Cancelled ‘Avengers’ Tie-In Footage Reveals First Person Melee Combat

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Cancelled Avengers Game Footage

While gamers will not be able to see THQ Australia’s vision for The Avengers in a fully realized state, a new video has appeared online that shows the game in a pretty rough form. Bundled in with concept art, and brief looks at key Avengers members in action, the footage isn’t going to blow the lid off the Avengers film with another villain revelation, but it will surprise you.

To say that there are a lot of interesting things going on in the video is a bit of an understatement. Not only is the first person perspective wholly unique for a Marvel superhero title, the ideas THQ Australia were trying to explore would have encouraged the best way to experience an Avengers story: co-op.

From the looks of the footage, up to three players could band together to take on the Super Skrull forces (some of whom have acquired the abilities of ancillary Avengers groups like the Fantastic Four and the X-Men) as either the Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, or Thor. The combat was traditionally melee-based, but, depending on the Avenger selected, players could alter the game’s play style with finishers, aerial attacks, and ranged weapons.

All of the traditional elements of a three person co-op title are on display, but from superhero to superhero there seemed to be a lack of inventiveness. The game was obviously still in the pre-alpha stages of development, but it would be hard to argue the game doesn’t have that stereotypical look seen in Thor or Captain America.

It’s easy to see after each of the associated Avengers superheroes’ tie-in games were a bit lacking, why THQ pulled the plug on this title, but we can’t say it doesn’t intrigue us. Though it would have been fun to see how this game ties in with the movie, there was still the potential for this to be yet another sub-par tie-in for Marvel. It’s probably best we focus on what is sure to be an awesome movie, and worry less about the co-op Avengers adventure that could have been.

What do you think of the design choices made for this cancelled Avengers tie-in? Why do you think this project ended up getting cancelled?

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  • Christian Moreno

    That look so awesome. I liked the first person look reminds me of oblivion. Wonder if they would have added the 3 person option as well

  • iDancethroughshadoWs

    leave it to THQ to quit on what might have been a fantastic movie tie in game

  • z

    it would have been crap lets face it. the cap game trailer looked pretty cool, but the game was awful. im glad its cancelled. maybe they can focus on an original avengers sotry arc for a game like rocksteady did with batman.

    • John

      to z, even through the game looks bad keep in mind that this is pre-alpha gameplay

    • jwalka

      you obviously don’t know the difference between a trailer and actual gameplay footage. not only that but you don’t seem to know what ‘alpha’ means.

      batman is a stale character, all he does is fight crime wooptie doo, you don’t need a genius to write a batman game, its the gameplay that drives it forward. this looks new and fresh, something different from the usual 3rd person platforming bs sega has given marvel fans the past couple of movie tie ins.

    • Johnathan

      I totally agree so many movie games these days, are made in like 3 months minimal effort and not worth the money but this looks like it might me a good game!

      • jwalka

        the reason movie tie in games come across as ‘rushed’ are are completely garbage are b/c:
        – the game dev team need things like final costume designs, final plot details etc to be able to start production, until then they can only conceptualize and build rough models.
        – they have to release the game simultaneously with the movie, so they cant take the time to properly make the game (add the delay in movie details and this further rushes production).
        – the team don’t really give a crap about the game b/c they’re only being paid to make it, its not like its anything significant like a new IP. not just that but they themselves know that no one really cares for these kinds of games
        – lastly, they have a low budget, so visuals are dull, mechanics are copy and paste etc etc.

        imo the only ones that like/benefit from movie tie ins are achievement hunters and if you only play games for a worthless/stupid point system that doesn’t really benefit you (unless your apex in which case you get sponsored) then you need to get a life ;P

  • Isaiah TV

    The video has been taken down.

  • Jeremiah

    The video’s down so I can’t see it, but based on the concept alone this is something that could excite me. I am honestly praying that the cancellation of this game is strictly so that it has a bigger bang on release date. First person of all of out favorite Marvel Heroes? Count me in!

  • Isaiah TV

    GOOD NEWS! I found the vid on youtube.

    Check it out before it gets taken down.

  • TheAvenger

    Ah well, I’m sure marvel will still bring out an awesome new game soon…
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3! 😀

  • Justin Loomis

    Why bother releasing videos of a game that doesnt exist anymore? It’s teasing really. And oh, if MArvel doesnt get Raven Software back for Ultimate Alliance, its going to be mediocre like the second game.