intended to be released as DLC, are indeed present on the Xbox 360 and PS3 discs. These characters were planned to be released as PlayStation Vita exclusives. However, the publisher/developer will release the downloadable content pack on consoles after the fighter’s Vita version launches with a price tag of $20.

Capcom were likely expecting a backlash as shown by the complaints sent to the BBB, but probably didn’t foresee the DLC characters locked on the disc being unlocked by hackers who then used them on the online multiplayer component over Xbox Live.

Ranters, what are your thoughts on Capcom’s statement regarding there being no distinction between DLC and disc-locked content?

Street Fighter X Tekken is available now for the PS3 and Xbox 360. For more on the game, check out Game Rant’s review.

Source: Cinema Blend

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  • TalPav

    I like saying goodbye to a lot of people.

  • ATG

    DLC should expand the game, anything already on the disc should be included with what we paid for. Therefore this “locked” content should be free once they’ve completed their codes for it.

    Having to pay extra to unlock features is milking.

  • Corey Gordon

    Yea its ok to lock dlc on a disk and make ppl pay for it after it is done. Also its alright to make ppl wait about 7 months to play as them only when the psvita version comes out. That ticks me off and shows how much they do care about their fans and consumers. All they are thinking about is how to make more money for stuff they have already done. Can you say $20 dollars times lets say about 50 ppl equals about $1000, thats not even close to everybody in japan, america, and everywhere else. They just want more money and im not gonna give it to them. Im a lucky one with a vita so im just gonna wait. Id rather not give in and give them only $40 for the vita game when normally they would get $60 bucks for the ps3 version plus $20 bucks for the dlc. So for a full game you gotta pay about 90 bucks with taxes. That sucks! Shame on you Capcom!

    • D.B.

      The gaming industry is a business. Speak with your wallet. If you don’t want to pay content already on the disc then don’t buy it. No offense but the company will release and publish the game in ways for them to make money. This is a business, if you had a company you’d do the same thing to make more money. Just because it’s already on the disc does not mean we are entitled to get it just because we bought it. Capcom and other companies will continue to do this because their fans buy it. Capcom has done this with every fighting title they have released this gen. I myself don’t buy the content because like you I got tired of all the high priced extras. Just don’t support their products is all you can do man, just speak with your wallet.

  • Fito

    Well you have to agree with them on one thing: both methods share the same initials! :P!

    Other than that this is a complete disregard to gamers hate for DLC locked on Disc!

    Someone should stop them from doing this things in the future! Paying for content locked on disc when you already payed full price for it is just a total ripoff!

    I’m pretty sure they’d be pissed if they got sold a car but had to pay extra to unlock ABS or something! It just doesn’t make sense!

  • Mo

    I agree with DLC because it means that the developer can keep working on a game after it’s released and we can pay them the extra money to get that extra work.

    I’m far less excited at the thought that the work has already been done and we’ve already paid for the game. But now they’re splitting what they’re getting paid for?

    This is intended as hyperbole but I feel like I’m paying the developers & designers their hourly wages at this point. Paying them for all the little bits in the game.

    In short: I don’t mind paying people for extra work. But paying extra for work already done rubs me the wrong way.

    • i Just want to play


  • Jon B

    Their statement only further proves that they care nothing about their fans and only want to milk every dollar out of the consumer. Downloadable Content is not the same as Disc Locked Content. You have to DOWNLOAD downloadable content because, guess what, you don’t have it yet! Disc locked content is data that you already have, it physically (digitally) came with the package you already bought but, guess what, you have to pay more money even though you physically have it in your hand. And it’s part of the same project, completed at the same time, and released in the same package! How is this good business??

  • jack

    exactly, it is not the same.

  • Noah

    1. if its on the CD, it should be included in the damn $60 price tag. that means its really $80 if you want all the characters that are actually ON there. 2.Capcom, this isnt the first time youve screwed people over. remember ultimate marvel vs. capcom? yea we get it, you want money. Blizzard seems to be doing a better job by actually making our money worth while. what are you going to do for us that makes your mistake fixable? 3. go f*** yourselves. ive spent way too much money on your games in the past. used to be a fan, but $80 for a game is not worth it. seriously, consider the “go f*** yourselves” part. Milking motherf******…

  • TaboriHK

    I’m glad these companies are making moves like these, they are really saving me a lot of money at the end of the day. Now I don’t have to worry about buying Capcom games anymore!

  • UrbanMerc

    This is why the gaming industry will eventually slit its own throat. Firt, you have the issues DRM that will have a severe. long lasting impact on future sales of soon to be released new generation consoles. NOW, you are going to compound that with horrible DLC practices. You can throw in catchy new business speak like ‘delivery mechanism’ to draw attention away from it all you want, but, you will reap those kind of junior varsity tactics when it comes to sales. All of these companies think they are protecting their product, when really all they are doing is perpetuating the perception that developers are milking their customers. This is only going to hurt the industry overall. These practices have severely altered my buy habits when it comes to my gaming budget. I simply do not buy day one anymore so that I can wait for not only a cheaper price for the game, but also to keep an eye out on the internet to purposely scrutinize said games overall value. Any sign of punitive DLC practices, like on-disc DLC and day one DLC, that game goes on my GOTY edition wait list, wher you will usually get the game at a HUGE discount, and COMPLETE like it should be.

    In the end people, it is really up to us to shape this industry. STOP preordering, and STOP buying overpriced DLC. THAT will get your point across more than complaining to the ineffective BBB. Being a little patient and doing my homework has definitely made me a happier and less broke gamer.

    BTW, if any of the rumors about the new PS$ and XBox consoles forthcoming are remotely true, I will not be spending my money on either of them. I will stick with my smokin’ PC for all of my gaming needs. Beside, PC gaming is on the rise.

  • i Just want to play

    last year i have decided, gears 3,umvc3 and thats it. i wont be buying anymore games. the prices keep going up, locked content or unfinished games to milk every dollar. if the rumors of the new consoles are true or not, I WILL NOT make the jump to the next gen. i am very happy with my ps3, 360 and pc. the new games look good and all but in the end its not worth it. everything feels half assed just for look.

  • Yuuchun

    Lol and the hackers win again!

  • Rad

    Down Loadable Content = DLC.
    Disk Locked Content = DLC.

    Why didn’t I see that before? It all makes total sense now…not.

  • matt

    Or people could suck it up… I hate paying extra too, but its a company for christ sake. Obviously they want to make money, because then they can make more games, and therefore more money. Next thing you know people will be asking banks or something to be nicer.

    • Ghost

      you don’t get it if they get away with this they could very well start a trend that makes more and more companies do it. Not to mention what about people who cannot pay for internet then they paid money for a full game and only got half of one, or even a quarter of one depending on the game.

    • TaboriHK

      Wow, no long term vision, huh?

  • Vin

    DLC = Disc Locked Content.

    just saying

  • jwalka

    the most fair DLC rip off currently out there is the one for amalur, i mean 1month after release and a full expansion pack jammed to the rim with new weapons, enemy types, armour and a new house system is real cheap.

    capcom is renown for screwing people over with trashy DLC already on the disc, imo the characters being offered shouldn’t be DLC they should come default with the game b/c they’re popular/renown characters (such as lei). i would understand if they included the lesser popular/unknown dudes like bruce, the kangaroo, mokujin, but to exclude characters that have been around since tekken 2 (i know bruce was to but he’s not a major player) is pretty bs imo.

  • Conner

    I’d like to see the original quote. I’m wondering if he’s talking about me, hahaha.

  • ATG

    When will publishers understand that gamers love “gifts”. If the content is being worked on and completed before the launch date, it should be included. Day one DLC or even “disk locked content” should be free. UNLESS it is a substantial expansion that a seperate team was working on PRIOR to launch. Things like characters or multiplayer modes should be free.

    If publishers show a genuine interest in their consumers, I promise you we will fork over more money. Then they can release DLC and expansions pack later. NOTHING should be locked in the game UNLESS we can unlock it through an in-game challenge of sorts. This nickel and diming needs to stop. Its as though content is locked purposely for the sake of making an extra buck.

  • sporeboy100

    CA$HCON has been getting worse and worse with DLC and rehashes since Resident Evil 4

  • sporeboy100

    if i have DLC locked on a disk, i would have made it POSSIBLE to unlock these pieces of DLC through achievements and challenges, like SEGA All-stars Racing, they made a DLC listing that takes you through the unlocking bits and bobs and unlocks the whole game for you