Capcom’s 2013 Earnings Down Despite Strong ‘Dead Rising 3’ Sales

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As far as most gamers are concerned, 2013 looked like a fairly successful year for Capcom. Although Lost Planet 3 was unable to muster up very much buzz, the publisher/developer did deliver Monster Hunter 4 (in Japan) and the Xbox One-exclusive Dead Rising 3 to hordes of eagerly awaiting fans.

Dead Rising 3 was one of the very few highly anticipated Xbox One exclusive titles that was released alongside the new Microsoft console in November. The popularity of the game’s gimmick, which encourages players to combine random items into incredibly unlikely and unique zombie slaying tools, paired with the fact that it’s easily one of the better Xbox One exclusives available at launch helped make the third installment in the series one of Capcom’s best selling game’s over the holiday season.

Capcom’s financial report for the last nine months doesn’t offer exact sales totals, but the company did state that Dead Rising 3 sales had surpassed one million copies, which exceeded the company’s expectations for the game. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to help Capcom live up to its 2012 profits.

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Capcom explained that a number of titles other than Dead Rising 3 also saw favorable sales in mid-to-late 2013. Monster Hunter 4 and Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen both sold very well. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Dual Destinies and Resident Evil: Revelations also were able to meet Capcom’s sales projections. The company was also pleasantly surprised to see that sales of DLC during the nine month period were 10% higher than the expected earnings of the whole financial year.

Net sales for Capcom are slightly up from 2012, but they were not quite high enough to reach the same level of profits. The net income of the company from April 2013 through the end of the year tallied up to about $58 million, which is 10% lower than the company’s 2012 profits. To reach its goal for the end of the 2013 fiscal year (which comes to a close on March 31, 2014), Capcom needs to rake in a total of $66.4 million.

The eventual North American release of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will definitely help drive sales, but that creature-hunting 3DS experience likely won’t arrive until early 2015. As more gamers pick up next-gen consoles in the coming months, the company may be able to pull in some additional revenue from new Xbox One owners looking for some zombie apocalypse fun.

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